What Color Backsplash with White Cabinets and Black Countertops

Go Bold with a Contrasting Color

If you want your backsplash to stand out, choose a bold and contrasting color against the white and black. Vibrant hues like red, green, or teal can add an exciting pop of color. Just be sure to pick a shade with the same undertones as your countertops; for example, pair a cherry red backsplash with a burgundy-tinted black granite countertop. The contrast will be eye-catching but not overly clashing.

Some specific colors to consider:

  • Cherry red – A hot, fiery hue that energizes any kitchen. Works with black granite that has reddish veining.
  • Lime green – A fun, retro option for contemporary kitchens. Complements black granite with green/gray tones.
  • Sapphire or teal – These cool blue-greens have just enough punch without going overboard. Pair with a black granite that has blue accents.

Try a Vibrant Neutral

If you want a neutral backsplash that still has personality, go for a deeper, more saturated shade. Rich hues like chocolate brown, charcoal, or navy blue serve as neutrals but have enough presence to stand out. Deep grays and taupes are also great middle-ground options.

Consider these posh neutral shades:

  • Chocolate brown – Warmer than basic brown, with striking depth. Works with black granite slabs that have brown veining.
  • Charcoal gray – A touch of smoke and mystery; stunning with black granite that has silvery gray marbling.
  • Navy blue – A neutral with a nautical vibe. Complements black granite with navy blue undertones.

Match Black with Black

For a more subtle, elegant look, choose a black backsplash tile. Matching the countertops creates a seamless visual effect. But avoid going too dark and gloomy. Opt for black granite, marble or porcelain with veins of white, gray, or metallics to keep it fresh.

Some black-on-black pairings to consider:

  • Black quartzite – With white swirls and veining, quartzite adds natural drama.
  • Black granite – Seek out granite with ornamental cracks and metallic mica flecks.
  • Black marble – White marbling helps keep this sophisticated. Choose a highly-polished finish.

Go Neutral with Gray

You can never go wrong pairing white cabinets with gray backsplash tiles. Go light to medium gray for a subdued but complementary look. Stay away from pale grays – go for a gray with a bit of body and complexity. Consider a straightforward subway tile or experiment with different shapes.

Some perfect grays for your white and black kitchen:

  • Fog gray – A soft, misty hue with calming appeal.
  • Slate gray – More rugged and natural looking; great for rustic kitchens.
  • Charcoal gray – Bolder than basic gray with a little more edge.

Add Warmth with Earth Tones

Warm, earthy tones help ground all the crisp black-and-white and impart a welcoming, rustic vibe. Rich brown, beige, and tan backsplashes look subtly dazzling against white cabinetry and black granite or soapstone countertops. Stick to matte finishes for a vintage feel.

Some specific earth tones worth checking out:

  • Tan – Specifically, look for a light brown-beige tan with gray undertones.
  • Sand – Not quite beige, but a warm, organic neutral.
  • Terracotta – That sunbaked clay hue brings a Tuscan flair.

Go for Classic with White

Matching the white cabinetry with a white backsplash is an easy, classic choice. To avoid looking washed out or monotonous, opt for an artisan-style or uniquely shaped white tile, like subway, hexagon, fish scale, or hand-painted. Or add visual interest by alternating patterns and textures.

Some examples of white-on-white backsplashes:

  • Subway tile – Classic rectangular shape, optionally paired with variegated grout.
  • Herringbone – The zig-zag pattern adds tailored flair.
  • Octagons – Angular shape and slim grout lines pump up plain white tile.
  • Hand-painted – Custom designs give personalized character.


What color backsplash goes best with black granite countertops?

Some of the most compatible backsplash colors with black granite countertops are vibrant hues like emerald green, rich neutrals like chocolate brown, or lighter accents like silvery grays. Avoid orange and red undertones.

What backsplash looks good with soapstone countertops?

Soapstone’s soft gray shades pair well with backsplashes in cream, warm tan, light brown, or peachy neutrals. Avoid stark whites or cool grays. Distressed wood, metal and stone mosaic backsplashes also complement the rustic vibe of soapstone.

Can you do a black backsplash with black countertops?

Yes, pairing black countertops with a black backsplash can look very sleek and contemporary. Just be sure to use black stones and tiles with lighter gray or white veining to avoid looking too dark and monochromatic. Metallic mica flecks in the granite also help the black-on-black pop.

What tile color complements white cabinets?

Light gray, beige, tan, cream, pale yellow, and light blue backsplash tiles all look stunning against bright white cabinets. Bold pops of color like navy, green, and red can also complement white cabinetry as long as you pick accent shades carefully.

Should backsplash match countertops or cabinets?

It’s generally best to match the backsplash more closely to the countertops than the cabinets. Since countertops and backsplashes sit right next to each other, matching these elements creates a more cohesive look. The backsplash serves as a transition between the countertop and upper cabinets.


The ideal backsplash color for white cabinets and black countertops depends on the look you want to achieve. Vibrant hues, rich neutrals, and matching black-on-black all create an eye-catching contrast, while lighter grays and whites keep the palette fresh and bright. Always coordinate all three elements – cabinets, countertops, and backsplash – and sample different tiles before finalizing your dream kitchen’s backdrop. With thoughtful planning, you can pick the perfect backsplash to tie your whole look together.