Purple Kitchen Ideas Incorporate the Rich Hues of Purple

Incorporating rich hues of purple into your kitchen design can create a regal, luxurious, and elegant space. From deep plums to soft lilacs, purple offers a wealth of shades to choose from. When skillfully combined, these tones can transform your kitchen into a striking and sophisticated sanctuary.

Selecting Purple Paint Colors and Tones

When selecting purple paint colors, it’s important to consider the undertones you want to accentuate. Cooler purples with blue undertones like lavender and lilac can create a soothing, relaxed mood. Warmer purple tones with red undertones like eggplant and wine are bolder and pack more visual drama.

For a light and airy look, pastel purple paired with white makes for a lovely combination. Dusty lilacs, pale violets, and soft mauves work beautifully. For a regal ambience, deeper plums and wines invoke a sense of luxury when combined with gold and cream accents.

When using purple on the walls, opt for a muted tone. Vibrant purple walls can overpower a space. Instead, use deeper shades sparingly on accent walls or artwork. For cabinetry, visual interest can be created by using varying purple tones and finishes. Deep plum stained cabinets pop against neutral walls, while pale lavender painted doors add soft contrast.

Tips for Selecting Flattering Purple Tones

  • Test purple paint swatches at different times of day. The undertones can read differently in morning vs. evening light.
  • Consider how the purple will look alongside your existing tile, countertops, and flooring so that it complements your current elements.
  • Purchase sample pots to test shades on the walls before fully committing to the color.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer in multiple purple tones to add depth and interest. Contrast a pale lilac wall with deep plum cabinets for a dynamic look.

Beautiful Purple Color Combinations

While purple has the power to make a statement on its own, pairing it thoughtfully with other colors can create a more cohesive, polished look.

Elegant Gold and Purple

The timeless combination of regal purple and glamorous gold exudes elegance. Metallic gold instantly uplifts cool-toned purples while adding a touch of sophistication. Gold hardware, lighting, and accents glow against a backdrop of plum or eggplant. For a light and feminine accent, soften the look with ivory and pale gold.

Vibrant Purple and Turquoise

For contemporary pop, vivid purple and bright turquoise make an energetic pairing. Contrast deep purple cabinetry or an accent wall with turquoise backsplash tiles or accessories. The union of these complementary colors makes a bold artistic statement.

Soothing Purple and Green

Earthy green beautifully balances light airy purples like lilac and lavender. Sage greens complement soft purple walls, while vibrant lime greens pop against deeper plum tones. For a nature-inspired kitchen, introduce wood elements and leafy plants.

Inviting Purple and White

A classic, elegant color scheme, white kitchens given a boost of character with purple accents. Crisp white cabinetry allows imperial purple walls or tile backsplashes to take center stage. For a brighter, cleaner look, pair pale purple with plenty of white.

Rich Purple and Gray

Subtle and refined, gray creates the perfect neutral backdrop to make purple tones shine. Pale purple walls stand out against gray cabinetry, while bold eggplant cabinets contrast light gray walls. Include silver or pewter for sheen.

Incorporating Purple into Kitchen Design Elements

Beyond just paint colors, purple can be integrated throughout various aspects of kitchen design for cohesive finesse. Consider featuring the hue in any of the following elements:


Stain cabinetry in deep plums for a dramatic impact or opt for a muted violet paint for a soft touch of color. Use varying purple tones on base and upper cabinets for contrast. Detail Glassfront cabinets in purple for a vibrant focal point.


Make a bold statement with an eggplant or lilac island base. Pair with crisp white countertops and golden hardware for striking elegance. For a light and breezy island accent, consider pale blue-toned lavender.

Tile Backsplashes

From vibrant mosaic tiles to graphic subway layouts, backsplashes provide ample opportunity to introduce purple. Dark tiles stand out against light cabinets, while pale purple tiles create soft contrast against darker walls.


For a natural complement, opt for granite countertops with flecks of purple. Combine with matching purple cabinetry for a pulled-together look. Reflective metallic like quartz in pale violet can also coordinate well with purple walls.


Rich purple stained hardwood instantly establishes an elegant ambiance. Alternately, pale purple ceramic or porcelain tile creates uniformity when used alongside purple walls and cabinetry. Incorporate purple area rugs over natural wood.

Lighting and Fixtures

Make a statement with a sparkling purple chandelier or pendant light. Introduce purple shades into overhead lighting or under-cabinet fixtures. Look for fixtures and hardware with violet colored glass elements.

Window Treatments

Frame windows with long flowing purple velvet curtains or roman shades for a luxe focal point. Sheer lavender drapes filter light softly for an ethereal effect. For a coordinating accent, hang purple valances over the sink area.


Now available in a range of colors, appliances can be incorporated for a cohesive look. Select plum, eggplant or lavender for the refrigerator, range, dishwasher or microwave. For a retro touch, choose pale purple for a Smeg or Big Chill range.

