Blue Backsplash Tile Design Ideas Navy, Aqua, Royal or Coastal!

Adding a blue backsplash to your kitchen can be a great way to incorporate some color and personality into this busy space. From deep navy hues to bright aqua tones, blue backsplashes can range from subtle to bold. Paired with white cabinets and counters, a blue backsplash can really make the color pop. Or complemented with wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances, the blue backsplash adds a punch of color.

There are many shades of blue to choose from for a backsplash, depending on the look you are going for. Navy blue backsplashes create a dramatic and sophisticated look. Aqua backsplashes have a more relaxing, beachy vibe. Royal blue backsplashes are vibrant and eye-catching. Coastal blue backsplashes are slightly muted and give a calm coastal feel.

When designing your blue backsplash, consider the overall style and color scheme of your kitchen. Do you want the blue tile to blend in or stand out? Choose a shade that complements your cabinets, counters, flooring and paint colors. Think about how much of the backsplash you want to cover in blue – an accent strip or full wall tiles.

Here are some stunning blue backsplash tile ideas to inspire your navy, aqua, royal or coastal kitchen remodel!

Stylish Navy Blue Backsplash Designs

Navy blue backsplashes make a dramatic statement in any kitchen. Paired with white cabinets, a navy backsplash looks crisp and elegant. Against warm wood cabinetry, the dark blue tiles create a striking contrast.

Going for a nautical vibe? Opt for navy 3D subway tiles arranged in a brick pattern. Add some white grout to define each tile and prevent the pattern from looking too busy. Extend the subway tiles to the ceiling for a bold look.

Mosaic tiles in varying shades of blue are another great option for a navy backsplash. The small tile size allows you to create more intricate designs. Consider a mosaic tile accent strip behind the stove or across the center of the backsplash.

For a touch of texture, install navy blue glass or stone backsplash tiles. Their reflective, uneven surface catches and reflects light beautifully. Paired with matte subway tiles, they create visual interest and dimension.

Accent Stripes

Use navy tiles sparingly in thin accent lines across your backsplash to add a subtle pop of color. Try a single row of navy tiles along the top or bottom of your backsplash. Or do a few staggered stripes of navy tiles throughout a neutral backsplash.

Herringbone Patterns

Herringbone patterns are very on-trend right now for backsplashes. Lay navy tiles in a herringbone design against a white, beige or gray backdrop. The angled pattern is visually interesting and adds great texture.

Moroccan Styling

For a worldly vibe, use navy tiles to create a Moroccan-inspired backsplash. Try laying the navy tiles in a geometric or zig-zag pattern. Add some metallic tiles for a touch of glam. Top with decorative crown molding for a pulled-together look.

Mixed with White

One easy way to use navy backsplash tiles is by pairing them with classic white subway tiles. Arrange the navy and white tiles in a simple brick pattern, vertical stripes or zig-zags. The contrast looks bold yet classic.

Behind Stoves

Focus your navy backsplash tile design behind the stove or range. This creates an eye-catching focal point and camouflages cooking splatters. Flank the stove area with neutral tiles. Or extend the navy tiles along the entire wall behind the stove.

Cheerful Aqua Backsplash Ideas

Bright aqua backsplash tiles lend a playful, beachy vibe to the kitchen. Combining tones of lighter sky blue and bolder teal, aqua backsplashes work with both all-white and warm wood kitchens.

For a retro diner look, lay glossy aqua subway tiles in a simple grid pattern. Pair them with white grout and chrome accents for a 1950s vibe.

Aqua glass or stone mosaic tiles can create a shimmery, watery effect on your backsplash. Use them in ocean-inspired patterns like waves or bubbles.

Keep it beachy with matte ceramic tiles in sandy aqua hues. Lay them in a herringbone pattern or horizontal stacks. Adding some shells or starfish tile accents enhances the coastal style.

Moroccan Accent

Jazz up simple white subway tiles with a pop of aqua. Intermingle some glossy aqua Moroccan-style tiles for exotic flair. Aqua tile diamonds, stars or triangles really stand out against the white backdrop.

Ombre Effect

Create a soothing ombre effect by installing aqua tiles in gradually lightening shades. Start with deeper teal tiles at the bottom that fade into softer sky blue ones near the top of the backsplash. The ombre look is very elegant and refined.

Beach Cottage

For a laidback beach cottage kitchen, mix matte aqua tiles with reclaimed wood boards. The contrast between the smooth tiles and rustic wood creates charming texture and depth. Add accents like shells or starfish for a coastal touch.

Teal Glass Subway

Another way to achieve the beachy aqua look is by using glossy teal glass subway tiles. Line them up in a simple grid pattern against white cabinets for a refreshing pop of color. The glass finish gives them an aqueous, watery effect.

Striking Royal Blue Backsplashes

Royal blue backsplash tiles make an eye-catching statement in your kitchen. The rich, vibrant hue pops against both light and dark cabinetry. It brings a dramatic punch of color to any kitchen.

