White and Gold Backsplash Create Stylish and Luxurious Appeal

A white and gold backsplash can add a touch of elegance and luxury to any kitchen. The contrasting colors work together to create a look that is both stylish and timeless. While white backsplashes are popular for their clean, bright look, integrating metallic gold accents can take the design to the next level. From shimmering tiles to bold hardware, there are many ways to incorporate this striking color combo into your backsplash design.

Benefits of Choosing a White and Gold Backsplash

There are many advantages to choosing a white and gold backsplash for your kitchen:

Timeless Appeal

A white and gold backsplash is a classic color combination that will never go out of style. The white provides a fresh, clean backdrop that can work with any cabinetry or countertops. Meanwhile, the gold adds a touch of glamour and luxury. This timeless look will stay beautiful for years to come.

Brightens the Space

The white background reflects light and helps make the kitchen feel open and airy. It creates the illusion of a larger space, even in a small or dark kitchen. This brightening effect pairs nicely with the warm, golden accents.


A white and gold backsplash is versatile enough to match any décor style. It can work equally well in traditional, contemporary, or eclectic kitchens. The white keeps the look light and neutral so you can accessorize with different colors and materials. The metallic gold adds interest and becomes a focal point.

Luxurious Feel

Gold naturally emits luxury and opulence. Integrating golden tones, whether bold or subtle, instantly elevates the overall aesthetic. The white background prevents the gold from feeling overly ornate or showy. Together, they create an upscale look and feel.

Easy to Clean

A smooth white backsplash is easy to wipe down and keep clean. The glossy finish prevents stains from setting in. This practicality balances out the elegant appeal of the gold accents.

Design Ideas for a White and Gold Backsplash

When planning your white and gold backsplash design, there are a few routes you can take:

Metallic Gold Tiles

For a bold, dramatic statement, use metallic gold tiles against the white background. Glass, ceramic, or porcelain tiles in shimmering gold hues work beautifully. They catch and reflect the light. Cluster them together in a focal area or sprinkle them throughout for pops of glamour.

White backsplash with random gold tiles

Gold tiles add pops of drama and luxury against the white backsplash.

Gold Mosaic Tiles

Tiny mosaic tiles are a great way to incorporate gold detailing. The small scale creates a subtle overall effect but up close reveals beautiful shimmering patterns. Mix white and gold mosaics or use gold just along the edges or in decorative strips.

White and gold mosaic tile backsplash

Gold mosaic tiles border this white backsplash for a hint of luxury.

Metal Gold Accents

For a more understated look, add metallic gold accents against the white. This can be done through gold-framed mirrors or sconces, gold hardware like the faucet and handles, or decorative gold shelves. Copper can provide a similar warm, luxe feel at a lower price point.

White kitchen backsplash with gold accents

Strategically placed gold accents amp up the style of this white backsplash.

Gold Geometric Patterns

Use gold lines, geometric shapes, or angular patterns against the white to create visual interest. Triangles, chevrons, herringbone, or moroccan patterns in metallic gold make the backsplash into a work of art.

Herringbone gold and white backsplash

A herringbone gold design makes a statement against the clean white background.

Mix White and Gold Tiles

You can also opt for backsplash tiles that incorporate both white and gold elements together. For example, choose tiles with white backgrounds and thin gold detailing or white subway tiles with intermittent gold stripes. This creates a more cohesive look rather than starkly contrasting tiles.

Tile Options for a White and Gold Backsplash

There are many great tile options to achieve the white and gold backsplash look:

Metallic Glass Tiles

Glass tiles coated in a metallic finish offer high shine and reflection. They capture light beautifully and feel ultra glamorous. Glass is also very durable and easy to clean.

Ceramic or Porcelain

For a more matte finish, choose ceramic or porcelain tiles in white and gold hues. These provide an elegant, subtle sheen and mimic materials like marble and granite. Porcelain is naturally water-resistant.

