Ivory Travertine Backsplash Tile Ideas Attractive & Natural Appearance

Travertine tile offers a timeless, natural beauty that works well in a variety of settings. When used as a backsplash in the kitchen, ivory travertine can create a warm, organic look that pairs nicely with many different cabinetry and countertop materials. Here we’ll explore some of the top benefits of using ivory travertine tile for your kitchen backsplash and see some beautiful examples to inspire your own design.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone that forms from mineral deposits in hot springs and limestone caves. It has an earthy, rustic appearance with pits and holes in its surface that give it a great deal of character. Travertine comes in shades of cream, tan, rust, gold and ivory.

The ivory variety features soft beige and cream tones that add a subtle warmth. When cut into tiles, slabs or other forms, travertine maintains its natural look, bringing organic texture indoors. This makes it an ideal backsplash material for kitchens, baths and other spaces.

Benefits of Ivory Travertine Backsplash Tiles

There are many reasons to consider using ivory travertine tile for your next backsplash project:

Natural Beauty

The organic patterns and earthy colors of travertine tiles create a soothing, spa-like feel in the kitchen. The soft ivory tones blend seamlessly with many cabinet styles from modern white to dark wood.

Textural Interest

The natural pits, holes and veining in travertine add delightful texture and visual depth to backsplash surfaces. This gives a unique, high-end look that complements both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.


Travertine is a very sturdy natural stone that can stand up to heavy use in the kitchen. Properly sealed, it resists stains, scratches and heat. This makes it a smart, long-lasting backsplash surface.

Easy Maintenance

Ivory travertine requires minimal maintenance. Simply use a pH-neutral stone cleaner and sealant once or twice a year to protect it. This keeps the tile looking like new with very little effort.

Timeless Appeal

Natural stone like travertine never goes out of style. The organic patterns and muted tones work well in kitchens of all eras from Old World to modern. It brings a subtle elegance that won’t look dated over time.

Design Ideas for Ivory Travertine Backsplashes

When planning your ivory travertine backsplash, consider the following design ideas:

Ivory Subway Tiles

Subway tiles in soft ivory travertine can create a clean, modern backsplash look. Pair with crisp white cabinetry and countertops for a fresh feel or rich wood tones for pleasing contrast. Lay the rectangular tiles in a classic brick pattern or vertical stack for a contemporary vibe.

Mixed Tile Shapes

Using a mix of travertine tile shapes adds interest to the backsplash design. Combine ivory travertine rectangles, squares, hexagons and diamonds in various sizes. This creates a custom mosaic pattern that catches the eye above counters and stovetops.

Stone and Glass Accent Tiles

Add in travertine tiles with glass, marble or metallic accents for extra dazzle. For example, blend ivory travertine with an occasional glass tile in amber or sea green. Or, mix in marble mosaic tiles or travertine with gold veining for pops of color and shine.

Inset Designs

Frame out a section of the backsplash surface and fill with an inset design of ivory travertine tile. This could be a brick pattern, starburst mosaic or medallion shape featuring particularly ornate tiles. Use this to highlight and anchor stove or sink areas.

Borders and Banding

Add thin borders or bands of patterned travertine tile between sections of ivory subway tile. Mixing multiple sizes of rectangular or square tiles creates subtle interest and dimension. For wider bands, use decorative shapes like diamonds.

Accent Strips

Run an accent strip of ivory travertine mosaic tile down the middle or along the edges of the backsplash surface. Use small, intricate tile shapes to create sequences or organic patterns. This is an easy way to jazz up a simple subway tile design.

Tips for Installing Ivory Travertine Tile Backsplashes

Installing travertine tile backsplashes takes some special consideration:

  • Use a high-quality setting adhesive suitable for natural stone. This prevents tiles from cracking or loosening over time.
  • Take extra care when cutting travertine to avoid shattering the brittle stone. Use a wet saw with a diamond blade.
  • Seal tiles thoroughly before and after grouting to prevent staining and discoloration.
  • Use a grout release product to keep the grout from bonding too aggressively to the surface of the travertine. This allows for easier removal and maintenance.
  • Select a grout color that complements the ivory tones without clashing or matching too closely. A light gray or tan usually works well.
  • Expect varying tile thicknesses and create a flush surface by building out thin-set mortar in low areas as needed.

