White Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware Add Sparkle with Brass Accents

Adding brass hardware to white kitchen cabinets can add a touch of glamour and vintage charm to your kitchen design. The warm metallic tones of brass provide the perfect accent against crisp, clean white cabinetry. From cabinet pulls and knobs to faucets and lighting, brass accents sparkle against the white backdrop.

Why Choose White Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware

White kitchen cabinets are a popular choice because they create a light, airy feel in the kitchen and act as a neutral backdrop that allows other elements to stand out. Pairing white cabinets with brass hardware adds stylish contrast and visual interest. Here are some key reasons to consider this combination:

  • Timeless appeal – An all-white kitchen with brass accents has a classic, enduring look that won’t go out of style. The white and brass pairing is reminiscent of vintage kitchens.
  • Pops of warmth – The shiny, golden hue of brass adds a subtle touch of warmth against the clean white cabinetry. This creates a more inviting, cozy ambiance.
  • Glamorous accent – Polished brass finishes add a hint of glamour and luxury to the space. The metallic sheen catches and reflects light beautifully.
  • Vintage character – Brass hardware nods to vintage and retro design eras in a subtle way, lending character and charm.
  • Flexible accent – Brass finishes come in a range of shades, from soft champagne to rich gold. You can choose the intensity to suit your style.
  • Easy to update – If you want to update down the road, new brass hardware can easily be swapped out without replacing cabinets.

Choosing the Right Brass Finishes

Brass hardware for kitchen cabinets comes in a variety of finishes, from darker antique brass to lighter satin brass. The finish you choose will impact the overall look and feel. Consider these popular options:

Polished Brass

Polished brass has a bright, shiny golden finish. This reflects light well and provides a very eye-catching metallic accent. Polished brass grabs attention and has a contemporary, luxurious feel.

Satin Brass

With a soft brushed texture, satin brass is not highly reflective. It has a warmer, more muted tone than polished brass. Satin brass is less bold but can have a more approachable, casual look.

Antique Brass

Antique brass has a darkened, aged patina. This finish has vintage appeal, as if the hardware has naturally developed a rich, burnished patina over time. It provides a nice bridge between new and old.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Technically a bronze rather than brass finish, oil-rubbed bronze has deep brown almost black undertones. The dark coloration creates a handsome, bold contrast against white cabinets.

Champagne Bronze

Also a bronze, champagne bronze is lighter and more golden than oil-rubbed bronze. It has vintage flair but the lighter tone works well in contemporary spaces, too.

Matte Black

For a more modern, dramatic effect, choose matte black hardware instead of brass. This high-contrast look is bold and contemporary.

Brass Hardware Styles for White Kitchen Cabinets

From simple cabinet knobs and handles to decorative pulls and accents, brass hardware comes in many styles. Consider how decorative you want to go:

Simple Knobs and Handles

For a clean, understated look, choose basic brass knobs or handles. This provides subtle metallic accents without overpowering the cabinetry. Look for smooth rounded knobs or reeded handles.

Ornate Handles and Pulls

Decorative brass pulls and handles can add a bolder, more expressive accent. Look for unique shapes, carved designs, crystal accents, faceted knobs, and other ornate details.

Slab Pulls

Brass slab pulls are an on-trend hardware choice. The wide, flat rectangular shape has a minimalist modern vibe. Position horizontally or vertically for different looks.

Cup Pulls

Brass cup pulls add a delicate touch. The small circular pull resembles a miniature drawer pull. Use in repetition for rhythmic accents.


Try distressed brass with an antique patina, keyhole pulls, decorative backplates, crystal knobs, or other vintage design elements to add old-world character.

Mixed Metals

Mixing brass with other metals like nickel or chrome can add even more visual interest. This works well in eclectic kitchens.

Choosing Placement and Scale

Where you place brass hardware and the size you choose will impact its effect:

  • For major cabinets, opt for larger 4-5 inch pulls and handles to make a statement.
  • Use smaller knobs and hardware on cabinets like above the fridge or filler panels for more delicate accents.
  • Line upper cabinets with coordinated brass hardware for a cohesive look.
  • Repeat the same hardware throughout for a unified feel or mix it up for eclecticism.
  • Position hardware vertically on some cabinets and horizontally on others to add diversity.
  • Pulls look best on drawers, while handles and knobs allow easier access on doors.

