What Color Backsplash Works Best for Your Kitchen?

Choosing a backsplash color for your kitchen remodel or new construction build can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many backsplash ideas and colors to choose from, how do you select the right backsplash color to complement your kitchen design?

The backsplash makes a big visual impact in a kitchen. Positioned center stage behind the kitchen countertop and below the wall cabinets, a backsplash serves both form and function. The backsplash protects the walls from moisture, splatters and smears while also enhancing the kitchen décor by adding visual interest, color and texture.

With creative backsplash design and colorful backsplash tile or panels, you can express your personal taste and style in the kitchen. When selecting a kitchen backsplash color, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve as well as coordinate the backsplash color with your cabinets, countertop, flooring and other kitchen elements.

We’ll explore the most popular, classic and trending modern backsplash color ideas to inspire you to find the perfect backsplash color to match your kitchen design and style.

Factors That Should Influence Your Backsplash Color Choice

Many factors come into play when selecting a backsplash color for your kitchen. Consider the following elements to help guide your backsplash color selection:

Existing Kitchen Colors and Materials

Look at the existing kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, paint colors and finishes when selecting a backsplash color. You’ll want your new backsplash to coordinate and complement the colors and textures already in place.

For example, if you have white kitchen cabinets and neutral countertops like granite, quartz or marble, boldly colored patterned tile or a saturated backsplash color can really pop. However, if your kitchen décor is already filled with lots of colors and textures, a neutral backsplash color may be best.

Kitchen Style

Think about the overall kitchen aesthetic you want to achieve. Is your kitchen traditional, contemporary, transitional, farmhouse, modern or coastal? The backsplash design should align with the kitchen style.

For a traditional kitchen, classic subway tile in white or soft neutral colors are ideal. For contemporary kitchens, sleek glass or metallic backsplashes help create that modern vibe.

If aiming for rustic farmhouse style, natural stone backsplashes in earth tones work well. Beachy coastal kitchens look best with backsplashes in shades of blue, sea glass or sand colors.


The amount of natural and artificial lighting in your kitchen should factor into choosing the right backsplash color. Lighter color backsplashes help keep dark spaces visually bright. Deep, saturated backsplash colors and materials look stunning in kitchens with great lighting.

Price Considerations

Backsplash materials can range dramatically in pricing from DIY painted panels or peel-and-stick tile to high-end handmade ceramic or semi-precious stone tile. Have a backsplash budget in mind when exploring color options.

Vibrant glass sheet or brightly colored porcelain tiles may be more affordable than metal or natural stone. Know that more intense colored tiles and special installation methods usually equate to higher pricing.

Popular Backsplash Color Schemes for Kitchens

Now let’s explore some of today’s most popular, timeless and trending backsplash color ideas and schemes.

White Kitchen Backsplash

White never goes out of style for backsplashes. A classic white subway tile backsplash provides clean, crisp contrast against kitchen cabinets and countertops.

White looks especially fresh against navy or black kitchen cabinets and pops against colorful countertops like coral or turquoise. Carry the white backsplash onto the walls for a seamless look.

A marble, travertine or soft white brick pattern backsplash tile adds subtle texture. Or go for dramatic visual impact with oversized square, hexagon or penny round white tiles.

Black Kitchen Backsplash

Black backsplash tile lends a sophisticated, modern or industrial vibe to kitchens. If integrating a black backsplash, keep countertops and cabinets light to prevent a dark, closed-in feeling.

White countertops create an eye-catching contrast against dramatic black backsplashes. Pair black kitchen backsplashes with gray tones or rich wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances for stylish appeal.

Neutral Kitchen Backsplash

Warm beige, cream, taupe and gray neutral backsplash colors pair beautifully with any cabinetry and countertops, adding a natural yet sophisticated look. Handmade subway tile, marble, travertine and pebble mosaic tiles in neutrals enhance kitchens with an earthy feel.

Neutral gray is one of the most popular backsplash colors because of its versatility. Combining gray and white backsplash tiles creates depth and dimension. Wood-look tile in neutral tones adds natural texture.

