What Color Backsplash With Grey Cabinets

Selecting the perfect backsplash color to complement grey kitchen cabinets can be tricky. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Here’s an in-depth look at the best what color backsplash with grey cabinets combinations to create a stylish kitchen design.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Backsplash Color

When deciding what color backsplash pairs best with grey cabinets, keep these key factors in mind:

The Undertones of Your Grey Cabinets

Grey kitchen cabinets can have cool, warm, or neutral undertones. Cool greys have blue/green undertones, warm greys have yellow/red undertones, while neutral greys don’t lean towards any color. The undertone of your grey will impact the backsplash colors that complement it best.

The Style of Your Kitchen

Modern and contemporary kitchens tend to work well with bold, high-contrast backsplashes in colors like white or black. Traditional kitchen designs are often complemented by softer hues like beige or tan.

Natural Lighting in the Space

The amount of natural light in your kitchen will affect how colors appear. Darker backsplash colors like navy blue or charcoal may feel too dark in a space with limited light. Lighter hues open up the space.

Your Personal Tastes

While considering what’s trendy or recommended, choose a backsplash color you genuinely love. This is a permanent kitchen feature that should reflect your personal style.

Top Backsplash Color Options for Grey Cabinets


A white backsplash is a popular choice with grey cabinets, as it creates a light, airy look. The high contrast between the white and grey draws the eye upwards, making the space feel open and bright. White backsplashes pair well with any shade of grey and various kitchen styles.

Subway tiles, marble, and quartz are all stunning white backsplash options. Matte finishes prevent glaring. For contemporary kitchens, opt for sleek glass or ceramic wall tiles in white.


For dramatic contrast, black backsplashes are eye-catching complements to grey cabinetry. From modern to farmhouse-chic kitchens, black adds a bold, sophisticated look. Dark grey cabinets with a rich black backsplash have a stylishly moody aesthetic.

Black granite, metal tiles, or porcelain tiles create an edgy vibe. For contemporary loft-style kitchens, a black glass tile backsplash adds intriguing texture. Matte black finishes limit fingerprints and glare.


Warm, neutral beige backsplashes blend effortlessly with grey cabinets, adding subtle contrast while keeping a minimalist, calming aesthetic. Matte porcelain beige tiles have an organic, earthy feel that suits casual kitchens. Use natural stone like quartzite for an upscale look.

Light and medium grey cabinets benefit most from beige backsplashes. Keep the countertops light as well, so the beige hue stands out.


From navy to sky blue, varying shades of blue painted or tiled backsplashes pair beautifully with grey cabinets. Blue and grey have a naturally complementary color relationship, allowing the backsplash color to stand out while tying the whole space together.

Bold navy blue makes a striking contrast against black, dark grey or white cabinets. Soft powder blue adds a cheerful pop of color with light grey cabinets. Blue glass or ceramic tiles create depth.


Verdant green backsplashes inject color and energy into a grey kitchen. The combination feels fresh yet grounded. Green plays up the cool undertones in light to mid-range grey cabinets. Dark green backsplashes also balance salty grey cabinets nicely.

Vintage styled mint green subway tiles have a refreshing cottage feel. Metallic green mosaic tiles and emerald glass tiles catch the light elegantly. Use matte finishes to soften brightness in small kitchens.


Why choose one color when you can have an artful blend? From eclectic mosaics to colorblocked tile patterns, mixing multiple backsplash colors with grey cabinets keeps the look exciting. Contrasting hues like crisp white and moody black or navy work well.

In traditional kitchens, soft creams paired with pale greens and blues in Moroccan-style tiles create a welcoming old-world aesthetic. Modern graphic cement tiles also coexist beautifully with grey cabinets.

5 Things to Avoid with a Grey Kitchen Backsplash

Too Much Contrast

Pairing grey cabinets with very dark backsplashes like black can look chic. But too much tonal contrast in a small space can feel jarring and close in the room. Similarly, all white kitchens with grey cabinets have lots of contrast that draws the eye up and highlights imperfections.