Additional Brass Accents to Consider

Beyond cabinet hardware, brass accents can be incorporated throughout the kitchen:


A brass kitchen faucet is an obvious opportunity to tie in this finish. Go for a shiny polished brass faucet or one with vintage style.

Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights above kitchen islands and seating areas are the perfect chance to add some glittery brass. Look for cylindrical shapes, brass cages, or accented shades.

Bar Stools

Brass-framed bar stools upholstered in a complementing color or material make a fabulous style statement. This adds the patina at seating level.


For open shelving, choose brass frames, rods, or brackets to continue the accent. This can help shelves feel like an integrated part of the overall design.

Range Hood

Brass range hoods come in some fun vintage-reminiscent styles, often with matching brass accents along the bottom. This ties the hood to the hardware.

Door and Window Trims

Search for brass threshold strips and window sash locks to incorporate into doors and windows. Warm metal against crisp white trim looks fantastic.


Don’t be afraid to pepper in brass accents through additional accessories like vases, trays, bowls, and canisters for display.

Design Ideas and Styles

White and brass kitchens can be designed in many different styles:

Modern and Sleek

For a contemporary look, pair the white cabinets with simple brass bar pulls or handles. Add in a few key brass accents for metallic pops. Keep countertops and backsplashes clean and unfussy.

Vintage Chic

Make it vintage-inspired with distressed white cabinets, antique brass hardware, open shelving, farmhouse sink, subway tile, and pendant lights. Include vintage accessories.


Choose high-gloss white lacquer cabinets and polished brass hardware. Glass cabinet fronts, mirrored backsplash, and crystal lighting amp up the glamour. Add lux details like glass doorknobs.


With white shaker-style cabinets, oil-rubbed bronze hardware, butcher block counters, and brass accents, you can create a cozy farmhouse feel. Rustic wood open shelves with brass brackets boost the style.


Industrial designs pair white cabinets with matte black hardware and brass accents. Exposed ductwork, metal barstools, and factory-style pendants add to the aesthetic.


For highly personalized kitchens, don’t be afraid to mix brass finishes like polished brass, satin nickel, antique bronze, and chrome together for an eclectic mismatched look.

Things to Consider When Designing Your Space

  • What is your overall design style – modern, traditional, retro? Select brass finishes and hardware shapes to coordinate.
  • Do you prefer a subtle metallic accent or a really bold, eye-catching statement? This will determine things like finish and hardware size/style.
  • Is there another metal, like chrome or nickel, already present in lighting or appliances? Tie it together with oil-rubbed bronze or champagne brass.
  • How does the brass tie in with other kitchen elements – floors, countertops, backsplashes? Make sure it complements.
  • Does the brass connect to nearby living spaces? If so, repeat brass accents for continuity.

FAQs About White and Brass Kitchen Designs

Should all the brass finishes match?

Matching brass finishes creates a unified, cohesive look. However, mixing finishes can be eclectic and fun if done intentionally and in moderation. Using just one or two secondary finishes avoids looking haphazard.

Is polished or satin brass better?

This comes down to personal preference and your overall design style. Polished brass makes the boldest metallic statement. Satin is more subtle while still adding a touch of glamour.

How do you clean brass hardware finishes?

Use a soft cloth with a mild cleaner and avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives. For polished brass, mineral oil helps maintain the shine. For maintenance-free lacquered brass, just use soap and water.

Will brass hardware discolor or tarnish over time?

Unpolished, unlacquered brass can tarnish but is easily restored with brass polish. Protected finishes like polished or lacquered brass resist tarnishing for years. Oil-rubbed and antique finishes are meant to patina further.

Should I match cabinet and drawer hardware?

Yes, for the most cohesive look, match pulls and handles throughout. Mixing drawer and door hardware styles in the same kitchen can look disjointed unless done intentionally for an eclectic style.

What is the best placement for brass hardware on cabinets?

Generally, pulls look best on drawers and handles or knobs on doors. Pulls should be placed horizontally in the center of the drawer front. Handles and knobs typically go vertically offset around a third from the top.

Bringing White and Brass Kitchens to Life

White kitchen cabinets with brass hardware can create kitchens brimming with style, warmth, and vintage appeal. For the most impact, integrate brass finishes throughout the space – on lighting, fixtures, accessories and more. Pay attention to the styles and placements of hardware for maximum effect. With the right combination of finishes, shapes, and details, you can design a striking and timeless white and brass kitchen that truly sparkles.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware Add Sparkle with Brass Accents

White kitchen cabinets paired with brass hardware and accents can create a beautiful, timeless look for your kitchen. The crisp, clean white provides an ideal backdrop for the warm, glittering tones of brass. Whether aiming for a modern, glamorous, or vintage aesthetic, this is a combination that brings stylish impact.

