What is the Best Backsplash for a White Kitchen?

Choosing the perfect backsplash to complement your white kitchen can be a daunting task. With so many options to consider from materials and colors to patterns and textures, it’s important to find a backsplash that aligns with your personal style while also being functional and easy to maintain. Here are some of the best backsplash ideas to consider for a white kitchen.

Mix Natural Stone and White Subway Tiles

A popular backsplash pairing for white kitchens is to mix natural stone tiles like marble or travertine with classic white subway tiles. The natural patterns and veins of the stone add visual interest and texture, while the crisp white subway tiles keep the palette light and bright. Arrange the stone and tile in a bricklaid pattern or checkerboard motif for a trendy look. This type of backsplash works great with contemporary, transitional, or farmhouse styles.

Choose a Bold and Vibrant Glass Tile

Glass tile backsplashes make a gorgeous and eye-catching statement in an all-white kitchen. Choose tiles in shades like cobalt blue, emerald green, or citrus orange to really make them pop against the white cabinetry. Arrange the tiles in an offset bricklaid pattern rather than all lined up for added interest. Accent the tiles with silver or chrome grout for more contrast. Just be aware that glass tile requires careful cleaning as it scuffs and shows watermarks easily.

Add Warmth with Natural Wood

The softness and warmth of a natural wood backsplash helps prevent an all-white kitchen from feeling too clinical or sterile. Woods like maple, oak, or hickory work well with white cabinets. For a beachy vibe, try weathered driftwood planks. Or go bold with wider barnwood planks. If you like the look of wood but want an easier-to-maintain option, wood-look porcelain or ceramic tiles are great alternatives. Pair the wood with white subway tile trim for a classic combo.

Pick a Shiplap Plank Backsplash

Slim horizontal planks in a shiplap pattern inject a rustic farmhouse feel on backsplashes. Paint the planks a crisp white or opt for weathered grays to contrast the cabinets. You can also choose actual reclaimed wood planks for shiplap to add authentic charm and character to the space. Accent with black metal hardware, sconce lighting, or an apron-front farmhouse sink to complement the rustic backsplash.

Go Glistening with White Marble Tile

For a glamorous and elegant backsplash option, honed white marble tile is ideal for a white kitchen. The white stone has subtle gray veining that catches and reflects light beautifully. Group larger marble tiles in a stack or brick pattern rather than lining them up in a grid. Polished marble also works to up the shine factor even more. Just note that marble is porous and requires resealing to prevent stains and etching.

Choose Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles

Intricate fish scale tiles in creamy white are a showstopping choice for backsplashes. The interlocking tiles are often handpainted in Morocco with pretty blue and green designs inspired by antique mosaics. The fish scale pattern feels ornate but doesn’t overwhelm, adding just the right amount of visual flair against white cabinets. Pair with some painted Mediterranean tile accents for a completely customized look.

Go Graphic with Black and White Geometric Tiles

For contemporary kitchens, graphic black and white geometric tile patterns create an eye-catching backsplash. From retro zigzags to modern chevron designs, bold high-contrast tiles make a statement. Pair the black and white tiles with sleek stainless steel appliances and modern hardware for a cohesive look. This graphic approach works great in both modern and vintage kitchen styles.

Choose Cladding in White Penny Tiles

Tiny penny tiles have a old-world antique feel, and cladding an entire backsplash wall or section of it with white penny tiles can give a kitchen a charming cottage character. The small scale of the tiles allows you to create neat vertical patterns by alternating tiles horizontally and vertically. For added interest, use two alternating white tile sizes or mix in some natural stone or marble penny tile accents.

Add a Sculptural 3D Tile Backsplash

Unique sculptural and 3D tiles lend an artsy, artisanal look to backsplashes in white kitchens. Dimensional tiles with high relief add interest and texture when used as an accent. Subway tiles with raised diamond, floral, or seashell designs are on trend. Or make a statement with handmade ceramic tile featuring embossed fish, leaves, or branches. Use these tiles sparingly to elevate a simple white subway tile backsplash.

Pick Colored Porcelain Brick Tiles

Glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles that mimic a brick wall effect add a dose of retro flair when used as a kitchen backsplash. The “bricks” come in glossy white as well as bold pops of color like ruby red, burnt orange, light blue and seafoam green. Stack the faux bricks in a running bond pattern, using white grout between them so they really look like an actual brick wall. This type of colorful backsplash pairs perfectly with both vintage and contemporary white kitchen designs.


What color backsplash goes best with white cabinets?

Some top backsplash colors that look beautiful with white cabinets include shades like navy, light blue, soft green, citrus hues, grey, black, and white. Neutrals like caramel, beige, and tan work well too.

How do I choose a backsplash for a small white kitchen?

In a small white kitchen, use smaller-scale backsplash tiles like mosaics or penny tiles to make the space feel larger. Stay away from bold, dark colors or busy patterns that can overwhelm the eye. Neutrals, white subway tiles, or glass tiles work best for small kitchens.

What backsplash is timeless for a white kitchen?

Classic white subway tiles are a timeless backsplash option that complements any style of white kitchen, from traditional to modern. Natural stone like marble is also always in style for backsplashes.

Should the backsplash match the countertops?

It’s not essential for the backsplash and countertops to match exactly, but they should coordinate. Keeping them in a similar color family or with harmonizing patterns/textures creates a cohesive look.

How do I make my white kitchen backsplash unique?

Some ways to make your white kitchen backsplash unique include: using an unexpected shape such as hexagons or fish scales, mixing in colorful patterned tiles, choosing mosaic glass tiles, combining different materials like wood and stone, installing a sculptural 3D tile accent, or creating a custom pattern.


The backsplash is an integral part of any kitchen design, but especially for an all-white kitchen where you want it to provide contrast and visual interest. Whether your style leans modern, farmhouse, or eclectic vintage, there are so many gorgeous options for white kitchen backsplashes. From natural wood planks to metallic geometric tiles, marble, shiplap, and patterned mosaic glass, there is an ideal backsplash to match your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Just be sure to consider the style, scale, color, texture, and pattern when selecting backsplash materials for your white kitchen. With the right backsplash choice, you can give your white kitchen a splash of character.