Wood Backsplash

Natural wood backsplashes infuse warmth and texture into kitchens, playing up the beautiful grain and color variations of wood. Mixing wood backsplash panels with white subway tiles creates an eye-catching contrast.

Wood backsplashes look amazing paired with natural stone countertops like granite or quartzite. Use wood panels sparingly in backsplash design since an all wood backsplash can feel too heavy or rustic.

Blue Kitchen Backsplash

From light and airy sky blue to dramatic navy, blue backsplashes are rising in popularity. Soft blue glass, ceramic or porcelain tile backsplashes look soothing and peaceful, evoking water or coastal vibes.

Deeper shades of blue add a bold pop of color. Use blue creatively in geometric, artistic or stone-look patterns. Blue backsplashes pair well with white cabinets but also complement gray, black or reddish-brown cabinetry.

Green Kitchen Backsplash

Green backsplashes bring nature indoors with relaxing, rejuvenating color. Sage, seafoam and emerald greens come alive in tile, glass or quartzite backsplash designs.

Pair green backsplashes with crisp white cabinets and earthy brown, black or gray countertops. Verdant green backsplashes combined with wood cabinetry emphasize the natural, organic look.

Metallic Backsplash

For serious contemporary style, metallic backsplashes add glamour and sheen. Polished brass, chrome, copper, nickel and stainless steel backsplashes infuse kitchens with reflective radiance.

Mosaic tile in metals create one-of-a-kind looks full of shine and texture. Metal-look porcelain tile backsplashes offer cheaper alternatives to pricey authentic metal options.

Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Glass backsplashes provide brilliant translucent color, depth and light transmission. Available in every color, bold glass tile mosaics or continuous backsplash panels modernize and brighten.

Clear glass backsplashes create fascinating light effects. Pebble glass tile conveys natural stone appearance with color variations that sparkle in the light. Use glass backsplashes to mimic semi-precious stones at more affordable prices.

Best Backsplash Colors for Specific Kitchen Features

Beyond the overall kitchen aesthetic, also consider how your backsplash color will pair with specific kitchen elements such as cabinets, countertops and flooring.

White Cabinets Backsplash Ideas

White kitchen cabinets represent clean, classic style. With white cabinets, nearly any backsplash color looks exciting and bright.

Bold bursts of color or eye-catching patterns in the backsplash balance out all the white for a modern vibe. Try cherry red, cobalt blue, emerald green or even bold black backsplashes against bright white cabinets.

Neutral colored backsplashes like grays, beiges and browns create a soothing monochromatic look with white cabinets. Matte black countertops and hardware pop against white cabinetry paired with a neutral backsplash.

Gray Cabinets Backsplash Ideas

For gray kitchen cabinets from light driftwood to dark charcoal shades, think neutral, white or blue backsplash combinations.

Soft gray shaker cabinets offset by icy gray-blue glass subway tile backsplashes evoke peaceful water colors. White marble, brick or subway tile backsplashes pop against darker gray cabinet colors.

Espresso Cabinets Backsplash

Deep espresso cabinets with chocolate, coffee or ebony stained finishes look stunning when contrasted with light backsplash colors. Creamy off-white, soft beige, warm ivory, white subway tile or carrara marble backsplashes complement espresso kitchen cabinets.

For more modern contrast, pair moody espresso cabinets with bright white, vivid blue or bold black backsplashes. Copper, bronze and metallic backsplashes also enrich and brighten up dark espresso cabinets.

Quartz Countertops Backsplash

With engineered quartz countertops now being more popular than natural stone, what backsplash colors pair best with white, beige, gray and neutral quartz?

White quartz countertops look fantastic contrasted with navy blue, black, dark green or brick red backsplash colors. Bold quartz patterns like granite, marble or sandstone benefit from a solid color backsplash in white, soft gray or taupe.

Granite Countertops Backsplash

Granite countertops flaunt stunning natural texture and flecks of color. For backsplashes, continue the granite patterns with tile facsimiles or complement the granite colors with solid colored tiles or glass in beige, brown, white, black or gray.

