Where to Buy Glass Sheet Backsplash

Glass sheet backsplashes can completely transform the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom. With so many colors, textures, and styles to choose from, glass backsplashes are a gorgeous way to add personality to any space. But with so many options on the market, where should you look to buy glass sheet backsplash tiles or panels? This definitive guide will walk you through the best places to purchase glass backsplash and what to look for when shopping.

Purchasing Glass Sheet Backsplash at Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement mega-stores like Home Depot and Lowes offer an excellent selection of glass sheet backsplash tiles and panels. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing glass backsplash at one of these major retailers:

  • Convenience – With hundreds of locations across the country, a home improvement store is likely convenient to visit. You can see and touch the glass tiles in person before purchasing.
  • Affordable pricing – As mass retailers, home improvement stores can offer very competitive pricing on backsplash materials. Sales and specials often make tiles even more budget-friendly.
  • Variety – Major home improvement stores carry hundreds of backsplash styles. You can find an array of colors, materials, sizes, and designs all in one place.
  • Knowledgeable assistance – Store employees can be very helpful in assisting you to pick the perfect backsplash and advising on installation needs.

Some things to keep in mind when purchasing a glass sheet backsplash at a home improvement store:

  • Selection can differ by location, so call ahead to ensure they have the styles you want.
  • Measure carefully, as special ordering extra tiles later can be difficult.
  • Hire a professional installer, as DIY glass backsplash can be challenging.

But overall, home improvement stores offer exceptional one-stop shopping convenience for top brand backsplash materials at affordable prices.

Top Glass Backsplash Tile Brands at Home Improvement Stores

Some of the top premium glass backsplash brands carried at Home Depot, Lowes, and similar stores include:

  • Merola Tile: Stylish, artisan-crafted glass and metal backsplashes in beautiful designs.
  • Ivy Hill Tile: Unique shapes and textures in recycled glass tiles. Environmentally friendly.
  • Jeffrey Court: Elegant mosaic and linear glass tiles for a glamorous look.
  • Emser Tile: Luxurious handcrafted glass in vibrant colors and patterns.
  • Susan Jablon: High-end mosaics and mixed media blends with glass.
  • Crossville: Durable, sustainable glass backsplash made from recycled materials.

Be sure to comparison shop between a few home improvement stores, as inventory and pricing can vary. Also look for any sales or promotions on tile brands to maximize value.

Purchasing Glass Backsplash at a Tile Showroom

For an expanded selection beyond the standard big box stores, visit a local tile showroom. These specialty retailers offer a few advantages for purchasing glass backsplash:

  • Extensive choices – A huge range of tile brands, colors, styles, and materials all in one showroom. Massive selection.
  • Unique and custom designs – Tile showrooms often carry more unique artisan, handmade, and custom glass backsplash not found in large chains.
  • High-end materials – From marble to metallic to iridescent glass tiles, showrooms feature more premium, designer backsplashes.
  • Expert guidance – Showroom employees have extensive tile knowledge and can provide valuable advice on picking the perfect backsplash.
  • Coordinated materials – Showrooms allow you to match your backsplash seamlessly with countertops, floors, and other finishes.

However, tile showrooms can have a few drawbacks to consider as well:

  • Higher prices – With more exotic inventory, expect to pay more for backsplash at a tile showroom versus big box.
  • Limited locations – Showrooms are less common than national retail chains, so finding one nearby may require a drive.
  • Better for splurges – The high-end materials may exceed budget backsplash projects unless you plan to splurge.

For the greatest selection or if seeking a statement designer backsplash, a showroom is likely the best source. Just be prepared for the expanded choices and higher price points.

