What is the Latest Trend in Kitchen Backsplash?

Mixing Materials

Gone are the days of having just one material for your backsplash. Mixing various textures and finishes is on-trend, like combining subway tile with stone mosaic, or pairing metal with porcelain. The eclectic look makes for a unique and visually interesting backsplash.

Bold Colors

White and neutral backsplashes are classic, but colorful backsplashes are having a major moment. Vibrant hues like emerald green, deep blue, and rich gold are replacing the expected whites and grays. Even bright accent colors like orange, pink, or purple work beautifully.

Natural Stone

Stone backsplashes provide an organic, earthy look and feel. Options like marble, travertine, and granite are perennial favorites. Slate is also growing in popularity for its muted tones and touch of texture. Stone makes for a dramatic yet classic backsplash.

Statement Tile

Tile with bold patterns, shapes, and designs are replacing traditional uniform tiles. Handmade artisan tiles, Moroccan tiles, and patterned geometric designs make the backsplash the focal point of the kitchen. From extra large subway tiles to intricate mosaics, statement tile is a way to be creative.

Brick Backsplashes

Both authentic reclaimed brick and brick veneers are hot right now. The industrial chic look of exposed brick backsplashes adds texture and dimension. Stain, whitewash, or paint the bricks for different effects. Brick is durable and pairs well with modern and farmhouse styles.

Open Shelving

Floating open shelving all the way up to the ceiling as a backsplash alternative is on-trend. The sleek, minimalist look opens up the kitchen visually. It offers a place for displaying pretty cookware and accents while maintaining an airy, modern aesthetic.

Organic Shapes

Backsplashes are moving beyond just squares and rectangles. Soft, organic shapes like curved tiles, pebble mosaics, hexagons, and fish scale tiles are modern alternatives. They add movement and visual interest compared to uniform tiles.

Metallic Finishes

Backsplashes with metallic finishes provide serious wow-factor. Polished brass, chrome, nickel, copper, and stainless steel are popular—as are metallic glass or stone tiles. Metallic instantly dresses up a kitchen with a hint of glam.

Wood Backsplashes

Wood finishes bring warmth and texture to any kitchen. Reclaimed wood planks make a rustic statement. Other wood options include bamboo, walnut, cedar, and teak, which pair nicely with natural stone. Wood grains and knots add depth.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Backsplash

With endless options for kitchen backsplashes, keep these tips in mind when selecting one for your space:

Complement the Design Style

Consider the overall aesthetic you want for your kitchen and choose a backsplash that enhances it. For example, brick backsplashes fit farmhouse or industrial styles, while marble backsplashes match traditional decor.

Factor in Maintenance

Some backsplash materials require more upkeep than others. Porous, delicate surfaces like marble may stain easily. Durable options like glass tile resist stains and spills. Assess your lifestyle when deciding.

Think About Durability

The backsplash endures daily use, so durability matters. Tile and stone are very resilient and metal is virtually indestructible. Wood requires sealing. Evaluate toughness and longevity when selecting.

Consider Ease of Installation

DIY-friendly backsplash options include peel-and-stick tile and faux bricks. Stone or glass tile is best installed by professionals. Factor in complexity of installation when choosing.

Evaluate Functionality

Does the material offer any functional benefits? For instance, glass tile resists moisture and metal backsplashes are magnetized for knives. Analyze your needs and look for multipurpose materials.

Assess Ease of Cleaning

Kitchen backsplashes get dirty. Non-porous smooth materials like glass, metal, and porcelain are easiest to keep clean. Highly textured surfaces trap grease and require more scrubbing.

Calculate the Budget

Prices span a wide range, so set a realistic budget beforehand. Natural stone and metal backsplashes tend to be pricey. Tile, faux stone, and peel-and-stick budgets are more affordable.

FAQs About the Latest Trends in Kitchen Backsplashes

What is the most popular backsplash for 2023?

Of all the kitchen backsplash trends, bold and colorful tile is expected to be highly popular this year. Vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns allow you to make a statement.

What backsplash colors will be trending?

Earthy natural greens like sage and forest, as well as ocean blues, rich golds and brass tones, and surprising colors like pink, orange, and purple will be on-trend.

What is the easiest backsplash to install?

Peel-and-stick backsplash tile is the most beginner-friendly. The adhesive backing lets you easily install it directly onto existing materials for fast makeovers.

What is the most affordable backsplash option?

Standard white 3×6 subway tile has enduring popularity because it is an affordable and versatile option for any kitchen. Classic choices don’t have to break the bank.

What backsplash goes best with white cabinets?

White shaker cabinets pair beautifully with practically any color backsplash. From all-white for a seamless look to contrasting blacks or bold colors for drama, the choices are unlimited.

What is the most durable kitchen backsplash?

Porcelain and ceramic tile are among the toughest surfaces for backsplashes. Their dense composition resists scratches, stains, heat, and moisture. Make sure tiles are properly sealed after installation.


The latest kitchen backsplash trends offer endless possibilities to make your cooking space stylish and uniquely yours. From mixing materials, adding color, or using textural designs, there are so many options to fit your aesthetic. Consider the key factors like maintenance, durability, and functionality when selecting. Use your backsplash creatively to enhance your kitchen’s overall look and personality. With striking, on-trend materials, you can easily upgrade your culinary space.