Outdoor Fireplace Tile Ideas Best & Stylish Fireplace Surrounds

An outdoor fireplace can be a beautiful addition to any backyard space. The fireplace surround is especially important when it comes to the look and feel of your outdoor living area. Choosing the right tile or stone for your outdoor fireplace surround can enhance the overall design and bring your backyard dreams to life. There are many stylish options to consider when selecting materials for your outdoor fireplace tile surround.

Rustic Stone Fireplace Surrounds

For a natural, earthy look, stone is a wonderful material for outdoor fireplace surrounds. Stone evokes a sense of permanence, durability and organic charm. Here are some great ideas for rustic outdoor stone fireplace surrounds:

Stacked Stone Surrounds

Stacked stone is currently one of the most popular looks for outdoor living spaces. The uneven and textured appearance of stacked stone brings rustic warmth to backyard designs. Stacked stone fireplace surrounds blend beautifully into natural garden environments. Mixing different sizes, shapes and colors of stacked stone can result in a charming and unique surround.

Ledgestone Fireplace Surrounds

Ledgestone features thin, irregular pieces fitted together to create a layered look. The varied shapes and depths add dimension and visual interest. Ledgestone makes an attractive border for an outdoor fireplace, and can be utilized for the entire surround. Combining ledgestone with other complementary stones can create a custom one-of-a-kind outdoor fireplace design.

River Rock Fireplace Surrounds

For outdoor spaces that feature ponds, waterfalls or landscaping with an emphasis on water elements, river rock is an ideal fireplace surround material. The smooth, rounded shapes and water-washed appearance of river rocks create a relaxing ambiance. River rock surrounds come in lovely natural shades of grey, tan, brown and rust.

Fieldstone Fireplace Surrounds

Fieldstone refers to uncut, irregularly sized and shaped stones often collected from river beds or fields. This type of stone has an authentically old-world and pastoral appeal. Fieldstone surrounds look wonderful in outdoor living areas designed in a cottage, farmhouse or traditional style. A fieldstone fireplace surround placed in a charming outdoor nook can transport you to the countryside.

Dry Stack Flagstone Fireplace Surrounds

For a neatly tailored but still organic look, dry stack flagstone is a gorgeous option for outdoor fireplace surrounds. Available in earthy shades like beige, brown and terra cotta, the precisely cut flagstone is pleasingly uniform while retaining natural beauty. The flagstone is stacked without mortar, creating attractive crevices between the stone faces.

Rustic Limestone Fireplace Surrounds

Limestone is ideal for achieving a rugged yet refined outdoor fireplace surround. Native limestone has thick layers and uneven surfaces that convey rustic simplicity. When cut into smooth blocks, limestone lends a handsome polished look while still feeling connected to nature. Distressed limestone with chipped edges blends old-world charm with contemporary style.

Contemporary Outdoor Tile Fireplace Surrounds

Tile allows for stunning outdoor fireplace surrounds with crisp, clean lines and sleek modern appeal. Vibrant colors and creative patterns are available in outdoor tile varieties that offer durability along with eye-catching style. Here are some contemporary tile ideas for outdoor fireplaces:

Porcelain Tile Fireplace Surrounds

Porcelain tile has a polished, sophisticated look and withstands extreme temperatures. For contemporary outdoor spaces, large format porcelain tiles in solid colors create a cohesive, seamless fireplace surround design. Add visual flare by including a decorative tile inset or mosaic border.

Glass Tile Fireplace Surrounds

Reflective glass tiles in bold colors generate a dramatic effect around an outdoor fireplace. Strong hues like cobalt blue and fiery orange paired with icy glass textures evoke flames and excitement. For ultra-contemporary fireplace surrounds, glass tiles with swirls and abstract shapes add striking details.

Metal Tile Fireplace Surrounds

Metallic finishes in aluminum, copper and stainless steel tiles impart sleek, modern style. The sheen and luster of metal tile fireplace surrounds produce eye-catching focal points around outdoor fireplaces. Geometric designs and tile patterns provide visual texture and depth.

Stone and Tile Combination Surrounds

Blending the elegance of tile with the warmth of stone creates a fashionable mixed material fireplace surround. Pair sleek porcelain tiles with rougher fieldstone sections or accent smooth marble with an inlaid colorfully glazed ceramic detail. The tile and stone combination exudes both nature and sophistication.

Stylish Fireplace Surrounds for Specific Backyard Themes

Your outdoor fireplace surround tile or stone should coordinate with the overall backyard theme and landscaping environment. Here are some recommended materials for popular backyard living space motifs:

Mediterranean Style Fireplace Surrounds

Mediterranean design evokes breezy terra cotta tones, intricate tiles and old-world masonry. For this look, patterned handmade Spanish or Moroccan tiles make an excellent fireplace surround. Warm terracotta shades blended with deep azure blues capture the spirit of the Mediterranean.