If your granite counters present a very bold or busy pattern, balance it out with soft neutral backsplash tile. Liven up neutral granite colors with vibrant turquoise, emerald or cobalt glass tile backsplashes.

Tile Flooring Backsplash Ideas

For kitchens with tile flooring, consider carrying floor tile colors into the backsplash design. Use the same tile or echo floor colors in the backsplash material and pattern for a cohesive look.

Subway tile floors in white, beige or gray are perfect for coordinating with matching subway tile backsplash designs. Try framing a tile backsplash with decorative listello, trim or mosaic tiles pulled from the kitchen floor tile colors.

Open Shelving Backsplash

Incorporating open shelving or glass cabinetry is a popular kitchen trend. Without upper cabinets, the backsplash becomes even more of a focal feature.

For open shelf kitchen designs, low maintenance solid glass or stainless steel backsplash panels create a clean modern look. Neutral stone-look porcelain slabs complement the industrial style of exposed shelving.

Backsplashes for Small Kitchens

In a small kitchen, the backsplash takes center stage, so this is an opportunity to create drama with bold colors, patterns or 3D tiles.

Dark backsplash colors can make a small kitchen feel closed in, so glass, stone or light colored backsplashes open up the space. Add visual interest through creative mosaic designs or metallic and mirrored accents.

Creative Ways to Use Backsplash Color

Beyond basic backsplashes positioned between countertops and wall cabinets, get creative with color in the overall backsplash design.

Two-Tone Backsplash

Blending two colors or materials in the backsplash adds flair. Pair a bold printed tile in the lower backsplash with neutral subway tile on upper portions. Or mix materials like wood panels with a coordinating tile color.

L-Shaped Backsplashes

Continue backsplash tile onto adjacent walls or features for a built-in look. Wrap tile around a window or mirror the backsplash onto open shelving for an L-shaped design.

Full Wall Backsplashes

Take the backsplash to the ceiling for full dramatic impact. This full backsplash wall treatment transforms the backsplash into the kitchen focal point.

Backsplash Niche

Frame out a section of the backsplash for open shelving, display items or wall decor. Called a backsplash niche, this built-in nook adds individuality.

Extension Backsplash

Instead of limiting the backsplash area to just between countertops and cabinets, extend it onto other walls or kitchen features. Cover range hood surrounds, ends of islands or any other areas needing backsplash protection.

Geometric Backsplashes

Paint, tile or apply wallpaper in geometric shapes to incorporate color, interest and creative flair. Try horizontal stripes, diagonal designs, triangular patterns or checkerboards.

Backsplash Ideas by Color

Now that we’ve covered the general aspects of selecting a backsplash color, let’s explore specific backsplash examples and ideas for popular kitchen color schemes.

Red Backsplash Ideas

Red backsplashes inject energizing, bold style into kitchens. Glossy cherry red, burgundy, terracotta and brick red backsplashes look amazing against white cabinets or matched with copper accents.

Try red glass tile, ceramic tiles glazed in red or faux red brick panels. For more subtle red backsplash options, look for red granite-look quartz slabs. Red is perfect for adding a pop of color to small kitchens.

Yellow Backsplash

Cheerful sunny yellow backsplashes lend cottage charm to kitchens. Lemon, mustard or goldenrod yellow backsplashes combined with white cabinets and natural wood counters create vintage appeal.

For contemporary cottage style, use shiny penny tiles, glass mosaics or embossed ceramic tile in yellow. Paint a faux brick pattern in yellow or try yellow tiles with white grout. Yellow backsplash designs give small dark kitchens a bright, sunny feel.

Pink Backsplash

Pretty in pink backsplashes boost playfulness and femininity in kitchen design. Salmon, coral, blush or rose pink glass, ceramic and grout colors add soft pops of color, especially against dark cabinets or stainless steel.

Patterned, floral or mosaic pink tiles maximize impact. Pink painted panels offer quick DIY backsplash options. Pink works great for opening up small kitchen spaces.

Orange Backsplash

From citrus orange to terra cotta and peach shades, orange backsplashes add warmth, energy and creativity. Try glossy penny rounds, geometric embossed tiles, Moroccan patterns or faux concrete looks in orange hues against white or green color schemes.

