Art Deco Backsplash Bring Some Vintage Flair with Stylish Tiles

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about achieving the art deco look for your backsplash. We will cover appropriate tile materials, patterns, colors, and accents to consider. With the right combination of design elements, you can bring some Roaring Twenties panache to your cooking space.

Choosing Art Deco Backsplash Tiles

The tile material you select will impact the overall look and feel of your art deco backsplash. Here are some of the best options to recreate the vintage art deco aesthetic:

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are one of the most popular choices for art deco designs. Their sleek, shiny finish emulates the bold glossy materials favored in the 1920s. Glass tiles establish an immediate art deco vibe.

Look for glass tiles in solid colors or intricate geometric patterns. Accent strips in bolder shades can provide just the right pop of contrast. Glossy black, snow white, rich jewel tones, or metallic sheens are ideal glass tile shades for this retro style.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Glazed porcelain or ceramic tiles also complement the sleek aesthetic of art deco backsplashes. Their impervious finish and diverse color options make them an adaptable choice.

Look for rectangular subway tiles, hexagons, chevron shapes, and coordinating accent tiles to build your art deco design. Bold geometric patterns in porcelain or ceramic make a serious art deco statement.

Marble and Stone Tiles

Natural stone and marble tiles lend an elegant, luxurious look perfect for art deco flair. Materials like marble, travertine, and limestone can be polished to a glossy sheen. Combined with geometric designs, these tiles take on a vintage glam vibe.

For an art deco edge, opt for striking veining patterns or graphic mosaic arrangements. Keep the overall color scheme light and bright for a true vintage style. Metallic marble mosaics also capture 1920s decadence beautifully.

Metal Tiles

For industrial art deco edge, metal tiles in copper, stainless steel, or aluminum are eye-catching options. The sleek, cool sheen of metal tiles paired with bold geometric designs or deco patterns has major vintage appeal.

Metal tiles also allow you to incorporate texture through bumpy, hammered, or diamond plate finishes. Just take care that rough textures don’t detract from the overall sleek art deco style.

Crafting an Art Deco Pattern

Beyond the tile itself, the pattern you choose is crucial for nailing the art deco look. Art deco patterns tend to be bold, geometric designs, usually with a vertical orientation. Here are some ideas to inspire your backsplash design:

Chevron Patterns

Chevron tile patterns instantly conjure up art deco style. Pointed zigzag designs provide depth and drama. Lay out the tile in contrasting colors to make the chevron pattern pop.


The hexagon shape screams art deco chic. Try a field of glossy black or white hexagon tiles as the backdrop. Then weave in accent tiles or mosaic hexagon clusters in metallic, jewel-toned shades.

Straight-Line Patterns

Vertical and horizontal lines create eye-catching geometry. Stacked offset subway tiles make a statement. For another linear look, try shifting blocks of color.

Zigzags and Diamonds

Pronounced zigzags and elongated diamond tile patterns in bold hues capture the art deco aesthetic. Use these dynamic shapes sparingly between fields of solid tiles.

Dot and Dashes

Dots and dashes arrange in linear Art Deco motifs provide movement and visual interest. Try combining dots, short lines, and longer lines in a contrasting color combo.

Metallic Geometric Mosaics

Small mosaic tiles set in bold geometric patterns take on an elegant, glamorous look when executed in shimmering metallics. Gold, silver, copper, and bronze mosaic tiles trimmed in black or white make a serious art deco statement.

Vintage Color Palettes for Art Deco Backsplashes

Color choices make a big impact in an art deco design. Vintage color trends featured rich, vibrant jewel tones, sleek blacks and whites, and shiny metallics. Here are some authentic color combinations to try for your backsplash:

Black and White

The bold contrast of glossy black and clean white immediately evokes the vintage era. Use these classic shades in graphic patterns or alternating fields of color.

Black and Gold

Pairing polished black with shimmering gold epitomizes art deco extravagance. Try hammered gold metal tiles alongside black stacked subway tiles.

Emerald Green and Gold

Deep emerald green and luxurious gold make a bold vintage color combo. Choose glossy green glass or ceramic tiles to offset with metallic gold accents.

Sapphire Blue and Silver

Sapphire blue has an intrinsic vintage vibe. Coupling glossy or textured blue tiles with metallic silver finishes creates striking allure.

Ruby Red and Black

Fiery ruby red glass or ceramic tiles pop dramatically against a black background. This retro color pairing packs serious visual impact.

Jewel-Tone Metallics

Shades like sapphire, emerald or ruby translated into metallic finishes make art deco magic. Line them up in bold diamond, chevron or zigzag designs.

