Who Sells Peel and Stick Backsplash? A Complete Guide to Finding the Best Options

Peel and stick backsplash has become an increasingly popular option for DIYers looking to easily upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms. With its simple self-adhesive installation, peel and stick backsplash tiles allow you to transform your space without the mess or hassle of traditional tile. But with so many retailers selling peel and stick backsplash, how do you know where to get the best selection? This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the major stores and brands that sell peel and stick backsplash tiles, illuminating the key factors to consider from price to patterns. Read on to become a savvy shopper of peel and stick backsplash products.

Overview of Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles

Before diving into specific brands and retailers, let’s do a quick overview of what exactly peel and stick backsplash tiles are and their key benefits:

  • Thin and lightweight: Peel and stick backsplash tiles are made from a thin, lightweight vinyl material. This makes them easy to handle and install without extra tools or adhesive.
  • Self-adhesive backing: As the name implies, peel and stick tiles have an adhesive backing that allows you to stick them directly onto a clean, smooth surface. No need for messy thinset or grout.
  • Quick and easy installation: With the self-adhesive backing, installing a peel and stick backsplash is as easy as peeling away the paper backing and firmly pressing the tile into place. You can transform a space in just an afternoon.
  • Removable and reusable: If you ever want to change your backsplash look, peel and stick tiles can be easily removed without damaging the surface underneath. Many also have a repositionable adhesive so you can rearrange them during installation.
  • Durable and waterproof: Quality vinyl peel and stick tiles stand up well to moisture and everyday wear and tear. The material is waterproof and resistant to cracks and chips.
  • Affordable: Compared to traditional tile, peel and stick backsplash provides an affordable way to refresh your space. Prices range from $1 to $10 per square foot.

With all those advantages, it’s easy to see the appeal of peel and stick backsplash tile. Now let’s find out exactly where you can get it.

Home Improvement Stores

The most convenient and affordable option for many homeowners are home improvement “big box” stores like these:

Home Depot

  • Largest selection of any big box retailer with 200+ peel and stick backsplash options.
  • Exclusive brands like Hampton Bay and Style Selections which offer great quality and prices.
  • Prices range from $1.25 to $7.97 per square foot.
  • Patterns include subway tile, marble, travertine, stone, ceramic, geometric, and textured looks.
  • Convenient local pickup or home delivery available.


  • Carries 100+ peel and stick backsplash choices under brands like Peel & Stick and Smart Tiles.
  • Prices span $2.97 to $6.48 per square foot.
  • Patterns include marble, brick, subway, moroccan, hexagon, and stone visuals.
  • Options for coordinating wall panels and edging/trim pieces.
  • Store pickup and delivery options.


  • Retailer based in the Midwest with 70+ peel and stick backsplash products.
  • Unique patterns like penny round, oasis, wanderlust slate, and painted brick.
  • Affordable pricing from $0.98 to $3.98 per square foot.
  • Convenient pickup at local stores or shipping to home.

The major home improvement stores offer affordability, accessibility, and plenty of style options. Be sure to check sales and clearance markdowns for the best deals.

Tile Specialty Retailers

If you want an even wider selection along with the expertise of tile specialists, visit these tile-focused retailers carrying peel and stick backsplash:

Tile Shop

  • One of the largest selections with 300+ peel and stick tile designs.
  • Diverse mix of natural stone, ceramic, mosaic, and glass styles.
  • Prices from $2.99 to $14.99 per square foot.
  • Knowledgeable staff that can help with design and installation.
  • Physical locations across the US plus online buying and shipping.


  • Major online retailer with 200+ peel and stick backsplash options.
  • Affordable pricing between $1.50 and $15 per square foot.
  • Tasteful patterns including marble, subway, concrete, rose, and hexagon shapes.
  • Free shipping on most orders.
  • Easy online ordering, returns, and customer service.


  • Specialty retailer focused just on backsplash tile products.
  • 100+ peel and stick backsplash designs available.
  • Prices range from $2.50 to $12 per square foot.
  • Helpful buying guides about product types, costs, installation tips.
  • Ships free samples to see tiles in person.


  • Manufactures mosaic-style porcelain and glass peel and stick tile.
  • Prices from $5 to $10 per square foot.
  • Unique and modern designs like penny round, carrara, and multi-colored options.
  • Ships free samples to try at home.

For the largest variety and tile expertise, these specialty retailers are worth exploring for your peel and stick backsplash project.

Direct from Manufacturers

In addition to big retailers, many peel and stick backsplash manufacturers also sell direct to consumers through their own online stores. Here are some top brands to check out:

Smart Tiles

  • One of the original brands of peel and stick tile since 2003.
  • Over 60 subway, brick, marble, slate, and stone designs.
  • Prices range $3.88 to $5.99 per square foot.
  • High quality vinyl material and adhesive backing.
  • Ships free samples to try for a small fee.