Ivory Travertine Backsplash Ideas To Inspire

Here are a few stunning ivory travertine backsplash designs to spark ideas for your own kitchen project:

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Ivory travertine subway tiles help create a warm, rustic feel against natural wood cabinetry in this farmhouse kitchen. The varied tones and pitted surface add organic texture.

Rustic farmhouse kitchen backsplash with ivory travertine subway tiles


Modern Minimalist Kitchen

This sleek, contemporary kitchen uses large-format ivory travertine tiles on the backsplash and wall behind the stove. The monochromatic scheme keeps the look minimalist and refined.

Modern minimalist kitchen with ivory travertine backsplash tile


Eclectic Boho Kitchen

Mismatched cabinetry and multicolored tile accents give this kitchen a vibrant boho vibe. Ivory travertine subway tiles tie the eclectic look together in the backsplash.

Eclectic boho kitchen with ivory travertine subway tile backsplash


Transitional Style Kitchen

This elegant kitchen combines modern and traditional elements, using ivory and gray travertine tiles in diagonal layout on the backsplash. Soapstone countertops provide harmonious contrast.

Transitional kitchen with mixed ivory and gray travertine backsplash tiles


Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Ivory travertine tiles laid in an ornate pattern behind this range create a focal backsplash in this Mediterranean style kitchen. Cabinetry finished in brick red plays up the old world charm.

Mediterranean kitchen backsplash with patterned ivory travertine tile


Advantages of Ivory Travertine for Backsplashes

With its natural beauty and earthy elegance, ivory travertine makes an exceptional backsplash tile for all design styles. The organic texture pairs well with any cabinetry finish from white shaker to cherry wood. The soft beige and cream tones blend seamlessly with a range of countertop and appliance colors. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or old world rustic charm, ivory travertine brings a subtle sophistication to your kitchen design. Thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance, travertine backsplashes stay looking radiant for years with minimal care required. For a timeless, luxurious look, ivory travertine tile is a splendid backsplash choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What finish is best for ivory travertine backsplash tile?

For backsplashes, a honed or brushed finish brings out the subtle beauty of ivory travertine. The matte surface highlights the natural pits and veins. Avoid a polished finish, which can look too shiny on walls.

What color grout works well with ivory travertine backsplash tiles?

Stick with a neutral tan or light gray grout for ivory travertine. Avoid stark white, which contrasts too harshly. Soft brown shades can also blend in nicely. Use a grout stain protector to prevent discoloration over time.

Can you use ivory travertine tile on a shower backsplash?

Yes, travertine tiles work wonderfully in shower surrounds. Be sure tiles are sealed to prevent water absorption and damage. Use a waterproofing membrane over the substrate before tiling.

Is ivory travertine suitable for outdoor kitchen backsplashes?

Outdoors, travertine holds up better than many natural stones. Seal tiles well and reapply protector yearly. Avoid freezing climates, as moisture can damage tiles over winter. Provide roof overhangs for weather protection.

What tiles complement ivory travertine backsplashes?

Try combining with marble, limestone or white subway tiles. Glass, metal and stone mosaic tiles also pair attractively for accents. Brick-shaped tiles in deep red or brown hues offer a nice contrast.


With its natural charm and organic texture, ivory travertine makes a beautiful and intriguing backsplash tile. The soft earth tones and distinctive veining bring warmth and dimension that works in all design styles from modern to traditional. Thanks to travertine’s durability and ease of care, ivory tile backsplashes stay looking stunning for years with minimal maintenance required. Whether going for a sleek contemporary look or old world rustic feel, ivory travertine brings sophisticated elegance to any kitchen design.






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