What is Trending in Kitchen Backsplashes?

Natural Materials

Natural materials like stone, marble, and wood are huge right now. These organic backsplashes create a cozy, earthy feel in the kitchen. Some specific trends include:


Marble backsplashes are classic and elegant. Carrara and statuary marble are especially popular. They create a timeless, luxurious look.


Travertine is a type of limestone that has tan/cream color variations. It’s naturally rustic and organic. Travertine subway tiles and large slabs are trendy backsplash options.


Wood backsplashes warm up a kitchen’s ambiance. Reclaimed wood planks are popular for a rustic cottage look. Wood grain ceramic or porcelain tiles also mimic real wood beautifully.

Bold Colors and Patterns

While white and neutral backsplashes are popular, bold colors and eye-catching patterns make a statement. Some of the trendiest options include:

Bright Colors

Vibrant solid-colored tiles in hues like cobalt blue, mint green, and tomato red add energy to a kitchen. Glossy tiles allow the colors to truly pop.

Moroccan Tiles

Intricate Moroccan-style tiles with mosaics, geometrics, and eight-pointed stars are trending. The vivid colors and patterns create depth.

Graphic Metallic Tiles

Metallic tiles with graphic black stripes, zigzags, or diagonal lines have an edgy, modern vibe. They reflect light beautifully.

Large-Scale Tiles

Larger tiles are definitely in style right now. Oversized subway tiles, wide planks, and giant slabs create a seamless, uncluttered look. These options include:

Oversized Subway Tiles

12×24″ subway tiles have replaced the standard 3×6″ size. Their longer length gives walls a contemporary sleekness.

Wide Wood or Stone Planks

Wide planks (6-12 inches) of real or faux wood and stone are on-trend. Fewer grout lines create a clean look.

Massive Marble Slabs

Extra-large marble slabs (30×60 inches or larger) make a dramatic statement with minimal seams and grout.

Mixing Materials

Using different backsplash materials together in creative ways is hot right now. Some examples include:

Mix Marble + Wood or Metal

Pairing marble with reclaimed wood or sleek metal creates intriguing contrast and textures.

Glass + Stone

Clear glass tile mixed with travertine, limestone, or marble adds lightness and sheen.

Tile + Floating Shelves

Incorporating floating wood or metal shelves with tile backsplashes produces a custom blended look.

Creative Shapes and Layouts

Unique backsplash shapes and layouts are replacing traditional tile designs. Here are some of the coolest modern options:

Hexagonal Tiles

For a honeycomb effect, install small hexagonal tiles in funky patterns. They create fun movement and geometry.


Staggering rectangular subway tiles in a brickwork layout amps up traditional subway tile design.

Fish Scale Pattern

Overlapping circle or teardrop-shaped tiles mimics fish scales. The iridescent effect is eye-catching.

Geometric Patterns

Tessellated geometric patterns like arrowheads, chevrons, or overlapping triangles make the backsplash a work of art.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly backsplash materials are increasingly popular. Great green options include:

Recycled Glass Tile

Tiles made from recycled glass, like from bottles, are affordable and landfill-friendly.

Reclaimed Wood

Salvaged wood from old barns, fences, etc. gives new life as a backsplash. It supports reuse.

Natural Stone

Harnessing stone from the earth (marble, travertine) is an eco-friendly alternative to manufactured tile.


Sustainably-harvested cork is naturally water-resistant and antimicrobial. It’s also sound-absorbing.

FAQs About Current Kitchen Backsplash Trends

What are the most popular backsplash colors right now?

White and gray are always popular, but bold saturated colors like navy blue, emerald green, and crimson red are trending now too. Vibrant colors make a dramatic impact.

What tile shapes and sizes are in style?

Oversized subway tiles, giant marble slabs, hexagons, fish scale shapes, and longer wood planks are shaping current looks. Interesting geometry is key.

What’s better – matte or glossy backsplash tile?

Glossy, shiny finishes reflect light and allow colors to pop, which is perfect for bold backsplash designs. Matte is more subtle but still classic.

Are backsplashes expensive to install?

Prices range widely, but installing a backsplash costs $3-$50 per square foot. Higher priced tile, special shipping/cuts, complex patterns, and pro installation increase costs.

What’s the best backsplash for a farmhouse kitchen?

White subway tile and reclaimed wood planks suit farmhouse style well. Neutral natural stone like marble also complements the aesthetic beautifully.

How do you clean and maintain a backsplash?

Wipe down tile gently with a soft sponge and mild soap and water. Re-seal grout and stone annually. Avoid abrasive cleaners which can damage surfaces.


Kitchen backsplash design continues to move in creative directions. Natural materials like marble, travertine and real wood make eco-friendly statements. Vibrant colors and bold patterns liven up walls for a handmade feel. Oversized tiles and unique shapes reflect current trends too. Ultimately the options are endless for crafting a stylish, functional backsplash that showcases your personal taste and complements your kitchen beautifully. Careful prep and installation are key, but the results are well worth it.

So explore all the trending backsplash materials and options available today. Combine textures, patterns and colors in imaginative new ways. Aim for a backsplash that awes guests, elevates your cooking space, and makes you smile with every glance. Get inspired by the latest trends then make it your own with a showstopping backsplash design. Your kitchen will enjoy the stylish upgrade for years to come! Let the innovative new materials and options spark your creativity.