When designing your own white and brass kitchen, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

Choosing Complimentary Finishes

Brass hardware comes in a range of finishes – from antiqued brass with a darker, more burnished look to polished brass with gleaming shine. Consider the overall look you want to achieve. Antiqued brass has more vintage flair, while polished brass feels sleek and contemporary. Match finishes throughout the kitchen for harmony.

The Style of Hardware Matters

Beyond the finish, the actual style of hardware makes a statement. Slab pulls in brass have a minimalist look, while more ornate handles with crystal accents or cast metal shapes provide drama. Ensure the hardware complements your kitchen style.

Placement and Scale Impact the Look

Strategic hardware placement also enhances the overall look. Use larger pulls on main cabinets, and smaller knobs for accent. Aligning handles vertically or horizontally makes a difference too.

Expand the Brass Accents

Carry brass beyond just cabinet hardware for maximum impact. Brass pendant lights, barstool frames, kitchen faucets, and trim accents expand the look. Vintage brass kitchen hoods or shelves on brass brackets boost the style.

Tie in Nearby Spaces

For cohesion, echo brass finishes from the kitchen into surrounding rooms. Add brass sconces, door handles, and furniture accents in dining rooms or entrances to pull the look together.

The beauty of a white and brass kitchen is the timeless, classic elegance it brings. For a touch of vintage modern glamour that catches the eye, brass accents against crisp white cabinets is a combination that truly sparkles.

Common Questions About White and Brass Kitchens

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about incorporating brass hardware and accents in white kitchen designs:

What brass finish works best with white cabinets?

Polished brass, satin brass, and champagne bronze all pair beautifully with white. Polished brass is the most reflective for maximum sparkle. Satin is more subtle. Darker antique brass also creates bold contrast.

Should the brass hardware match throughout?

Yes, choosing the same finish and style of hardware throughout the kitchen creates consistency. Mixing unmatched brass finishes risks looking disjointed.

Where should you use brass accents beyond hardware?

Some recommended ways to add extra brass accents include: pendant lights over an island or table, brass brackets for open shelving, barstool frames, the kitchen faucet, window sash locks, and cabinet/drawer interior organizational fittings.

What other metals pair well with brass?

Brass combines nicely with chrome or nickel accents. Brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze also complement brass. Just stick to one or two secondary metals. Too many looks chaotic.

How do you clean and care for brass hardware?

Use a soft cloth with mild soap and water to clean brass hardware. Avoid abrasive cleaners. For polished finishes, mineral oil helps maintain the shine. Lacquered brass resists tarnish, so just soap and water works.

Will brass hardware discolor over time?

Brass can tarnish but it’s easily fixed with brass polish. Lacquered polished brass avoids this issue. The vintage-look darkened antique brass is meant to patina and age. Keeping brass dry helps prevent discoloration.

Should pulls or knobs be used on white cabinets?

Cabinet pulls often look best on drawers for easy opening. For cabinet doors, handles or knobs allow clearer access. Mixing pulls and knobs can also add diversity. Personal preference applies too.

By thoughtfully selecting brass accents against clean white cabinetry, it’s possible to create a stunning and timeless white and brass kitchen design. From minimalist modern to ornate vintage flair, this is one kitchen combination guaranteed to dazzle.


White kitchen cabinets with brass hardware add a touch of warmth, glamour and vintage character to a kitchen. Brass finishes like polished, satin and antique brass pair beautifully with crisp white, adding gorgeous metallic accents. Beyond just cabinet hardware, incorporating brass into lighting, fixtures and accessories creates a cohesive and dazzling look.

When designing a white and brass kitchen, pay attention to the finishes and styles of hardware selected, as well as placement and scale for optimal visual impact. Tie the look together with brass accents like pendant lights, faucets, window hardware and more. This timeless kitchen combo never fails to bring sparkle and style to a space.

With the right choices, you can create either a minimalist modern white and brass kitchen, or go for full-on ornate vintage flair. Whatever your preferred design style, this is a pairing sure to make your kitchen shine for years to come.






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