For traditional style, royal blue subway tiles arranged in a classic brickwork pattern creates a striking backsplash. Pair it with crisp white grout to offset each individual tile. Extend the royal blue tiles to the ceiling for maximum drama.

Small mosaic tiles in glossy royal blue are mesmerizing on a kitchen backsplash. The tiny tiles reflect light beautifully and create depth. Use them in fun patterns like chevrons, diamonds or waves.

Royal blue glass or marble backsplash tiles add luxury with their smooth finish and subtle veining. The irregular shapes make the tiles shine and glisten when illuminated. Use them sparingly between plain tiles or in an accent wall.

Moroccan Tiles

Use vivid royal blue tiles to recreate a vibrant Moroccan design. Arrange the tiles in geometric shapes like diamonds, stars and zigzags against a neutral backdrop. The royal blue really pops against beige, white or gray base tiles.


For a sleek modern backsplash, install a field of matte royal blue rectangular tiles. Their muted color and simple pattern creates a contemporary edge. Keep the rest of the kitchen muted to let the tiles take center stage.

Regal Accents

Make royal blue tiles the crowning jewel of your backsplash by using them as accents. Place single tiles sporadically between marble, travertine or limestone field tiles. Or, use strips of the royal blue tiles along the edges or dividing the backsplash into sections.

Eclectic Mix

Go for an eclectic look by mixing different royal blue tile shapes, sizes and finishes. Combine glass, ceramic and stone tiles together in an asymmetrical pattern. The random mix of rich royal blue tones creates great visual interest.

Soothing Coastal Blue Backsplashes

Muted blue-grays inspired by the sky and sea make gorgeous backsplash tiles with a relaxing coastal vibe. Often called beach glass blues, the colors are slightly desaturated like a weathered patina.

For a calming backdrop, install matte ceramic subway tiles in a soft coastal blue shade. The muted color is tranquil and works with any style of cabinets or counters.

Coastal blue marble or limestone tiles in naturally varying shades create organic texture. Their subtly mottled pattern has movement that mimics the ocean’s surface. Great for coastal cottages.

Beach-inspired glass tiles offer texture and depth. Coastal blue sea glass backsplashes shimmer with smooth hues resembling weathered glass pebbles along the shoreline.

Whitewashed blue driftwood boards have a timeworn appearance that instantly conveys coastal living. Use varying widths horizontally as a rustic backsplash with character.

Classic Subway

Stick with classic white subway tiles for your backsplash and add thin lines of coastal blue grout. The subtle blue stripes between the tiles provide just a hint of color while maintaining a simple, beachy look.

Weathered Tones

Look for coastal blue tiles with variations in tone and texture to emulate weathering. Handmade, artisan tiles often have these characteristics. The mottled colors and surfaces add organic beauty.

Beach House Chic

Incorporate reclaimed wood, shells and weathered accessories for a beach house chic backsplash. Coastal blue tiles combined with found objects give a casual, collected look. Keep the patterns simple to prevent it from appearing too busy.

Ocean Blues

Capture the look of sea glass by mixing soft shades of ocean blue tiles. Combine glossy and matte finishes in varied shapes and sizes. The blend of varied coastal blue hues resembles collected sea glass pebbles.

Design Tips for Blue Backsplashes

  • Choose the right shade of blue for your space – bright aquas for playful kitchens, navy for drama, soft coastal blues for relaxing spaces.
  • Sample blue tiles against your existing kitchen cabinets, counters and paint to make sure the undertones complement each other.
  • Decide how much of the backsplash you want to cover in blue – a whole accent wall, mosaic tile accent band, or mix of blue and neutral tiles.
  • Use blue tiles sparingly in small doses if you want just a pop of color. Use them liberally for a bold blue statement.
  • Add white grout between blue glass, marble or stone tiles to define each one since the materials look similar.
  • Consider a classic white subway tile backsplash with thin blue grout lines for just a subtle touch of coastal color.
  • Combine blue tiles with reclaimed wood or shells for laidback beach house style.
  • Choose coordinating fixtures like blue drawer pulls, handles, sinks, stools and pendant lights.
  • Extend blue backsplash tiles to ceiling and wrap them around walls or windows for high visual impact.
  • Use multiple shades and textures of blue tiles together for dimension, such as combining matte and glossy finishes.
  • Frame blue backsplashes with decorative crown molding or brackets for a polished finished look.

Blue Backsplash Tile Material Options

There are lots of great options when it comes to blue backsplash tile materials. Consider which texture, finish and style suits your kitchen decor best.

Ceramic or Porcelain: Matte ceramic and porcelain tiles are affordable, durable, and come in every shade of blue imaginable. Great for subway, mosaic, Moroccan patterned or decorative tiles.

Glass: Glass backsplash tiles have high shine and reflectivity. Great for aqua and coastal blue hues. Can be smooth, pebbled, crackled or even recycled.

Marble: Elegant marble backsplash tiles have luxurious veining. Available in vivid royal blues and soft sea glass blues. Natural stone adds timeless beauty.

Travertine: Has holes and texture that create a natural stone look. Found in light and mid-tone blues. Durability makes it suitable for kitchen backsplashes.