Art Deco Backsplash Ideas and Accents

Beyond the tile itself, consider avg other design details that can amp up the art deco style of your backsplash.

Bold Grout Lines

Thick, prominent grout lines in black, white or bold colors reinforce the retro geometric shapes of art deco patterns.

Vintage Hardware

Art deco style faucets, light fixtures, or cabinet hardware in polished chrome or nickel provide the perfect finishing touch.

Decorative Wall Niches

Small niches dressed in tiny mirrored or metallic mosaic tiles and lined with beadboard create glamorous dimension.

Geometric Medallions

Large backsplash medallions in a geometric shape provide a focal point. Choose glass, ceramic or metal in one of the vintage color combos.

Ornate Tile Frames

Framing the entire backsplash with decorative metal, beadboard or crown molding trims enhance the vintage style beautifully.

With the right combination of tiles, patterns, colors and accents, you can easily achieve a show-stopping art deco backsplash. This distinctive style brings vintage flair, drama and luxury to the heart of your home.

Art Deco Backsplash FAQs

Still have some questions about creating the perfect art deco backsplash? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the most important element for an art deco backsplash?

The pattern and tile shape you select make the biggest visual impact. Bold geometric designs like chevrons, zigzags and dot/dashes in a vertical formation are quintessential.

What tile materials work best for art deco?

Glass, ceramic, porcelain, marble, and metal tiles all complement the sleek, high-contrast look of art deco. Choose glossy, metallic or hammered finishes.

What shapes evoke art deco style?

Geometric shapes like hexagons, rectangles, diamonds, triangles, and zigzags capture the strong lines of art deco aesthetics beautifully.

What colors and color schemes suit an art deco backsplash?

Classic black and white provide immediate art deco appeal. Pairing intense jewel tones like emerald, ruby or sapphire with black, white or metallics creates vintage drama.

Should the tiles be matte or glossy?

Glossy tile finishes better emulate the sleek, reflective materials favored in art deco design. However, combining some glossy and matte finishes can provide depth.

How can I give my backsplash extra art deco flair?

Thick grout lines, geometric medallions, ornate frames, and vintage-style hardware and lighting provide those important finishing touches.

Bring Vintage Style to Your Kitchen

An art deco backsplash serves as the perfect focal point to transport your kitchen back to the glamorous 1920s. With bold patterns, glossy surfaces, and striking color combinations, you can easily achieve the sophisticated vintage style.

Pay close attention to the tile shapes, finishes, and colors you select. Graphic combinations of high contrast black and white or rich jewel tones and metallics epitomize art deco panache. Keep the overall look sleek and geometric.

Take the time to find tiles and patterns with authentic art deco edge. Add eye-catching accents and accessories to complete your vintage vision. With an art deco backsplash as your centerpiece, you can infuse your cooking space with all the drama, decadence and flair of this captivating retro style.

Art Deco Backsplash Bring Some Vintage Flair with Stylish Tiles

An art deco backsplash can transport your kitchen to another era. With bold geometric tiles, sleek finishes, and striking colors, an art deco backsplash adds a touch of Roaring Twenties style and sophistication to any kitchen.

In this article, we’ll explore how to achieve the art deco look through your backsplash design. From tile materials to patterns, colors, and accents, we’ll cover all the elements that bring vintage flair to this distinctive style. Read on for ideas and inspiration to craft your own art deco backsplash masterpiece.

The Origins of Art Deco Style

Art deco emerged as a design movement in 1920s France, incorporating sleek lines, geometric shapes, and luxurious materials inspired by patterns from ancient Egypt and Aztec cultures. Streamlined and opulent, art deco captured the glamour and decadence of the era.

For the kitchen, art deco style is all about making a bold statement. From shiny metallic backsplashes to striking color combinations, art deco backsplashes demand attention. This retrospective look blends elegance and drama for serious visual impact.

Materials for an Art Deco Backsplash

The materials you choose for your backsplash play a key role in creating vintage art deco appeal. Here are some of the best options:

Glass Tiles

With their flawless glossy finish, glass tiles epitomize art deco glamour. Glass material comes in a vast array of colors and patterns to suit any scheme. Try bold jewel tones, black and white contrasts, or metallics.

Mirror Tiles

For shiny reflective surface, mirrored tiles add instant Gatsby-era dazzle. Arrange in geometric patterns or simple stacked designs for light-reflecting results.

