What Color Grout for Grey Glass Tile Backsplash

Factors to Consider

When selecting a grout color for grey glass tile, you’ll want to take into account:

  • The exact shade of your grey glass tiles – is it a light pewter grey or darker charcoal grey? Matching the undertone of the tile color is important.
  • The style you’re going for – do you want the grout to blend in or stand out? A matching grey grout color will create a monochromatic look while white or black grout provides contrast.
  • The amount of grout lines – smaller tiles mean more grout lines. You may want the grout to fade into the background with small tiles.
  • The overall look you’re going for – modern, traditional, rustic, etc. The grout color can help reinforce the aesthetic.
  • The colors used in the rest of the kitchen or bathroom – coordinate grout with countertops, cabinets, paint colors, etc.

Best Grout Colors for Grey Glass Tile

Here are some of the most popular grout color options to consider with grey glass tile:


Matching the grout color to the grey glass tiles is a foolproof option. Grey grout blends right in, creating a seamless look. Use a grey that’s identical to or slightly lighter/darker than the tile. Dark grey grout can also create a striking contrast against light grey glass tiles.


White grout is a popular choice with grey tiles as it accentuates the color and sheen of the tile. It creates a clean, bright look. White grout requires more maintenance to keep it looking clean. An off-white or light grey grout is easier to maintain.


For a bold, dramatic effect, choose black grout with grey glass tiles. This works best with larger tiles and creates an eye-catching grid pattern. Keep in mind black grout shows dirt easily. Epoxy grout is a good option for black as it resists staining.


For a softer look, beige or tan grout complements grey glass tiles nicely. It provides subtle contrast without being as stark as white grout. Beige is also easy to keep clean.

Grout Considerations

When installing grey glass tile, keep these grout tips in mind:

  • Use a grout release on the tiles before grouting to prevent staining of the tile surface.
  • Choose an epoxy or urethane grout for kitchen backsplashes as it is more stain resistant than cement grout.
  • For wide grout lines use an unsanded grout. For narrow grout lines use a sanded grout.
  • Seal the grout after installation to protect it from moisture and staining. Re-seal yearly.
  • Contrasting grout colors show more dirt. Matching or neutral grouts hide soil better.
  • Grout can be colored to match the tiles using grout colorants. This allows you to change the color later on.

Grout Color Inspiration for Grey Glass Tiles

Here are some stunning examples of grout colors used with grey glass tile:

Grey Glass Kitchen Backsplash With White Grout

Grey glass subway tile backsplash with clean white grout lines.

Grey Glass Mosaic Bathroom Accent With Black Grout

Grey mosaic penny tiles paired with bold black grout in the shower.

Large Grey Glass Floor Tile With Grey Grout

A seamless look created by matching the grey grout to the large grey glass floor tiles.

See how the different grout colors change the whole aesthetic of the grey tiled space! Choosing the right shade can take your design to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color grout is best for grey glass subway tile?

For grey glass subway tile, white or light grey grout is best. White provides contrast and enhances the color of the tiles. Light grey matches well and creates a cohesive look.

Should I use dark or light grout with grey tile?

It depends on the look you want. Dark grey or black grout creates an eye-catching contrast. Light grey or white grout blends in for a subtle effect. Match the undertone of the grey tile.

How do I choose grout color?

Consider the tile color, size, overall design aesthetic, amount of grout lines, and the colors used in the rest of the space. Choose a grout shade that coordinates well with the tiles and the room.

Can I mix different grout colors?

Yes, you can get creative and mix two complementary grout colors, like light grey and dark grey. Alternate rows or create patterns. Just ensure the grout formats (sanded vs. unsanded) are compatible.

Should I seal my grout?

Sealing grout is highly recommended, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. It creates a protective barrier, preventing stains from grease, dirt, and moisture. Reapply sealer once a year.


Choosing the right grout color makes all the difference with grey glass tile backsplashes and accents. Matching shades like grey, white, or black work beautifully. For contrast, go with white or black grout. Be sure to seal the grout and keep it clean for the best appearance. Consider the entire design and decorate accordingly with your grout selection. With the right grout choice, your grey glass tiles will shine.