For a budget-friendly orange backsplash, paint a colorblock design or stencil on an orange pattern. Orange injects color and fun into small or dark kitchens.

Purple Backsplash

Royal purple, eggplant, lavender and lilac backsplash colors infuse kitchens with regal charm. Deep purple glass tiles paired with white cabinets create dramatic contrast. Go for an ombre look, fading purple tiles from dark to soft.

Painted or faux tin tiles in purple add whimsy and color without huge expense. Use purple backsplashes to play up cottage, boho, vintage or artsy kitchen designs.

Teal Backsplash

Vibrant teal backsplash designs blend relaxing green-blue color tones. From dusty blue-green to vivid aqua shades, teal adds spa-like tranquility to kitchens. Teal colorblock designs, Moroccan fish scale tiles or glass mosaics create artistic impact.

Pair teal backsplashes with cream cabinets, gray countertops and metallic pendants for beach style. Use teal to open up and brighten small, dark kitchen spaces.

Navy Blue Backsplash

Navy blue backsplashes in glossy or matte tile lend striking sophistication. Contrast crisp white cabinets with vivid navy blue penny round, subway or glass tile backsplashes.

For more subtle nautical flair, try backsplashes with blue and white patterned tiles or weathered blue shiplap panels. Use navy blue backsplashes to create drama in small kitchens.

Beige Backsplash

Warm beige backsplash designs promote soothing, zen kitchen spaces. Buttery cream beige, biscuit, almond and sand-colored backsplashes complement white or wood cabinetry.

Beige marble, travertine and limestone backsplash options add organic texture. Mosaic, brick and geometric beige backsplash patterns have visual interest when paired with solid cabinets and countertops.

Brown Backsplash

Rich chocolate, caramel, coffee and honey-toned brown backsplashes infuse kitchens with natural warmth. Matte brown ceramic or porcelain tiles have clean, modern appeal against white quartz.

Faux reclaimed wood planks in brown work beautifully to accent natural wood counters and cabinets. For a textured effect, try tumbled travertine slabs or marble mosaic tiles in earthy browns.

Gray Backsplash Ideas

Subtle shades of gray are versatile neutrals that work with almost any kitchen décor. Cool, warm and greige gray backsplash tiles in polished, matte and textured finishes create varied looks.

Grayglass, marble, stone and ceramic backsplash designs complement white and wood cabinets equally. Pair gray and white geometric or brick patterns for contemporary contrast. Use gray backsplashes to seamlessly blend with stainless steel.

Black Backsplash

Bold high-contrast black backsplashes lend modern style to kitchens. Try artistic black and white mosaic tiles or mix black glass tiles with wood panels. Use black backsplashes sparingly to avoid looking too dark and dramatic.

Gold Backsplash

Metallic gold backsplashes glam up kitchens with contemporary sparkle. Shimmering brass, gold and champagne glass or metal tile backsplashes catch the light. Gold colors mix well with navy, teal, black and white kitchen color schemes.

Copper Backsplash

Warm vintage copper backsplash designs spice up kitchens with rusted, hammered and mosaic looks. Combine cool grays and beiges with glowing copper backsplashes to prevent an overly gaudy look.

Use copper backsplashes sparingly as accents to balance sleek lines and finishes in contemporary kitchens. Try copper foil tile or painted and faux copper tin tile for budget-friendly copper backsplash options.

Backsplash Ideas by Style

Beyond backsplash color, also consider how the backsplash design and materials express your desired kitchen style. Let’s look at inspiring and fitting backsplash ideas for popular kitchen design aesthetics.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Modern kitchen backsplashes revolve around clean lines, simple colors and minimalistic materials like glass and metal. Handcrafted tile looks or reclaimed wood panels soften contemporary backsplash designs.

Geometric patterns, color blocking and asymmetric shapes add modern flair. Try continuous horizontal glass panels, sleek marble slab backsplashes or stainless steel sheets.

Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash

Rustic farmhouse kitchen