Travertine or Marble

Natural stone like travertine and marble can be an upscale yet earthy material choice. Veining in the stone can provide gold detailing against white backgrounds. Hone these materials for a glossy, reflective surface.

Subway Tiles

Classic white 3×6 subway tiles updated with shimmering gold grout lines or accents create a timeless yet fresh backsplash look. The rectangular shape lends itself to stacking designs.

Mosaic Tiles

Tiny mosaic tiles allow you to create intricate gold patterns and designs against the white background. They can be made from various materials like glass, porcelain, or natural stone.

Metal Tiles

For true metallic gold, choose backsplash tiles made from materials like stainless steel or tin. These reflect light beautifully and emulate the look of jewelry on the wall.

Ideal Placement for White and Gold Backsplash Tiles

When designing your dream white and gold backsplash, consider the most eye-catching placement for the gold elements:

Behind the Stove

The space surrounding your stove and vent hood is prime real estate for a statement backsplash. Place dazzling gold tiles or detailed gold patterns here to catch the eye.

Around Windows

Frame windows and doors with a bold gold tile border or detailed trim. This showcases the light streaming in through the windows.

In the Niche

If your kitchen has a backsplash niche for storing spices and cookbooks, make this area a focal point. Use dramatic gold tiles or glass accents here against the white backdrop.

Near Countertops

Drawing the gold tiles downward to align near the countertops and/or uppers helps ground the look. The gold feels integrated rather than random.

Full Spread

You can also opt to spread gold tiles evenly across the entire backsplash area for a cohesive look. Use sparser distribution against busier countertops.

White and Gold Backsplash Ideas by Design Style

The white and gold backsplash combo can work with any design style with the right execution:

Modern Kitchens

In modern spaces, opt for sleek and glossy gold glass or ceramic wall tiles paired with stone or quartz countertops. Use gold to make linear patterns or clean borders.

Sleek white and gold modern backsplash

Glossy subway tiles and simple gold accents keep this modern backsplash looking sleek.

Rustic Kitchens

For rustic spaces, use reclaimed wood shelves or beams and earthy touches like marble. The white prevents gold mosaic tiles or metal gold accents from feeling overly ornate.

Rustic kitchen with white and gold backsplash

Natural materials, like wood and marble, balance the glamour of this rustic backsplash.

Traditional Kitchens

In traditional kitchens, white subway tiles paired with gold grout or trim and antique brass hardware will fit right in. Fluted columns, crown molding, and chandeliers enhance the elegance.

Traditional white kitchen with gold backsplash accents

The subway tiles and gold accents in this traditional kitchen are timeless and elegant.

Eclectic Kitchens

For an eclectic look, don’t be afraid to mix metal finishes like oil-rubbed bronze and polished brass with the white and gold. Moroccan-inspired tile patterns also work well.

Eclectic white and gold kitchen backsplash

This eclectic backsplash mixes patterns, shapes, and metal finishes for personalized style.

No matter your overall kitchen design, there is a way to implement a white and gold backsplash that enhances the space beautifully.

Pairing Countertops and Cabinets with a White and Gold Backsplash

The countertops and cabinets paired with a white and gold backsplash make a big impact. Here are some recommended combinations:

White Countertops

For a seamless look, install white countertops like quartz. The subtle pattern and veining add interest while matching the backsplash.

Black Countertops

Black granite, soapstone, or quartz countertops beautifully contrast the brightness of a white and gold backsplash. This creates a striking, upscale look.

Butcher Block Countertops

The warmth of wood countertops offsets the sleek colors of the backsplash. Butcher block also provides opportunities to integrate reclaimed wood shelves or cutting boards.

Marble or Granite Slabs

Elegant materials like marble, granite, and travertine enhance the high-end aesthetic of a white and gold backsplash. Keep colors cool to contrast the warm gold tones.

White Cabinets

White upper and lower cabinets keep the kitchen feeling fresh, bright, and spacious. Shaker-style cabinets with recessed panels pair nicely.