Limestone: Softer and more porous than other stones. Limestone backsplash tiles are casual and cottage-like. Available in muted coastal blue hues.

Mosaic: Tiny glass, ceramic or porcelain tiles that create intricate patterns and designs. Available in all shades of blue and affordable due to small size.

Metal: Stainless steel, tin, copper and aluminum backsplashes add modern appeal. Some varieties mimic the look of weathered metals in coastal blue-grays.

Wood: Reclaimed driftwood in soft whitewashed blue-grays creates a beach house style backsplash. Mix with tiles for contrast.

Designer Tips for Achieving the Perfect Blue Backsplash

  1. Decide on the shade and amount of blue – Do you want a bold navy statement wall or subtle pale blue accents? How much blue do you want to incorporate? This will determine the look you are going for.
  2. Consider the style – Traditional, contemporary, cottage? The backsplash should coordinate with the overall kitchen decor. A vibrant royal blue may suit a sleek modern kitchen better than a country style one.
  3. Collect inspiration images – Search kitchen photos online or in magazines to find examples of blue backsplashes you are drawn to. Note colors, patterns and tile sizes that appeal to you.
  4. Purchase tile samples – Order samples of potential blue backsplash tiles to view in your space before purchasing. Verify you like the true color and finish.
  5. Plan the layout – Sketch ideas or lay out a template of how the tiles could be arranged. A combination of blue and neutral tiles? An accent band? Field tiles with accents?
  6. Pick complementary materials – The cabinetry, countertops, flooring and lighting in the rest of the kitchen should coordinate with the blue backsplash tile design.
  7. Grout appropriately – White grout highlights individual blue tiles. Blue grout can make tile patterns recede. Contrasting grout colors can emphasize different tile shapes.
  8. Illuminate strategically – Proper kitchen lighting will show off a blue backsplash. Use accent lighting on the backsplash itself or decorative pendants above to enhance it.

Aqua and Blue Backsplash Tile Patterns

In addition to choosing the perfect shade of blue, consider how you want to arrange your backsplash tiles. Here are some popular blue tile backsplash patterns:

Brick Pattern

The classic brickwork pattern lays tiles in a staggered formation like bricks on a wall. Very traditional look suitable for subway, rectangular or square tiles.


Herringbone patterns use rectangular tiles set in opposite directions creating a V shape. Adds great visual texture and suits elongated tiles.


Chevron patterns use angled tile stripes pointing in opposite directions like zig-zags or arrows. Works with many tile shapes and sizes.


Stacking tiles in horizontal rows maintains clean lines. Effective with subway, square or rectangular tiles. Looks great in blue.


Moroccan patterns use geometric shapes like stars, diamonds, hexagons. Adds exotic flair and works with mosaic tiles.


Ombre patterns transition from dark to light tile shades. Try lightening shades of blue tile stacked vertically from bottom to top.


Tiny mosaic tiles lend themselves to infinite pattern options – waves, bubbles, from large overall designs to intricate borders.


Simple vertical or horizontal lines created with strips of blue tiles against a neutral backdrop. Clean and contemporary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Backsplashes

Here are answers to some common questions about incorporating blue backsplash tiles:

What color cabinets go well with a blue backsplash?

Blue backsplashes pair beautifully with crisp white or light gray cabinets, which allow the blue tile colors to really pop. They also coordinate nicely with darker wood stains like espresso that contrast with the backsplash.

What countertop colors work best with blue backsplashes?

Countertop materials like white and gray quartz or marble complement blue backsplashes nicely. Granite, soapstone and concrete in neutral hues also coordinate well with blue tile.

Can I use blue backsplash tiles with oak cabinets?

Definitely – a vibrant blue backsplash pairs wonderfully with golden oak or stained wood cabinetry. The contrast between the rich cabinet color and vivid backsplash is very striking. Just select a blue hue that flatters the cabinet stain.

Is blue tile difficult to maintain?

Blue ceramic, porcelain or glass backsplash tiles are no harder to care for than other tile materials. Simply clean with a mild soap and water using a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid abrasive cleaners that could damage the tile finish.

Do blue backsplash tiles date a kitchen?

While avocado and harvest gold may date a vintage kitchen, classic shades of blue have timeless appeal. Navy, aqua and coastal blue backsplashes suit both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.

What kitchen countertop edge works with blue backsplash?

A standard square countertop edge is simple and inexpensive. Beveled and polished Ogee edges have contours that can complement blue backsplash tile designs.

What type of kitchen faucet finishes match a blue backsplash?

Stainless, chrome, nickel and white/clear faucet finishes all pair nicely with blue backsplash tiles. If your tiles have brass accents, match with a matte brass faucet.


The right shade of blue can enliven and invigorate any kitchen. Whether aiming for a relaxing coastal vibe with soft aquas or a dramatic navy statement wall, blue backsplash tiles are a gorgeous choice. Just decide on the look you want, choose complementary materials and patterns, and your blue backsplash is sure to be a stunning showpiece of your kitchen.






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