What’s Trending in Kitchen Backsplashes in 2023

Kitchen backsplashes are a great way to add visual interest, color, and texture to your kitchen design. With so many options available, choosing the right backsplash can be overwhelming. Here’s a look at some of the top trends in kitchen backsplashes for 2023.

Mixing Materials

Mixing materials in a kitchen backsplash is a big trend right now. Combining different textures like tile, stone, glass, and metal creates depth and dimension. For example, you could do a subway tile backsplash with a natural stone accent strip. Or mix glass mosaic tiles with tin ceiling tiles. Using complementary materials gives backsplashes lots of personality.

Bold Colors

White and neutral backsplash tiles have been popular for years. But now, bold, vibrant colors are having a major moment. Blues, greens, reds, and purples are showing up in all sorts of eye-catching backsplash designs. Even black is making a statement. These colorful backsplashes are ideal if you want your kitchen to pop.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural materials like stone continue to be a top backsplash choice. Stone has unbeatable texture and durability. Marble, travertine, and granite all make for gorgeous backsplashes. Depending on the type of stone, the tiles can have veins, cracks, or flecks that add organic visual appeal. And stone comes in so many different colors and patterns.

Large-Scale Tiles

Oversized tiles are replacing the standard 4-inch subway tile. 12×24 inch rectangular tiles and giant mosaics are two options. Fewer grout lines give large-tile backsplashes a seamless, sleek look. The large tiles also create an illusion of expanded space. This on-trend style works well in both traditional and modern kitchens.

Patterned & Textured Tiles

Instead of flat, uniform tiles, patterned and textured tiles are trending. Options include Moroccan-style tiles, fish scale tiles, 3D tiles, hand-painted tiles, crackle glaze tiles, and enclosing tile murals. These special tiles have sculptural shapes and surfaces that catch the eye. They create backsplashes that feel like works of art.

Hexagons & Shapes Beyond Squares

Square and rectangular tiles are being replaced by geometrical shapes with visual flair. Hexagonal tiles are especially hot right now. Hexagons can be arranged in chic honeycomb designs. Other creative shape options include diamond, scalloped, penny round, and triangle. Shaped tiles lend backsplashes artistic flair.

Brick & 3D Effects

Brick and faux 3D tiles lend backsplashes added dimension. Textured glossy bricks and classic ceramic subway bricks remain go-to choices. Modern stacked bricks with an offset layout create contemporary edge. 3D tiles enhance visual dynamics using depth and angles. Subway bricks can also be installed on a diagonal.

Vintage Styling

Vintage elements are inspiring many trendy backsplashes. Antique-looking porcelain tiles, distressed wood plank tiles, antique mirror tiles, and tin ceiling tiles have an old-world charm. Sometimes, these tiles are combined with standard tiles for an eclectic mixed era aesthetic. Vintage styling adds warmth and craftsmanship.

Creative Use of Metallics

Metallic backsplashes are getting bolder and shinier. Instead of just silvers and grays, gold, rose gold, bronze and copper metallic tiles are making a statement. High-shine and mirror-finish tiles amp up the bling. Creative applications like metallic diamonds, chevrons, and custom designs catch eyes. Metallic backsplashes feel glamorous and elegant.

Glass Tiles

Backsplashes with glass tiles epitomize sleek modern style. The glossy tiles come in clear, colored, frosted, reflective, and iridescent finishes. Glass tile designs might be monochromatic or multi-colored. They can be arranged in interesting geometric layouts. Glass mosaic tiles lend depth with their tiny scale. Larger glass tiles have a clean, minimalist look.

Environmental Sustainability

Eco-friendly materials are increasingly used in backsplashes. Recycled glass tiles, reclaimed wood planks, and renewable cork tiles appeal to sustainability-focused homeowners. Local materials like regional stone reduce environmental impact. Non-toxic grout and sealants are healthier choices. Green backsplashes are beautiful and earth-friendly.

Personalized Style

Homeowners are moving away from cookie-cutter designs toward personalized backsplash style. One-of-a-kind reclaimed materials, custom mosaic portraits, and family photos in tile are just some ideas for customization. Mixing your favorite colors, textures, and materials creates a meaningful backsplash design. Your backsplash can tell a unique story.

What’s Trending in Kitchen Backsplashes – FAQs

What tile colors are popular for kitchen backsplashes in 2023?

Some hot backsplash tile colors right now include deep blues, emerald greens, burnt oranges, earth tones, and black. Bold, saturated hues are trending over neutral whites and grays.

What is the most low maintenance material for a backsplash?

Glass, metal, and porcelain tiles are extremely durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, making them among the lowest maintenance backsplash materials.

What backsplash patterns are in style?

Many backsplash patterns are trending, including moroccan fish scale tiles, hexagons, brick layouts, arabesque designs, and creative mosaics.

What is the longest lasting backsplash material?

Natural stone like granite, marble, and travertine has incredible longevity, lasting for decades. Porcelain and ceramic tiles also have very long lifespans of over 20 years.

What backsplash tiles are best for resale value?

Classic white subway tiles, marble, and neutral colors are safe backsplash choices for resale. Avoid bold designs or colors that future buyers may not like.

How much does it cost to install a kitchen backsplash?

Backsplash installation costs average $800-$1500 depending on the size of the area and materials used. More complex tile patterns cost more.


Kitchen backsplashes are an important design element that can totally transform the look and feel of your cooking space. From fun colors and shapes to natural stones and metallics, there are endless trendy possibilities to customize your backsplash style for 2023. Choosing tiles and materials you love will create a backsplash you’ll enjoy for years to come as a beautiful and functional focal point in your kitchen.