White Quartz Backsplash: Sleek Beauty & Strong Durability

A white quartz backsplash can bring a sleek, contemporary beauty to any kitchen while also providing the strength and durability quartz is known for. As an engineered stone, quartz combines ground natural stone with resins and polymers to create a versatile and long-lasting material perfect for busy kitchens.

The Sleek Look of White Quartz

A white quartz backsplash makes a gorgeous statement in any kitchen. The uniform white surface reflects light beautifully, making the space appear larger and brighter. The neutral white tone allows the textures and veins of the stone to stand out.

With a polished or matte finish, white quartz has a smooth, sophisticated appearance. Unlike some natural stones, quartz lacks the gaps, fissures, and imperfections that require regular sealing and can trap food and grime. The seamless expanse of a white quartz backsplash has a refined, almost futuristic look.

The stone’s versatility also allows for stunning backsplash designs. Simple rectangular subway tiles create a sleek, linear look. Large format slabs can provide a dramatic panoramic sweep of stone. Mixed tile sizes add modern interest. Creative patterns and geometric designs are easy to achieve.

Under cabinet lighting accentuates a white quartz backsplash’s pristine angles. Paired with glossy cabinets and chrome or stainless accents, the monochromatic scheme evokes chic urban living. For soft contrast, pair white quartz with warm wood cabinetry.

No matter what design you choose, white quartz delivers a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic perfect for modern kitchens. Its neutral canvas highlights decorative tile accents and makes a stunning backdrop for dramatic colored cabinets or appliances.

Strength & Durability: Built to Last

In addition to its sleek beauty, white quartz offers exceptional durability. In fact, quartz is one of the strongest stones on the market today.

As an engineered material, quartz is designed to be more resilient than many natural options. While granite, marble or travertine can crack or stain, quartz stands up admirably to stains, scratches, chips and cracks.


  • On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, quartz rates a 7 out of 10, making it more scratch resistant than marble (3), granite (6-7) and travertine (5).
  • This extreme hardness makes quartz highly resistant to knives and pots and pans, even those with abrasive bottoms.

Stain Resistance

  • Non-porous quartz does not need to be sealed to prevent staining.
  • Its low absorption rate (0.02%) makes it impervious to stains from wine, coffee, ink, dyes and other household substances that can ruin grout or natural stone.
  • Any spills can be easily wiped away without trace.

Crack/Chip Resistance

  • Quartz’s resin binders make it flexible, minimizing the cracks and chips that can mark natural stone.
  • Thermal shock, impacts, and temperature changes rarely damage quartz surfaces.

With this unrivaled strength, quartz backsplashes retain their like-new beauty for years. They require no maintenance beyond routine cleaning. In high traffic zones like behind stoves, white quartz is an ideal choice.

White Quartz Benefits for Kitchen Backsplashes

The reasons white quartz makes an exceptional backsplash material are:

1. Durable

As detailed above, quartz offers unmatched durability. Unlike natural stone, it never needs sealing and withstands almost any kitchen mishap. New homeowners and busy families will appreciate white quartz’s indestructible nature.

2. Low Maintenance

A white quartz backsplash is easy to care for. Simple soap and water is sufficient for routine cleaning. It does not require regular sealing, polishing or special stone cleaners and conditioners. This saves homeowners time and money.

3. Stain Resistant

With a non-porous surface, white quartz resists stains remarkably well. Spaghetti sauce, coffee, wine, oil, food coloring and more can be quickly wiped away with no trace. This makes white quartz an ideal choice for messy cooks and families with young children.

4. Heat and Water Resistant

White quartz backsplashes withstand heat, steam and splashes from cooking and washing. This makes them suitable behind stoves and around sinks. Home chefs will appreciate this added durability.

5. Neutral Canvas

Clean white quartz offers a neutral backdrop that highlights colorful backsplash accents, dramatic cabinets and stainless, black or vintage appliances and hardware.

6. Contemporary Style

The uniform white surface and modern shapes of quartz tiles or slabs embody contemporary design. White quartz suits both urban lofts and modern country kitchens.

7. Flexible Designs

Quartz can be cut in virtually any shape and style, allowing creative backsplash designs. Mix different size rectangular subway tiles, intricate patterns, or large format slabs.

8. Hygienic

The non-porous surface of white quartz does not support mold or bacteria growth, making it the most hygienic option for kitchens.

9. Light Reflective

The smooth white surface beautifully reflects light, making kitchens feel open and airy. Undercabinet lighting further accentuates this brightness.

10. Eco-Friendly

As an engineered stone, quartz uses recycled materials like glass, mirror chips and natural stone fragments. This makes it an eco-friendly choice.

With this impressive list of benefits, it’s clear why white quartz is such a popular backsplash choice.

The Best White Quartz Options

If you’re considering a white quartz backsplash, these specific stones offer all the beauty, durability and design possibilities mentioned:


This leading brand offers:

  • Pure White – bright, clean and versatile
  • Blizzard – subtle grey veining
  • Frosty Carrina – delicate gray marbling
  • Empira White – whimsical pattern


Known for quality and variety, Silestone selections include:

  • White Arabesque – dramatic large-scale marble look
  • Lunar – solid bright white
  • Pearl Jasmine – vibrant white background with gray veins


Famous for matte finishes, Cambria whites feature:

  • Whitehall – utterly seamless and smooth
  • Windermere – pebbled ash white texture
  • Helmsley – swirls of silver and cream


This brand offers unique styles like:

  • Cameo – gorgeous gray and white marbling
  • Iced White – small beige and gray veins
  • White Storm – vibrant white with dark graphite veins

Design Inspiration: Stylish White Quartz Backsplashes

Ready to design your dream white quartz backsplash? Here are some gorgeous styles to inspire you:

Modern Minimalist

Create a sleek, contemporary look with large format 12” x 24” subway tiles in bright white Caesarstone. Pair with cabinets the same crisp white, and stainless accents for subtle shine. Recessed lighting highlights the beautiful stone.

