White Glass Metal Backsplash Tile with Luna Pearl Granite Countertop

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen can completely transform the look and feel of the space. One stunning combination is pairing white glass metal backsplash tiles with Luna pearl granite countertops. The light and airy backsplash tiles perfectly complement the unique, iridescent flecks in the Luna pearl granite. Together, they create a breathtaking kitchen backdrop.

Benefits of White Glass Metal Backsplash Tiles

White glass metal backsplash tiles have become increasingly popular in recent years, for good reason. Here are some of the key benefits this material offers:

  • Brightness – The white color reflects light beautifully, helping to brighten up the entire kitchen. This creates an open, airy feel.
  • Versatility – White glass tiles pair equally well with light or dark countertops and cabinets. Their neutral color allows them to fit into any style kitchen.
  • Easy maintenance – Glass tiles are non-porous, so they don’t absorb stains and are easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth.
  • Durability – Glass tiles are waterproof and extremely durable. They resist scratches, heat, moisture, and everyday wear and tear.
  • Visual depth – Glass tiles have a transparent, glossy finish that adds a subtle depth and richness to the backsplash.

What Makes Luna Pearl Granite Unique

Luna pearl granite is valued for its striking appearance. Here are some of its notable qualities:

  • Exotic multicolored flecks – This granite gets its name from the moonlike silvery flecks scattered throughout the stone. Accents of gold, gray, burgundy, and black add further visual interest.
  • Consistent pattern – While exotic, Luna pearl granite has a fairly consistent overall pattern so it has a cohesive aesthetic as countertops.
  • Luminous depth – The reflective properties of the mineral flecks make Luna pearl granite appear to glow with a light from within.
  • Polished finish – A polished finish accentuates the granite’s natural radiance and luminous quality.
  • Durability – As a natural stone, granite is extremely hardwearing and built to last decades with proper care.

Pairing White Glass Metal Backsplash Tiles and Luna Pearl Granite

White glass metal backsplash tiles and Luna pearl granite are a match made in heaven. Here’s why:

  • The white backsplash tiles keep the focus on the granite’s unique patterning.
  • The reflective qualities of the glass tiles pick up and enhance the granite’s luminescence.
  • Their shared color palette creates a cohesive, integrated aesthetic.
  • The durability and easy maintenance of both materials make them perfect for busy kitchens.
  • Together they create an open, airy, and gently shimmering ambiance.

Design Ideas

When pairing white glass metal backsplash tiles with Luna pearl granite, keep these design ideas in mind:

  • Choose a matching grout color – Use a gray or silvery grout that coordinates with the granite’s flecks. Stay away from stark white grout which can appear too harsh.
  • Incorporate granite into the backsplash – Accent the white tiles with pieces of matching granite for a coordinated look. Insert strips of granite near the countertop or as insets.
  • Extend backsplash to ceiling – Take the backsplash all the way to the ceiling to make it a true focal point and show off the pairing.
  • Add subtle accents – The white and silvery palette is perfect for small pops of color like sage or sky blue in accessories. Don’t overwhelm the backsplash with competing colors.
  • Use polished nickel fixtures – The shine of polished nickel beautifully complements the luminous glass and granite. Stainless steel can also work well.
  • Consider pendant lighting – Draw the eye upward and highlight the full-height backsplash with hanging pendant lights over islands or sinks.
  • Incorporate natural textures – Layer in natural elements like wood cutting boards, rattan baskets, or ceramic bowls to add warmth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about pairing white glass metal backsplash tiles with Luna pearl granite countertops:

Does the shine from the glass tiles overwhelm the granite?

When installed properly, the glass tiles pick up the dimension in the granite but don’t overpower it. The glass has a subtler sheen while the granite shimmers.

What tile shapes work best?

Square, rectangular, or hexagon-shaped tiles in a straight or offset grid pattern complement the linear veining in the granite. Avoid busy mosaic designs.

Should the cabinets be light or dark?

Either works well! Dark cabinets offer bold contrast while light cabinets blend in discreetly. For a cohesive palette, match any grays or silvery tones in the cabinetry to the granite.

Is this pairing suitable for any kitchen style?

Yes, the versatility of the white glass and Luna pearl granite make them ideal for modern, transitional, or even some traditional kitchens. Their luminosity adds a touch of contemporary flair.

How durable is the granite?

Granite is one of the most durable natural countertop materials. As long as it is properly sealed and cared for, Luna pearl granite can last for many decades. The glass backsplash tiles are also extremely resilient.


The luminous beauty of a white glass metal backsplash paired flawlessly with the mesmerizing pattern of Luna pearl granite creates a breathtaking kitchen backdrop. This winning combination offers easy maintenance, durability, and timeless elegance. Following the design tips above, you can easily integrate these two materials into a seamless, integrated aesthetic. With light-reflecting tiles and shimmering stone, your kitchen is sure to glitter and gleam.






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