Top Glass Backsplash Brands at Tile Showrooms

Some of the top glass backsplash brands found at specialty tile showrooms include:

  • Ann Sacks – Exquisite handmade and designer glass mosaics often with precious metals and stones.
  • Walker Zanger – Elegant and sophisticated glass collections for luxury kitchens.
  • Sonoma Tilemakers – Artisan glass backsplashes in bold patterns and vivid colors.
  • Oceanside Glass & Tile – Recycled glass and sea glass backsplashes in organic designs.
  • Villi – Modern, minimalist glass subway tiles and mosaics.
  • Fireclay Tile – Handcrafted, environmentally sustainable glass tiles.

The best approach is to visit a few local showrooms, discuss your project with their experts, and review all the beautiful options in person. This allows you to hand select the perfect glass backsplash.

Purchasing Glass Backsplash Online

Beyond physical stores, the internet opens up a vast world of online glass backsplash options. Here are some perks to buying glass sheet backsplash tile online:

  • Global selection – Access virtually limitless types and styles of glass tiles from around the world. Not restricted by local inventory.
  • Convenience – Products ships directly to your door so no trips to multiple stores needed. Easy.
  • Discounts – Online retailers tend to offer lower prices by passing wholesale savings direct to consumers.
  • Large quantities – For bigger projects, purchasing all your tiles in bulk online can yield cost savings.
  • Comparison shopping – Easily view and compare numerous products and pricing at different e-commerce sites.

Just keep a few online buying considerations in mind:

  • Carefully review return policies in case any tiles arrive damaged.
  • Be extremely precise with measurements to allow for an accurate order amount.
  • Have a professional installer pick out any defective tiles and make repairs if needed.

As long as you accurately measure and order extra tiles as a buffer, buying glass sheet backsplash online can be a great experience. Take advantage of the huge global selection and potential savings.

Top Online Retailers for Purchasing Glass Backsplash

Here are some of the most recommended online retailers for buying top quality glass backsplash tile:

  • Wayfair – Massive selection of glass sheet and mosaic backsplash at great prices. Easy ordering.
  • TileBar – Curated artisan and designer glass backsplash tiles. Helpful customer service.
  • Overstock – Big discounts on closeout and overstock glass tile, panels, and murals.
  • eTile – Wide variety of premium glass backsplashes from leading brands.
  • BuildDirect – Budget-friendly pricing on their own proprietary glass backsplash lines.
  • Tileshop – Huge in-stock selection of glass subway, mosaic, and linear tiles.
  • Amazon – Convenience of glass backsplash bundled with easy Prime shipping. Watch sizing though.

Any of these trusted online tile retailers are great options for purchasing beautiful glass backsplash delivered right to your home. Compare styles and pricing to get the perfect look at the best deal.

What to Look for When Buying Glass Backsplash

Once you’ve selected the ideal retailer, focus on choosing the perfect glass backsplash by considering these factors:


  • Mosaic glass tiles – Small tiles in varied shapes creating ornate patterns.
  • Subway glass tiles – Rectangular tiles in uniform grid patterns.
  • Linear glass tiles – Long narrow tiles with clean parallel lines.
  • Sheet glass panels – Seamless panels for minimalist contemporary look.

Choose the style that aligns best with your design vision.

Color & Texture

  • Clear or opaque – Level of glass transparency.
  • Iridescent or frosted – Specialty glass finishes adding visual interest.
  • Recycled or sea glass – For organic, eco-friendly textures.
  • Metallic glass – Infused with shiny metals like copper, gold, or silver.

Pick colors and textures that are dramatic, soothing, or beautifully complement the space.

Size & Shape

  • Mosaic: 1/2” to 2” sized tiles for intricate arrangements.
  • Subway and linear: 3” to 6” tiles to convey sleek, simple lines.
  • Sheet panels: Sized to order for full walls without seams.

Measure carefully and buy extra tiles for any customized cuts, repairs, or future needs.

Brand & Quality

  • Premium brands – Higher cost but ensure top caliber materials that look stunning and last.
  • Budget brands – More affordable but may sacrifice some durability or aesthetic appeal.

Carefully balance desired quality with costs that fit your budget constraints. Don’t sacrifice too much beauty or longevity to save money.