Bar Stools and Furnishings

Weave in plush purple bar stools, dining chairs, or a breakfast nook banquette. Look for textured fabrics like velvet in rich wines and plums for dramatic accent seating. Carry the color into the space with violet upholstered ottomans or a chic fainting couch.

Wall Art and Decor

Make purple the star of framed abstract art, prints, or photography. Cluster jewel-toned purple vases and candles atop shelves or the mantel for a bold collection. Introduce purple decorative bowls, trays, and kitchen linens for a stylish yet functional pop of color.

Create Depth and Layers with Purple Kitchen Accessories

Thelittle details offer the perfect opportunity to creatively incorporate purple throughout a kitchen space. Vibrant purple accessories layered alongside larger design features like cabinetry and wall colors establish depth and visual interest for an elevated, put-together space.


Plush purple kitchen towels, oven mitts, aprons, and textiles bring in warmth and personality while adding a practical pop of color.


Rich purple dishes, mugs, serving platters, and utensils inject a dose of regal color to everyday dining. Mix and match patterns and shades for eclectic charm.

Food Storage Containers

Vivid purple glass storage and prep containers provide handy visibility of contents while adding a fun pop of color to shelves and pantries.

Small Appliances

A stately plum stand mixer or electric kettle provides sophisticated utility. Even vivid purple appliances like a toaster or blender can round out a playful palette.

Kitchen Utensils

Look for purple handled cooking utensils, stirring spoons, spatulas, and basic tools. Quality silicone pieces in purple offer a practical accent.

Pots and Pans

Hang gleaming purple pots and pans for a stylish accent. Opt for enameled cast iron in deep plum tones for an upscale yet functional element.

Purple Kitchen Inspiration

Need a bit more inspiration before planning your own purple palette? Here are some stunning purple kitchen examples to spark creative ideas and color combinations:

Vibrant Turquoise and Purple Kitchen

This contemporary kitchen combines bold turquoise cabinets and a violet reflective mosaic backsplash for an energetic and artistic statement. Chrome fixtures and white countertops keep the look clean and current.

Pale Purple and White Kitchen

Soft whitewashed cabinets pair gracefully with pale lilac purple walls in this airy, ethereal kitchen. Mirrored surfaces and metallic pendants enhance the light and refinement.

Moody Navy and Purple Kitchen

This dramatic, moody kitchen features rich navy cabinetry against deep purple walls for contemporary contrast. Gold hardware and vintage-style furnishings balance the bold colors with a glamorous touch.

Retro Purple and Teal Kitchen

Channeling 1950s style, this retro kitchen pairs purple paneled walls and mint green cabinetry. The stainless steel countertops, appliances, and accessories keep the palette feeling fresh and youthful.

Rustic Stone and Purple Kitchen

Natural limestone countertops, exposed wood beams, and open shelves root this kitchen in organic charm. Pops of plum on the cabinets and window shade provide eye-catching contrast.

Traditional Sage and Purple Kitchen

In this elegant transitional kitchen, airy purple walls and cabinetry harmonize beautifully with earthy green mosaic tile. Mirrored surfaces and antiqued bronze fixtures finish the sophisticated mood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purple Kitchen Design

What are the most popular purple shades for kitchens?

Softer shades like lavender, lilac, and mauve have broad appeal for their calming effect in kitchens. Vibrant plum and eggplant purples can make a dramatic style statement. Deep wine tones also feel luxurious and elegant.

What color cabinets go well with purple walls?

White, light gray, or navy blue cabinets provide enough contrast against purple walls. Stained wood cabinets in espresso or charcoal oak hues also allow purple tones to take center stage.

How do you make a purple kitchen not look overwhelming?

The key is balancing rich purple hues with plenty of neutral tones like white, wood elements, or metallic finishes. Use bolder purple tones sparingly on accent walls or furniture against a white backdrop. Mix in soft textural elements like drapes, rugs, and linen for subtle sophistication.

Should you avoid bright purple in a small kitchen?

In a small kitchen, bright purple can feel slightly overwhelming. Instead, consider a soft muted violet or lavender for the walls or cabinetry. Add pops of bright purple selectively in smaller accents like bar stools, window treatments, or decorative tiles.

What flooring options go well with a purple kitchen?

Rich hardwood flooring can provide warmth to balance cool purple tones. For a seamless look, consider pale purple tile or slate floors. Natural stone like marble or travertine also complements purple cabinetry and walls.

What type of lighting works best with purple kitchens?

Opt for soft white lighting paired with gorgeous statement light fixtures in metallic, glass or crystal. Chandeliers, pendants and sconces with clear, icy, or purple colored glass elements can provide a harmonious focal point.


With its regal, sophisticated allure, purple creates an undeniably striking presence in the kitchen. From mellow lavenders to dramatic plums, the breadth of purple tones allows for designing anything from a light and airy space to a bold, vibrant statement. By thoughtfully selecting complementary colors and finishes, purple kitchens can be customized to suit a wide range of styles from retro to rustic, modern to traditional. Whether implemented minimally or as the star attraction, a touch of purple is sure to bring rich character and elegance to your kitchen design.






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