What Type of Backsplash Goes Best with Quartz?

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms. Made from engineered stone, quartz offers an attractive, durable, and low-maintenance surface. When pairing quartz countertops with a backsplash, there are several design considerations to keep in mind. The backsplash plays a supporting role to the countertop and can enhance the style of the space. Here is an overview of the types of backsplashes that pair effectively with quartz countertops.

Clean Lines and Simple Materials

Quartz countertops have a contemporary, streamlined look. Busy backsplash tile patterns tend to compete with quartz’s subtle beauty. Clean-lined backsplash materials in neutral colors are ideal. This allows the quartz to take center stage. Options include:

Full Slab Backsplashes

Using a full piece of quartz or another stone material for the backsplash creates a seamless, integrated look. The backsplash flows directly from the countertop. Materials like marble, granite, or porcelain can complement quartz with their veining and patterns.

Glass Tile

Glass tile backsplashes have color and sheen to catch the eye. Yet small glass tiles keep the look understated. Subway-style glass tiles in white, gray, or black blend with quartz countertops unobtrusively.

Metal Tile

Like glass, metal tile backsplashes add subtle interest without competing. Stainless steel, copper, and pewter tiles coordinate with the cool tones of many quartz slabs. Their sleek, contemporary style matches well.

Mosaic Accent Areas

While quartz countertops suit simple full-wall backsplashes, mosaic inlays can provide visual interest. Bands of intricate mosaic tiles highlight specific areas like behind sinks or stoves while remaining minimal.

Stone Mosaics

Thin strips of marble, travertine, or granite mosaics make elegant accents. Neutral, refined stone mosaics align with quartz’s austerity. Just take care that the mosaic doesn’t detract from the countertop.

Glass Mosaics

Small glass mosaics add a pop of color. Light blue, seafoam green, or silver glass mosaics create subtle but noticeable focal points. Keep the inlaid sections narrow to maintain the backsplash’s simple appearance.

Bold Colors and Patterns with Discretion

Vividly colored or highly patterned backsplashes can work with quartz countertops as long as they are used judiciously. restricted areas of intense tiles energize quartz’s stoicism.

Handpainted and Mural Tiles

Handpainted tiles and tile murals make artful backsplash accents. Use them sparingly behind the range or sink. Vivid colors like teal, yellow, and violet make quartz ‘pop.’

Geometric and Patterned Tile

For something more subtle than handpainted tiles, geometric patterns add interest. Moroccan-style tiles, for example, complement quartz with their tonal, angular designs. Limit the areas covered for a balanced look.

Matching the Grout Color

With quartz backsplashes, keep the grout color matched or subtle. Contrasting grout competes with the countertop and looks busy. Soft gray or white grout allows patterns to show while remaining neutral. Avoid darker grout colors that could overpower the backsplash.

Consider the Edge Profile

Quartz countertops come in varied edge profiles from squared to rounded. The edge style impacts the transition from countertop to backsplash. Dramatic edges like ogee and waterfall styles need simple backsplashes not to overwhelm. More subtle eased or rounded edges can handle busier backsplash looks.

Coordinating with the Cabinets

Take cabinet color into account when selecting a quartz backsplash. Contrasting cabinets allow more leeway for colorful backsplash tile. With light cabinets, stick to lighter backsplash colors to maintain an airy look. Dark cabinetry pairs best with bold, dramatic backsplash tiles.

What Type of Backsplash Goes Best with Quartz?

In summary, the best backsplash designs for quartz countertops are:

  • Full slab materials like marble for a cohesive look
  • Glass, metal, or stone tiles in neutral hues
  • Mosaic inlays for subtle accents of color and texture
  • Boldly colored or patterned tiles used judiciously
  • Grout in colors matched to the backsplash tile and countertop
  • Edge profiles and cabinets that coordinate with the backsplash design

The most important guidelines are keeping the look simple and unified and letting the quartz take center stage. Well-designed backsplashes support and enhance quartz countertops with style and visual interest. With the right backsplash, quartz countertops can look elegant, contemporary, or eclectic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color backsplash goes with white quartz countertops?

White quartz pairs well with almost any backsplash color from stark whites to bold hues. However, soft neutral tones like cream, gray, and beige are most harmonious. Crisp white, off-white, or very light gray backsplashes keep the look light and airy.

What backsplash goes with engineered quartz?

Full slabs or simple tile patterns suit engineered quartz best. Materials like marble, glass, metal, and porcelain tile avoid competing with engineered quartz’s subtler aesthetic. Mosaics can add tasteful accents of texture.

Do you need a backsplash with quartz?

It’s not required, but a backsplash is recommended with quartz countertops. The backsplash protects the walls from splashes and stains. It also expands the design and color palette to complement the countertop. Matching full slabs create a seamless look.

What tile goes well with a white quartz backsplash?

White quartz countertops pair attractively with glass, marble, travertine, and porcelain tile backsplashes. White subway tile is a popular choice. Gray, beige, cream, and soft blue backsplash tiles also coordinate with white quartz beautifully. Metallic tile brings contemporary flair.

What color grout is best for quartz backsplash?

For quartz countertops, use grout that is white or matches the backsplash color. Avoid high contrast with dark grout, which looks busy with quartz. Soft gray or white grout highlights the backsplash design subtly without competing with the countertop.


Quartz’s adaptable nature allows for myriad backsplash pairing options. Keeping the materials simple and varied only in shape and texture creates an elegant, integrated look. Mosaic accents and colorful tiles used judiciously add interest. With a backsplash that complements rather than competes, quartz countertops become the focal point of a contemporary, stylish kitchen.