What Color Backsplash With White Countertop

Selecting the right backsplash color for white countertops can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. With so many backsplash color options to choose from, it can be tricky to settle on just one. Here are some of our top picks for stunning backsplash colors to pair with white countertops.

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutral tones like beige, cream, tan, and light brown work beautifully with crisp white countertops. These earthy hues add subtle contrast while still keeping your backsplash soft and understated.


A beige backsplash is a popular choice with white countertops because it has a classic, timeless look. Different shades of beige can create anything from a minimal, sandy feel to a warm, cozy vibe. Matte beige tiles have an elegant, muted quality.


Cream backsplashes impart a soothing, peaceful ambiance to white kitchen countertops. Pale cream tiles look especially fresh and clean. Textured cream backsplashes add visual interest and dimension.


From light biscuit to deep caramel, tan backsplashes pair gorgeously with white. Tan brings out the warmth in marble or quartz countertops. Natural stone tiles in tan hues give the space an earthy, organic look.

Light Brown

Subtle light brown shades add stylish contrast to white counters without overpowering. Distressed and glazed light brown tiles have rustic character. Sleek porcelain or ceramic tiles in taupe-brown work in modern kitchens.

Cool Neutrals

Cooler neutrals like gray, blue-gray, and pale blue also complement white countertops attractively. These chic, subtle backsplash colors create a relaxed yet refined aesthetic.


A gray backsplash is an elegant choice with white counters. Cool-toned grays maintain a fresh, crisp feel. Warm grays introduce moody, soothing tones. Matte, shiny, patterned or 3D gray tiles all pop against bright white.


Blue-gray backsplashes are sophisticated and stylish with white counters. Pale aqua-greys keep things soft and restful. Bold slate blues make the backsplash the dramatic focal point. Subway tiles in muted blue-gray glaze are a popular contemporary choice.

Pale Blue

Serene and airy pastel blues, from powder blue to sky blue, give white countertops a cheerful, coastal vibe. Glossy pale blue metro tiles have a vintage diner charm. Moroccan-patterned tiles in watery blue add artistic flair.

Vibrant Hues

Want your white kitchen to really pop? Use your backsplash as an opportunity to add energizing pops of color. Vibrant backsplash hues like citrus orange, lime green, and cobalt blue make the space vivid and fun.

Citrus Orange

Bold orange instantly energizes white countertops and cabinets. Warm terra-cotta and peach shades keep things cozy and welcoming. Vibrant blood orange amps up the drama and makes a bold design statement.

Lime Green

Perky lime green backsplashes breathe youthful spirit into white kitchens. Zesty yellow-greens pair perfectly with bright white surfaces. Glossy lime green subway tiles add retro diner charm. Deep kelly greens have an elegant vintage vibe.

Cobalt Blue

Navy and royal blue backsplashes make white counters pop. Deep cobalt glass tiles have an artsy, elegant look. Vintage-inspired patterns in classic navy blue bring timeless appeal. Metallic blue tiles inject modern flair.

Natural Accents

Natural materials like wood, stone, and marble add organic texture and warmth to white countertops. Nature-inspired backsplashes help keep an all-white kitchen feeling grounded and livable.


Wood backsplashes infuse white kitchens with rustic charm. Weathered barnwood boards have an aged, distressed look. Rich woodgrain tiles lend an earthy vibe. Darker exotic woods like ebony or mahogany provide dramatic contrast.


Rough-hewn stone tiles or slate backsplashes complement white countertops with natural texture. Sandstone and travertine add a soothing naturalk palette. Pebbles and stacked stone make unique, organic statements.


Elegant marble backsplashes elevate white countertops with timeless sophistication. Classic white marble has a crisp, statuesque look. Veined marble in shades of gray, green, or gold lend subtle luxury. Marble patterns and mosaics are stunning and artistic.

Bold Patterns

Make a big decor statement with a graphically patterned backsplash against white countertops. Stripes, Moroccan fish scales, and geometric mosaics all energize sleek white kitchen surfaces.

Black and White

A black and white backsplash is a go-to high-contrast choice for white counters. Dramatic graphic patterns like harlequin and checkerboard are eye-catching. Simple black penny tiles work in vintage and contemporary kitchens.


Jazz up white countertops with a vibrant mosaic backsplash in bold jewel tones, tropical brights, or retro pastels. The colorful tiles create a lively focal point and add visual texture.


Geometric backsplashes bring bold impact to white kitchens. Herringbone patterns add structured style. Hexagons, triangles, and diamonds create artistic flair. Metallic mosaics shine.

FAQs About Backsplash with White Countertops

What is the most popular backsplash color for white cabinets?

White subway tiles are the most popular backsplash for white cabinets. Crisp white on white has a clean, bright look. White beveled tiles add dimension. White marble or wood add natural texture.

What color backsplash goes with a white kitchen?

In addition to white, popular backsplash colors with white kitchens include light grays and beiges, navy blue, black, wood tones, and marble. Vibrant hues like emerald, cherry red, and sapphire blue also make dramatic accent colors.

What backsplash goes with Carrara marble countertops?

For Carrara marble countertops, good backsplash options include matching white marble, white subway tile, gray or cream stone tile, metal tiles, ceramic mosaic patterns, and light wood plank tiles.

What color cabinets go with a white marble backsplash?

White and light gray cabinets pair attractively with white marble backsplashes. Navy blue, black, or wood cabinets also create stylish contrast against the white marble. Neutral countertops work best to showcase the backsplash.

Can you do a dark backsplash with light countertops?

Yes, a darkly colored backsplash can provide beautiful contrast against light countertops. Deep blue, charcoal, or black backsplashes really stand out against bright white counters and cabinets. Just be sure the dark color doesn’t overwhelm the space.


With an abundance of colors and materials to choose from, selecting the perfect backsplash to match white countertops can elevate your kitchen’s style tremendously. Neutral tones keep the look refined yet cozy. Vibrant hues and bold patterns energize the space. Natural textures add organic warmth. Whatever you choose, let your backsplash and white countertops play off each other to create a kitchen that’s uniquely you. Use your backsplash to reflect your personal taste and design aesthetic. The possibilities are endless!