Porcelain, Ceramic and Stone

Glazed porcelain and ceramic offer cost-effective options that mimic the sleek look of glass. Marble, granite and travertine bring natural elegance with some artwork. Go for geometric patterns and glossy finishes.

Metal Tiles

From cool stainless steel to warm copper, metal tiles provide gorgeous art deco shine. Hammertone and diamond plate finishes add appealing texture.

Backsplash Patterns with Art Deco Edge

Beyond the material, the pattern you choose delivers major art deco impact. Bold geometric shapes, high contrast colors, and vertical orientations define art deco backsplash style.

Stacked Subway Tile

For clean lined look, offset stacks of white, black or colored glossy subway tiles. Thick grout lines reinforce the linear geometry.


The chevron motif of herringbone tiles bring dynamic zigzag style. Try two alternating colors for dramatic dimensional effect.


Hexagons epitomize art deco geometry. Create clusters with black, white, metallic and jewel tones for retro mosaic magic.

Diamonds and Rectangles

Elongated diamonds and stacked rectangles in varying sizes generate captivating visual rhythm and depth.

Dots and Dashes

Jazz up a solid backsplash with artful dot and dash accents in contrasting metallic, black or white.

Color Palette Ideas

Color makes a major decorative statement in art deco design. Here are some era-appropriate vintage color combinations:

Black, White and Gold

The striking high contrast of bold black and white accented with shimmering gold captures 1920s decadence.

Sapphire Blue and Silver

Mysterious midnight blue feels intrinsically vintage. Pair with silvery accents for art deco sparkle.

Emerald Green and Black

Deep green takes on an antique flair against broad fields of black. Add gloss for a sumptuous look.

Ruby Red and White

Punchy ruby red pops dramatically against bright white backdrops. Elite and eye-catching.

Jewel Tone Metallic

Combining rich metallic versions of sapphire, ruby and emerald is the height of art deco opulence.

Finishing Touches

Final accents complete the stylized art deco backsplash. Consider:

  • Decorative wall niches dressed in mosaic tiles
  • Bold grout lines in black or white
  • Ornate metal, beadboard or crown molding frames
  • Vintage style hardware and light fixtures

With strategic color combos, sleek geometric tiles, and the right accents, an art deco backsplash brings captivating vintage flair to your kitchen.

Art Deco Backsplash FAQs

Still have some questions about achieving the perfect art deco backsplash? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What are the key elements of an art deco backsplash design?

Bold geometric shapes and patterns, glossy or metallic finishes, vertical orientation, and high contrast color combos are key. Chevrons, zigzags, elongated hexagons, and dot/dash accents add vintage style.

What types of tiles work best?

Glass, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and metal tiles all suit the sleek art deco look. Go for reflective finishes and graphic patterns.

How do I choose an art deco color scheme?

Stick with black, white, bold jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue, or metallic shades like gold, silver, and copper. Vintage color combos feature high contrast.

Should I use matte or shiny tiles?

For true art deco appeal, glossy and metallic finishes better emulate the sleek materials of the 1920s. But some matte tiles can provide pleasing visual texture.

What about grout color?

White or black grout creates bold definition around the geometric tile patterns. Colored grout matching your accent tiles can also reinforce the retro vibe.

How can I accessorize my art deco backsplash?

Art deco sconces, hardware and faucets inject vintage flair. Frame with beadboard or crown molding. Add mosaic niches or medallions for focal points.

What should I avoid?

Steer clear of intricate florals, scrolls, script fonts and other overly ornate detailing. Keep the overall aesthetic clean and streamlined.

With the right creative touches, an art deco backsplash transports your kitchen back to the elegant Jazz Age. The sleek geometric design, luxe materials and bold style bring vintage flair to this focal feature.


An art deco backsplash can instantly inject a dose of 1920s style into any kitchen. With the right combination of bold graphic tile patterns, glossy finishes, striking colors and vintage accents, you can achieve a showstopping backsplash with retro flair.

The key is choosing tiles and materials like glass, ceramic, porcelain and metal that emulate the sleek elegance of the era. Geometric shapes and vertical orientations are integral to the art deco aesthetic. Aim for glossy black and white contrasts or pair vibrant jewel tones with metallic accents. Consider fun details like ornate frames or wall niches to complete your vision.

Approaching your backsplash design through an art deco lens opens up endless possibilities for infusing glamour, drama and vintage sophistication into your cooking space. Let this iconic style from the Roaring Twenties inspire you to make a gorgeous decorative statement. With an art deco backsplash full of artistic edge and visual appeal, you can bring vintage charm to the heart of your kitchen.






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