Tropical Style Fireplace Surrounds

Tropical outdoor spaces call for vivid color palettes with lush green accents. Vibrant patterned tile or painted concrete blocks in citrus orange, fuchsia pink and sunny yellow hues make the perfect tropical fireplace surrounds. Add pops of teal, turquoise and jade to reference cool ocean waters.

Southwestern Style Fireplace Surrounds

Rich earthen reds and oranges, natural stones and decorative tilework embody Southwest style. Adobe brick, terra cotta, or clay tiles are ideal for bringing color and texture to Southwestern outdoor fireplace designs. Intricately patterned Talavera, zellige or Saltillo tiles add handcrafted charm.

Farmhouse Style Fireplace Surrounds

Farmhouse decor emphasizes weathered woods, galvanized metals, wildflowers and vintage appeal. Cast concrete blocks with faux aging, reclaimed barn wood or rough-cut flagstone masonry create fitting farmhouse fireplace surrounds. Washed natural wood planks give a timeworn look.

Eye-Catching Specialty Materials for Outdoor Fireplace Surrounds

If you want to go beyond basic tile and stone, there are many specialty decorative materials to choose from for your backyard fireplace surround. Consider one of these unique options:

Mosaic Tile Fireplace Surrounds

Tiny glass, ceramic or stone pieces arranged in intricate mosaic patterns result in breathtaking fireplace surround designs. Choose from vibrant sunbursts, delicate floral motifs, mosaic depictions of scenes like sea turtles or forest trees, and custom designs.

Handpainted Tile or Concrete Fireplace Surrounds

Make your outdoor fireplace the star of your backyard with handpainted tiles or colorful etched concrete surrounds. From quaint cottage themes like flower baskets to bold abstract shapes, painted tiles allow personalized creative touches.

Metal Fireplace Surrounds

For dramatic durability, metal makes an impactful fireplace surround. Options like blackened steel, antiqued copper, and powder-coated aluminum panels lend industrial flair. Incorporate metal fire screens and custom metalwork details for a cohesive look.

Wood Plank Fireplace Surrounds

Wood naturally brings warmth and texture. Horizontal planked wood paneling framed by chunky beams creates a handsome crafted look around backyard fireplaces. Use weather-resistant woods like cedar or redwood, or faux wood composite planks for longevity.

Stone Veneer Fireplace Surrounds

Get the look and feel of natural stone masonry with thin sliced veneer panels made from real stone. Stone veneers come in styles like stacked slate, ledgestone, fieldstone, and brick in light, manageable pieces for quick DIY installation.

Fireplace Surround Ideas for Small Backyard Spaces

Having a smaller backyard does not mean you have to sacrifice on style when it comes to your outdoor fireplace surround. Compact fireplace designs integrated into porches, patios and sitting areas allow you to maximize every inch. Here are some great small space outdoor fireplace tile ideas:

Mosaic Inset Accent Tiles

Mosaic sheets or mosaic borders are perfect for adding eye-catching details without taking up large areas. Vibrant mosaic tiles transform plain surroundings into focal features.

Hanging Fire Pits Surrounded by Stone or Tile

Hanging fire pits concentrate the fire feature in a compact vertical space. Circular or square short stone walls or tiled surrounds frame the base of hanging fire pits beautifully.

Faux Stone Panels for Narrow Fireplace Surrounds

For skinny exterior walls and tight areas, faux stacked stone panels offer the look of expansive stonework in a thin installation. Opt for lightweight polyurethane or high-density foam panels.

Etched or Stenciled Concrete Fireplace Surrounds

Decorative designs etched or stenciled directly onto concrete structures create instant fireplace surround embellishments without additional materials. This is ideal for tiny yards with multifunctional concrete walls or surfaces.

Glass Tile Accents on Neutral Surrounds

In small spaces, glass mosaic tiles add pops of color and luminosity when applied selectively as medallions or bands on primarily neutral stone, concrete or stucco fireplace surrounds.

Wood Plank Vertical Surrounds

Vertically installed wood planks give the impression of height in compact fireplace designs. The vertical lines and layered wood grain textures maximize visual interest in narrow spaces.

Fireplace Surround Ideas for Rental Backyards

Renting a home with a backyard fireplace can still allow you to add your personal touch. Temporary and removable surround materials are ideal DIY options for rental properties. Consider these possibilities:

Peel-and-Stick Faux Stone

Self-adhesive faux stone veneers come in thin sheets or strips that stick on and peel off easily with no mess or damage to existing surfaces. This allows you to customize surrounds temporarily.