  • Leading US tile manufacturer with 70+ peel and stick patterns.
  • Styles include marble, travertine, ceramic, mosaic and glass.
  • Affordable prices from $1.45 to $7 per square foot.
  • Ships free samples and has 25 year residential warranty.

Stone Forever by Rust-Oleum

  • Paint and home improvement brand with 20+ textured options.
  • Realistic stone and brick visuals.
  • $4.97 to $6.97 per square foot price range.
  • Contains antimicrobial product protection.
  • 10 year residential warranty.

Purchasing directly from the source lets you take advantage of manufacturer sales promotions and warranty programs. Be sure to factor in shipping costs.

Online Marketplaces

For convenient shopping and budget prices, you can find peel and stick backsplash tiles through these major online marketplaces:


  • Largest online selection with over 500 peel and stick backsplash patterns.
  • Mix of major brands along with lesser-known options.
  • Prices from $1 to $10 per square foot.
  • Filter by color, style, price, and product rating.
  • Read customer reviews for first-hand feedback.
  • Fast shipping for Prime members. Easy returns.


  • Over 200 choices from top brands and independent sellers.
  • Affordable pricing from $3 to $8 per square foot.
  • Sort by popular styles like subway tile, brick, and marble.
  • Check seller reviews and store policies.
  • Low cost expedited shipping available.


  • Unique handmade and custom peel and stick backsplash designs.
  • Prices tend to be higher from $8 to $20 per square foot.
  • Options like embossed metal, recycled glass, engraved subway tile.
  • Support small business sellers.

The convenience of online shopping combined with the selection of a marketplace makes Amazon, eBay, and Etsy go-to spots for peel and stick backsplash tiles.

What to Look for When Buying Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles

Now that you know the top places to buy peel and stick backsplash, keep these key factors in mind as you shop:

  • Price – Compare per square foot prices across brands and retailers. Measure your space to budget accurately.
  • Quality – Look for durable vinyl with high resolution print quality. Check brand reputation and product reviews.
  • Adhesive strength – The best tiles have a strong self-adhesive that won’t wear down over time. Opt for repositionable adhesive for easier install.
  • Pattern options – Browse the wide array of colors, textures, and looks available to find your perfect style.
  • Warranty – See what level of product warranty is offered for added buyer protection.
  • Samples – Order free samples if available to view and test tiles in person.
  • Return policy – Understand the return window and process in case you need to send tiles back.

Doing a little homework goes a long way in finding the ideal peel and stick backsplash tile for your next kitchen or bathroom upgrade.

FAQs About Purchasing Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about buying peel and stick backsplash:

Where can I buy peel and stick backsplash locally?

Major home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards carry peel and stick backsplash tiles that you can easily buy in person. Local flooring and tile showrooms are another option for finding stock locally.

Which peel and stick backsplash brand is best?

Some of the top-rated brands include Smart Tiles, MSI, Art3d, Achim, Nuwallpaper, LITUS, and Renovia. Read online reviews and check warranties to determine quality.

What thickness should peel and stick backsplash tiles be?

Look for vinyl tiles between .5mm to 1mm thick. Thinner vinyl can warp over time. Thicknesses over 1mm are harder to trim and install.

Can you put peel and stick tile over existing backsplash?

In some cases yes, but the existing backsplash must be smooth, clean, and secure. Glossy surfaces need extra preparation for the adhesive to bond properly.

How long does peel and stick backsplash tile last?

With quality vinyl and proper installation on a smooth surface, peel and stick backsplash can last 3-10 years or longer before needing replacement. Higher humidity can reduce the lifespan.

Is peel and stick backsplash waterproof?

Peel and stick backsplash made from vinyl is waterproof and moisture-resistant. This prevents water damage behind sinks or appliances. Porous materials like peel and stick wallpaper may not be waterproof.

Key Takeaways

  • Popular retailers for peel and stick backsplash range from home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes to specialty tile shops like The Tile Shop.
  • Direct from manufacturer purchasing through brands like Smart Tiles and MSI provides affordable prices with product warranties.
  • Online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy offer convenience and broad selection.
  • When comparing products, look at price, quality, adhesive strength, patterns, warranties, and free samples.
  • With hundreds of peel and stick backsplash styles available, take your time browsing to find the perfect affordable solution to upgrade your kitchen or bath.

Peel and stick backsplash provides a revolutionarily easy and budget-friendly way to install a new backsplash with minimal mess or tools. This guide covers all the top sources for finding quality peel and stick tiles for your DIY kitchen or bath project. Let us know if you have any other questions about where to purchase affordable peel and stick backsplash!