Matching Grey Tones

While seamless, matching your grey cabinets and backsplash color exactly or very closely can create a flat, boring look. Having contrast between these two central areas adds dimension and visual interest.

Red and Yellow

Stark red and bright yellow backsplash tiles often clash with grey cabinets instead of complementing them. However, if your heart is set on red, opt for muted terracotta tiles instead of scarlet. Soft peach or mustard work better than bright lemon yellow.

Dated Tile

Some backsplash tile styles instantly evoke the 90s or 2000s in a bad way. Avoid busy mosaic patterns or bubble glass tiles in distracting shades.

DIY Installation

Unless you have tiling experience, installing a backsplash yourself with grout and all can go wrong quickly. Invest in a pro installation to get clean, even lines and properly sealed tiles.

How to Choose Your Own Grey and Backsplash Combination

If you’re still undecided on backsplash ideas for grey kitchen cabinets, follow these steps to create your own perfect color combination:

  • Analyze undertones: Identify whether your cabinets are warm, neutral or cool grey. This narrows suitable backsplash hues.
  • Gather inspiration: Look at photos online and in design magazines for backsplash and grey cabinet combinations that appeal to you. Note colors and styles.
  • Select colors: Choose backsplash shades you’re drawn to and that will complement your grey kitchen cabinets.
  • Purchase samples: Buy small samples of your top backsplash color contenders to view in your kitchen. Examine at different times of day.
  • Decide on materials: Consider the look and practicalities of glass, ceramic, metal, stone and other backsplash materials that could work with your cabinet style and color.
  • Install a test tile: Before tiling the entire backsplash, install a tile section in a non-central spot to see it in the space.
  • Visualize the finished look: Use photo editing tools to create mockups of your kitchen with the backsplash colors you’re considering. Assess these for the overall effect.

With the right backsplash color choice and professionally installed tiles, your grey kitchen cabinets will look stylishly pulled together. Any of the lovely combinations above will enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic. Have fun exploring colors and materials to find your ideal what color backsplash with grey cabinets match.

FAQs About Choosing a Backsplash Color for Grey Cabinets

Should I go for a cool or warm backsplash color with grey cabinets?

This depends on the dominant undertones in your grey cabinets. Cool-toned backsplash hues like blue, green and violet suit cabinets with cool grey undertones. Warm greys with yellow/red undertones are complemented by warm tan, terracotta, peach, yellow or red backsplash colors.

How do I pick a backsplash that ties into my countertops with grey cabinets?

Try to coordnate backsplash, countertop and grey cabinet colors so they flow cohesively. For example, white quartz countertops, dove grey cabinets and cream tiles work beautifully together. Just avoid matching cabinet, counter and backsplash colors exactly.

Can I use wallpaper as a backsplash with grey cabinets?

Yes, wallpaper can make a fun, patterned backsplash alternative to tile. Select papers designed for kitchen use that will withstand moisture and grease near the stove. Install over waterproof drywall for safety.

What grey grout color should I use with a white backsplash?

White grout suits white backsplashes with grey cabinets well. Off-white “bone” colored grout is also popular. Go with a grey grout shade that closely matches your cabinet color for a seamless look. White and dark grey grout shows staining easily.

Should my grey kitchen island match the main cabinets?

For a streamlined look, your kitchen island and wall cabinetry works best in the same shade of grey. But if the island has different counter materials, painting it a slightly lighter or darker grey than the main cabinets can differentiate the two areas attractively.


The ideal what color backsplash with grey cabinets choice reflects your personal taste while creating a cohesive kitchen design. Lighter hues like white, beige and blue suit many styles beautifully. For modern edge, darker accent colors like charcoal, navy and emerald green pair strikingly with grey cabinetry.

Ultimately, let your favorite color combinations guide you. With smart backsplash coordination, grey cabinets can provide the perfect sophisticated or casual foundation for any inviting kitchen space.