Interlocking Wall Panels

Plastic, resin, or wood panel systems designed for gardens and fences make great removable and reusable surrounds. Clip panels together to create clean contemporary shapes or irregular stacked stone effects.

Fabric Surround Coverings

For a soft look, customize rental fireplace surrounds with removable fabric coverings. Use weather-resistant outdoor fabric like canvas in your choice of colors and patterns. Add hooks for easy on and off capabilities.

Painted Surround Overlays

With permission from the landlord, a fresh coat of high-heat exterior paint lets you adapt the surround to suit your style. Pick colors to match your decor or go bold for added flair.

Removable Tile Decals and Wallpaper

Tile sticker decals, removable wallpaper or contact paper offer easy application and allow you to switch up styles. Abstract patterns, faux textures and images provide quick surround makeovers.

Succulent Planters for Blank Surrounds

Liven up plain surrounds by setting potted succulents, cacti or trailing greenery on flat surfaces. The soft natural textures add warmth and customization.

Outdoor Fireplace Surround Maintenance Tips

Properly caring for your outdoor fireplace surround materials ensures lasting beauty and functionality. Follow these maintenance best practices:

  • Inspect surrounds regularly for cracks, damage or deterioration. Seal any minor cracks to prevent expanding damage.
  • Re-apply protective sealers to natural stone and concrete surrounds annually or as needed to prevent staining and wear.
  • Clean surrounds routinely by gently brushing away dirt, soot and debris. Use pH-neutral cleaners. Avoid harsh chemicals and pressure washing.
  • Make sure tile grout lines stay sealed and filled to prevent cracks and discoloration. Re-grout worn areas.
  • Routinely clear away leaves, pine needles and other flammable debris from around the fireplace surround.
  • Cover or protect surrounds during patio renovation work or aggressive backyard landscaping projects.
  • Check that surround materials allow adequate ventilation and do not block combustion air flow to the fireplace.
  • In freezing climates, disconnect hoses and water features around outdoor fireplace surrounds before winter to avoid cracking.

With the right tile or stone choice and proper care, your outdoor fireplace surround will enhance your backyard living space for many years. A well-designed fireplace surround acts as the decorative focal point around the warmth and light of your fire feature. Using natural textures, vibrant colors, or sleek contemporary materials, the possibilities for creating your ideal backyard fireplace design are endless. Let these outdoor fireplace tile ideas spark your imagination – your dream outdoor living oasis awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Fireplace Tile Surrounds

Here are some common questions about installing and decorating with tile surrounds for outdoor fireplaces:

What kind of tile is best for outdoor fireplace surrounds?

Porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone tiles specially formulated for exterior use are best. Look for frost-proof, non-porous tiles rated for high temperatures. Mosaics and thinner tiles may crack more easily.

What about using regular indoor tile outside?

Tiles made only for indoor use can deteriorate outdoors. The freeze-thaw cycles outdoors can damage tiles not built to withstand wide temperature variances. Stick to tiles rated for exterior installation.

How are outdoor fireplace surround tiles installed?

Exterior tiles need special mortars and grouts suitable for outdoor adhesion. Ensure the fireplace and wall surface offer proper structural support. An outdoor tile professional is recommended for best results.

How much tile do I need for a fireplace surround?

Measure the total surface area surrounding the fireplace opening to determine how many square feet of tile coverage you’ll need. Have 10-15% extra on hand for cuts, patterns, and waste. Include accent tiles in your calculations.

Can I install a tile surround on a stone or brick outdoor fireplace?

Yes, tiles can be installed over existing non-flammable surround materials like cultured stone or brick, provided the surface is flat, clean, and structurally sound. This provides a great refresh option!

What about using stone or brick veneer over tile?

Adhering stone or brick veneer over tile is not recommended. The weight and irregular shapes may cause the tile underneath to crack. Best to remove the tile first for veneer application.

How do I clean an outdoor tile fireplace surround?

Use a mild soap and warm water. Avoid abrasive brushes or acidic cleaners. Outdoor tile cleaners and protectants formulated for natural stone help maintain the surface and prevent staining.

Is it okay to cement patio stones around a fireplace surround?

Yes, this can make an attractive border or base. Just don’t fully adhere any cement directly up against the fireplace surround, as expanding heat may cause cracking. Leave a small gap.


The outdoor fireplace surround truly defines the look and feel of your backyard retreat. Whether your taste runs towards traditional stone, sleek modern tile, or natural wood, the options for creating a warm, welcoming and stylish space to gather around the fire are endless. With some creativity and the right materials, you can construct a fireplace surround that becomes the beautiful centerpiece of cherished outdoor memories for years to come. Let your dreams and this inspiration guide you as you cultivate an outdoor haven tailored exactly to your vision of paradise.






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