Gray Cabinets

Soft gray or greige cabinets offer a subtle contrast from the backsplash while still feeling light and neutral.

Black Cabinets

For a more dramatic, moody aesthetic, install matte black cabinets against the white and gold backsplash. Glossy black can feel too high contrast.

Wood Stain Cabinets

Richer wood stain cabinets bring warmth and balance to the look. Opt for white countertops alongside the gold backsplash to prevent heaviness.

No matter if your cabinets are white, black, gray, or wood, the white and gold backsplash will pop beautifully and feel integrated.

Ideas to Complete the Look

Finish off your elegant white and gold backsplash with these final touches:

  • Gold kitchen faucet – An eye-catching gold faucet anchors the look of the backsplash. Go for polished brass or champagne bronze.
  • Ornate light fixtures – For drama, install a sparkling chandelier or sculptural gold sconces flanking the backsplash.
  • Crown molding – Crown molding trimmed in gold leaf echoes the luxurious appeal of the backsplash.
  • Marble backsplash accent – A marble insert above the stove provides an earthy contrast to the brightness of white tiles.
  • Frosted glass cabinets – Softened glass fronts on upper cabinets allow light to permeate and reflect off the backsplash.
  • Warm wood open shelving – Open wood shelving facing the backsplash makes the gold details pop.
  • Pendant lights – Hanging gold dome lights directly over the sink or island enhance the glow of the backsplash.
  • Metallic barstools – Bold gold and brass barstools complement the backsplash aesthetic.

With the right supporting design choices and finishes, your white and gold backsplash will wow as the focal point of your luxurious, elegant kitchen.

FAQs About White and Gold Backsplashes

What color cabinets go best with a white and gold backsplash?

White, gray, black, and wood cabinets all pair beautifully with a white and gold backsplash. Choose based on your overall preferred design aesthetic. For white and gold backsplashes, both light and dark cabinet colors work well.

What kind of countertop looks good with a white and gold backsplash?

White, gray, black, marble, butcher block, and natural stone countertops like granite complement these backsplashes. Keep countertops either light like white quartz or with dark veining to contrast the brightness.

What sheen tile is best for a white and gold backsplash?

Glossy or polished tiles showcase the shimmer and metallic nature of gold accents best. However, a mix of finishes, like marble subway tile with glass mosaic insets also looks great.

Should the entire backsplash be white and gold tiles?

You can cover the entire backsplash area with coordinating white and gold tiles for a cohesive effect. However, using gold only as accents against a white background creates more contrast and visual interest.

What about dark grout lines with white and gold tile?

Dark grout provides contrast and makes the gold pop more. But white grout lines allow light to reflect and make the tiles appear larger. Decide based on how much drama you prefer.

Can you use faux metals like bronze instead of real gold?

Absolutely. Finishes like bronze, brass, copper, and champagne metal provide a similar warm, glamorous effect for less cost. Mixing real and faux metals also works.

Is natural stone suitable for a white and gold backsplash?

Yes, materials like marble, travertine and limestone with white backgrounds and subtle gold veining are beautiful for these backsplashes. Hone them for more shine.

What about using vinyl backsplash instead of tile?

Peel-and-stick vinyl backsplash sheets offer an affordable alternative way to get this high-end look. Choose textured vinyl tiles for a more realistic look. Use care when cleaning.

Bring Luxurious Appeal to Your Kitchen

A white and gold backsplash is a timeless yet glamorous choice to elevate your kitchen’s style. Against the clean white backdrop, shimmering gold accents create visual drama and a sophisticated look full of charm and character. Integrating these two classic colors provides the perfect balance of elegance and luxury.

With the right tile materials, placement, and supporting décor, this backsplash can anchor your dream kitchen design. Enjoy the light-reflecting brightness of white paired with dazzling gold shine. Let this fusion fill your cooking space with upscale flair and beauty for years to come. Any of the suggested combinations and arrangements in this guide can help you achieve the stylish, opulent kitchen of your dreams.






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