Urban Loft

Using Cambria’s matte Whitehall quartz, make a bold statement with a full slab backsplash. The huge uninterrupted expanse of white is an ideal contrast to exposed brick walls and dark wood cabinets.

Rustic Charm

For cozy cottage charm, use MSI’s White Storm quartz in a mix of 4” x 12” and 16” x 16” subway tiles. The varied sizes and smoky gray veining add warm interest behind open wood shelving and vintage styled hardware.

Classic Elegance

Capture traditional beauty with Caesarstone in Frosty Carrina. The delicate gray marbling resembles timeless Carrara marble. Pair with glass-front cabinets, nickel accents, and an apron-front farmhouse sink. Elegant boxed lighting frames the stone.

Contemporary Geometric

Make a modern design statement with Silestone’s Lunar quartz fashioned in a zigzag pattern. The bright white linear design and polished finish complement sleek flat-front cabinets and stainless appliances.

Tranquil Oasis

Evoking spa-like serenity, use MSI’s Iced White quartz in a stacked ledgestone pattern. The small beige and gray veins resemble natural stone. Surround with woven wood cabinets and an exposed ceiling beam to enhance the nature-inspired look.

With white quartz’s versatility, strength and sleek good looks, you’re limited only by your imagination. Use this guide to start designing your dream kitchen backsplash today.


Is white quartz too bright for a backsplash?

Not at all. A white quartz backsplash reflects light beautifully, making any kitchen feel open and airy. The stone’s subtle veining and texture prevent it from appearing too sterile. For soft contrast, pair white quartz with wood cabinetry. Undercabinet lighting can also mute and focus the brightness.

Does white quartz stain easily?

No. With an extremely low absorption rate, quartz is non-porous and highly stain resistant. Even red wine, oil, coffee and other problematic substances wipe away cleanly with no staining. This makes white quartz an ideal choice for busy kitchens.

Is white quartz better than white marble?

White quartz generally outperforms white marble as a backsplash. It rates higher on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it more scratch resistant. Quartz also does not require regular sealing like natural marble. Most white marble varieties have some veining and irregularities that require annual sealing. White quartz offers a virtually maintenance free alternative.

Can you cut white quartz tiles to size?

Absolutely. One benefit of quartz is that it can be cut to nearly any custom size and shape. Many manufacturers sell large format slabs for this purpose. To achieve unique patterns or customized sizes, have a professional stone contractor fabricate and install your dream white quartz backsplash design.

Does white quartz get dirty easily?

No, white quartz maintains its like-new appearance for years. The non-porous surface resists absorbing grime, grease and dirt. Simple soap and water cleaning easily removes most messes. More stubborn debris can be addressed with a stone-safe cleaner and soft cloth or brush. Avoid abrasive cleaners and pads which can scratch the surface.

Is white quartz good for high traffic areas?

Yes, white quartz is an ideal choice for high traffic zones like backsplashes behind sinks and ranges. Quartz’s superior durability and stain resistance make it suitable for the splashes, spills, heat and daily wear and tear of busy kitchens. White quartz backsplashes maintain their beauty for decades with minimal maintenance.

Does quartz need a special cleaner?

No. For most cleaning, only mild soap and water are required. Quartz does not require special stone cleaners or sealants. For tough messes, a stone safe cleanser can be used sparingly. Avoid abrasive pads or cleaners that could scratch the surface.

Does white quartz smell?

No, white quartz does not absorb odors and has no detectable smell of its own. This makes it more pleasant to work with than some natural stones with strong scents from sealants and adhesives. The non-porous quartz surface naturally discourages mold, mildew and bacteria growth that cause odors.

Is white quartz affordable for backsplashes?

Quartz lands around the middle of the price range for common backsplash materials. It will cost more than ceramic tile or laminate but less than premium natural stones like marble. For the unrivaled durability and low maintenance it provides, white quartz presents an excellent value, especially given its longevity.

Does white quartz come in large backsplash slabs?

Yes. Many quartz manufacturers like Caesarstone offer large format slabs sized as large as 60” x 120”. These can be used to create a sleek, uninterrupted backsplash design. Some suppliers also offer coordinating slab sizes intended to let you match counters and backsplashes seamlessly.


With itscontemporary beauty, superior strength, and durable low maintenance nature, white quartz is a top choice for today’s kitchen backsplashes. Sleek and stylish, white quartz adds light and a minimalist modern sensibility to any space. Yet unlike fragile natural stone, quartz stands up to the mess, accidents and stress of busy kitchen life.

As an engineered material, quartz delivers the best qualities of natural stone without the downsides. A white quartz backsplash stays looking new for years. It wipes clean easily with just soap and water, without the need for regular sealing or polishing. Spills and splashes don’t stand a chance against quartz.

Versatile enough for any design style, white quartz can be mixed, matched, cut and installed to create your ideal backsplash vision. With numerous options for white tones, patterns and finishes, it makes the perfect neutral backdrop for your cabinets, appliances, accents and overall kitchen style.

For sleek contemporary beauty combined with hardcore strength and durability, white quartz truly can’t be beat. Let white quartz be the distinctive yet indestructible backdrop that sets your kitchen apart.






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