By evaluating all these factors, you’ll select the ideal glass backsplash to match your vision, needs, and style perfectly.

How Much Does Glass Sheet Backsplash Cost?

The cost of a glass backsplash can range significantly based on:

  • Tile size – Small mosaics cost more due to extensive grout and labor requirements. Larger tiles or sheet panels install faster, so they are more budget-friendly.
  • Glass type – Specialty recycled, sea glass, and designer glass tiles add cost versus basic transparent options. Iridescent and frosted finishes are also pricier.
  • Color variations – Multicolored mosaic patterns take more time and skill to install correctly, increasing price. Solid colored tiles in basic hues are most affordable.
  • Customization – Ordering custom sized sheet panels or specialty tile shapes often involves added fees. Standard sized, in-stock tiles keep costs down.
  • Pattern intricacy – Elaborate mosaic designs require meticulous installation and grouting, elevating pricing over basic linear layouts.
  • Labor costs – Professional installation is advisable for glass backsplash, so factor in installer rates for your area which can vary.

On average, expect to invest $25-50 per square foot for glass backsplash installed. Premium glass tiles from upscale brands can run $75-100+ per square foot. Compare retailer quotes to find the best value for your budget.

Should I Install Glass Backsplash Myself or Hire a Pro?

While DIY backsplash installation is possible, glass tiles introduce some unique challenges. The translucent tiles show any unevenness underneath, so the substrate surface must be completely smooth and level. Cutting glass requires special wet saws and precision. Grout joints need consistent widths and smoothing.

Benefits of hiring a backsplash installation professional include:

  • Expertise working with glass – Pros have experience with the specialized tools and handling delicate tiles.
  • Precision cutting skills – Glass tiles require perfectly straight edges for clean lines. A pro can cut even difficult shapes.
  • Smooth substrate preparation – Contractors properly prep the surface and address any problem areas for flawless finished look.
  • Grout mastery – Grouting glass tiles neatly while avoiding scratching the surface demands skill and finesse.
  • Aligned layouts – The translucent glass makes any crooked rows glaringly obvious. Pros ensure straight layouts.
  • Efficient installation – Experienced contractors install backsplash faster and handle any surprises skillfully.

While pro installation adds cost, the results will be a stunning glass backsplash installed correctly from start to finish.

Glass Backsplash Installation Tips

If installing glass backsplash yourself, follow these best practices:

  • Use a high quality moisture resistant backer board substrate like Durock or Hardiebacker cement board.
  • Take extra time to ensure the substrate surface is perfectly smooth, flat, and primed. Any imperfections will show through glass tile.
  • Use a specialized wet saw with a diamond blade designed to cut glass cleanly and precisely.
  • Wear safety goggles when cutting to protect eyes from glass splinters or water spray. Work carefully.
  • Use tile spacers between each tile to maintain even grout line widths for consistency.
  • Only apply enough adhesive mortar to spread what can be covered with tiles within about 15 minutes before adhesive dries. Work in sections.
  • Gently scrape any adhesive off the tile surface immediately using a damp cloth or sponge before it dries. Keep tiles clean.
  • Allow tile adhesive to fully cure for 48-72 hours before applying grout. Follow product instructions.
  • Use unsanded grout for glass mosaics to avoid scratching the delicate tile surfaces. Use grout release or sealer to make cleaning easier.
  • Grout and clean small sections at a time following product directions. Rinse sponges frequently using two buckets of clean water.

With careful preparation, precision cutting skills, patience, and persistence, you may be able to DIY a beautiful glass backsplash successfully. But don’t be afraid to call in a pro if the project becomes overwhelming or results are unsatisfactory. The cost will be worth achieving the perfect end product.

