Where to Buy Cheap Backsplash Tile


Installing a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom can instantly upgrade the look and feel of the space. However, backsplash tile can be expensive, especially for large areas. The good news is there are plenty of options for beautiful, affordable tiles if you know where to look. With some savvy shopping and clever design tricks, you can find cheap backsplash tile that still provides the wow-factor you want.

Where to Find Discount Backsplash Tile

Big Box Home Improvement Stores

Popular home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes offer backsplash tile at reasonable prices. Look for sales or clearance sections for the best deals. You can often find discontinued or overstock tile for 30-50% off regular prices. Stores will also run periodic sales on tile and installation products that can yield great savings.

Big box stores also carry their own exclusive brands of tile that cost less than premium name brands. While quality varies, house brands like Home Decorators Collection from Home Depot or Style Selections from Lowes can be suitable for backsplashes while costing much less.

Tile Outlets

Look for tile-specific retailers that offer discounts on surplus, discontinued, or slightly imperfect tiles. Many outlet-style stores sell name brand tiles for a fraction of the cost.

For example, Tile Bar and Overstock Backsplash Tile offer discounted pricing on quality tile from top manufacturers. The selection changes regularly based on availability, so check back often for new deals.

Home Improvement Discount Stores

Stores like Floor & Decor and Habitat for Humanity ReStores sell discounted tile among other home goods. The selections may not be as expansive as a tile showroom, but the savings can be significant.

Again, check back regularly for evolving inventory. If you have a specific tile in mind, call the store ahead to check availability.

Online Retailers

Ordering tile online opens up all kinds of money-saving possibilities. Online-only retailers like Wayfair, eTiles, and Tileshop offer everyday low pricing on tile, especially when buying in bulk.

Amazon and eBay are go-to sources for super cheap tile as well. Be sure to read reviews carefully when purchasing tile sight unseen, and order a sample if possible.

Many virtual retailers also have overstock or discounted sections where you can scoop up even lower prices on quality tile.

Buying Strategies for Affordable Tile

Beyond where you shop, employing certain purchasing strategies can help lower the cost of backsplash tile:

Buy in Bulk

Buying tile by the box rather than individually can lead to dramatic savings. Big box stores and online retailers offer the best bulk pricing. Go in with neighbors for an even better deal.

Mix and Match

Choose one higher priced focal tile for the center, then surround it with inexpensive accent tile. This technique stretches your tile budget further.

Choose Smaller or Mosaic Tiles

Smaller tiles mean you need less to cover the same space, lowering material costs. Mosaic sheets are also economical.

Select Stock Colors and Sizes

Opt for low-demand colors and sizes most stores stock rather than custom options. Popular whites and beiges are typically value-priced.

Shop End of Season Sales

Look for tiles on clearance nearing the end of summer or winter. Retailers tend to discount seasonal items like coastal blues or warm cranberry hues.

Reuse Scraps

Use leftover bits from previous jobs or salvage unwanted tiles from thrift stores to get tile for free. Great for mosaics or eclectic designs.

Budget-Friendly Tile Materials

Along with shopping smart, choosing affordable tile materials to begin with will result in a cheaper project:


Durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, porcelain tile offers style at a lower price point than natural stone. Mosaics and smaller sizes keep costs down.


A budget shopper’s best friend, ceramic tile comes in a vast array of sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns. Easily found at low prices.


Glass mosaics and mixed media tiles with glass accents add major visual impact. Available in endless colorful combinations suitable for cheap backsplash projects.


Metal backsplashes are very trendy right now. Choosing inexpensive tin, aluminum, or faux metal tiles allows you to achieve the look on a limited budget.

Faux Materials

Tile made from faux stone, metal, or wood costs a fraction of the real thing. New printing technology creates stunningly realistic looks.

Creative Design Tricks for Inexpensive Tile

Apart from buying low-cost tile itself, there are also easy design tricks that give the illusion of expensive tilework:

Extend Only Partially

Rather than tiling a full backsplash, tile only a 4-6 inch area directly behind the stove or sink.

Use an Accent Strip

Run a strip of accent tile along the bottom or top rather than tiling the entire wall. Cheaper but still stylish.

Mix Premium and Budget Tile

Splurge on pricier handmade or marble tile for the bottom row or other focal area, then transition to affordable ceramic or porcelain tile for the majority of the backsplash.

Include Drywall Breaks

Alternate full tile sections with portions of plain drywall painted to match. This classic technique stretches tile farther with less material needed.

Expand with Paint

Paint a mini tile design, geometric pattern, or mural on the wall first, then frame it with thin strips of real tile. Creates the illusion of a full tiled wall for less.

Top Places to Buy Cheap Backsplash Tile

Here is a quick list of some of the best retailers for finding affordable backsplash tile:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Floor & Decor
  • TileBar
  • Overstock
  • Wayfair
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Amazon

Final Thoughts

With some savvy shopping at the right retailers and smart design decisions, you can absolutely create a beautiful, on-trend backsplash using very affordable tile. Take the time to explore all the budget-friendly tile options available both locally and online. Don’t be afraid to mix and match tiles and incorporate other decorative wall treatments. A little creativity goes a long way when working with inexpensive materials. The end result will be a kitchen or bathroom backsplash you’ll love at a price you can feel good about.