Maintaining and Cleaning Glass Backsplash

One advantage of glass backsplash is that it’s relatively easy to keep clean and well maintained. Follow these tips:

  • Use a gentle cleaner specifically formulated for glass tile like GranQuartz Glass & Surface Cleaner or Aqua Mix Concentrated Tile Cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • For daily cleaning, spray a microfiber cloth with cleaner instead of directly spraying the backsplash. This prevents excessive moisture from seeping into seams.
  • Rinse backsplash thoroughly with clean water and dry completely after cleaning.
  • Vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and ammonia-free glass cleaner can safely tackle tougher messes. Rinse thoroughly after use.
  • Avoid abrasive scrubbers, brushes or sponges that could scratch or damage the glossy finish. Use soft cloths instead.
  • Re-apply grout sealer periodically as recommended by manufacturer to protect from stains and moisture damage.

With proper care, a glass backsplash will maintain its striking beauty for many years before ever needing replacement. Enjoy the low maintenance brilliance!

Gorgeous Glass Backsplash Design Ideas

Beyond the gorgeous materials, purchasing decisions, and proper installation, choosing the right backsplash design ensures your new glass tile backsplash enhances your kitchen or bath aesthetic. Consider these beautiful and functional backsplash design ideas:

Mix Glass Tile Shapes and Sizes

Combining complementary shaped tiles like circles and squares, or small and large tiles, adds appealing visual interest to a backsplash layout. Contrasting tile sizes also allows you to get creative with patterns. Just ensure proper grout lines align.

Stack Linear Subway Tiles Vertically

Stacking longer rectangular subway tiles vertically draws the eyes up and conveys a sleek, contemporary look. Coordinate with cabinetry lines for a cohesive feel.

Use Accent Border Tiles

Frame the outer edges of your backsplash installation with border tiles in a contrasting color or finish. Borders beautifully define the space and enhance adjoining countertops or walls.

Intersperse Glass with Natural Stone or Metal

Combine glass tile with other textures like pebbles, stone, or metal. This adds depth and makes the glass gleam beautifully.

Install a Focal Point Medallion

Creating a central focal point with ornate medallion tile design instantly livens up a simple installation. Radiating subway tiles outward from a stunning centerpiece creates a striking look.

Vary Color in Geometric Patterns

Use glass tiles in different hues to create geometric designs like zigzags, diamonds, herringbones, or concentric rectangles spreading color and visual energy.

Mimic Countertop Finishes

Select glass tile colors and textures that complement adjacent countertops and cabinets to unify the whole space seamlessly. This expands countertops visually.

Zone Task Areas with Color

Use glass mosaics tiles in varying shades to define kitchen workspace zones for food prep, cooking, and clean up. Intuitive and pretty!

Install Illuminated Border Lighting

Install LED lighting strips along top or bottom backsplash borders to provide soft ambient light against the illuminated glass tiles. Dramatic effect!

The design options with glass backsplash tiles are nearly endless. Visit showrooms and browse online galleries to discover inspiring ideas before finalizing your dream design. Then relax and enjoy your gorgeous new glass focal point!

Glass Backsplash FAQs

Still have some lingering questions about purchasing and installing a glass backsplash? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is glass backsplash hard to install?

Glass tile does present some challenges, like perfectly smoothing the substrate and precision cutting. Hiring a pro is advisable for most homeowners unless you are very skilled with tile.

Does glass backsplash need to be sealed?

Glass doesn’t require sealing itself, but you should apply grout sealer periodically to protect from moisture and stains penetrating the grout over time.

Can you put glass backsplash in the shower?

Tempered glass tile specifically designed for wet wall use can withstand shower conditions. Use 100% silicone adhesive and epoxy grout for water resistance.

Does glass backsplash match granite countertops?

Yes, glass tiles pair beautifully with granite countertops. Select colors in the glass that complement the granite tones. Add some granite accents in a complementary shape or border.

Is glass backsplash expensive?

Prices vary widely but expect to spend $25-50 per square foot installed for glass backsplash tile. Premium designer glass, intricate mosaics, and large custom panels reach $75-100+ per square foot.

How long does glass backsplash last?

Top quality glass backsplash tile should last at least 15-25 years or more with proper installation and maintenance.

With a better understanding