What Color Backsplash with Brown Granite?

Choosing the right backsplash color to pair with brown granite countertops can be tricky. With so many options, it’s hard to know which colors will look best. Here’s an in-depth look at the best backsplash colors to complement brown granite countertops.


Brown granite countertops are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Granite comes in a wide range of brown tones, from light tans to deep chocolate browns. The variegated pattern of brown granite adds visual interest and depth.

When selecting a backsplash for brown granite, you want to pick a color that enhances the granite rather than clashing with it. You also need to consider the style of your kitchen or bathroom. Is it traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between? The backsplash color should fit the overall aesthetic.

Some general guidelines:

  • Warm neutral tones like tans, browns and beiges are always safe choices with brown granite. They blend seamlessly.
  • Bold colors like reds, oranges and yellows can work well with darker brown granite countertops, adding punchy contrast.
  • Cooler hues like blues and greens complement lighter brown granite colors.
  • Metallic backsplashes like copper and bronze pair nicely with brown granite’s natural veining.
  • Mosaic tile backsplashes provide a playful pop of color against brown granite.

Consider the rest of your color scheme when selecting a backsplash color. You want the countertops, backsplash, cabinetry and flooring to all work together harmoniously.

Best Backsplash Colors for Brown Granite


A beige backsplash is a foolproof choice with brown granite countertops. The soft, neutral hue blends in beautifully, allowing the granite to take center stage. Beige has a warming effect that flatters the brown tones of the granite.

Select a beige backsplash tile or glass tile with subtle variations in tone for added depth. Matte finishes work best for a natural look that complements granite’s inherent shine. Beige backsplashes pair equally well with light and dark brown granite.

For a beach house vibe, try sea glass tile in sandy beige hues. In more traditional kitchens, use an earthy beige ceramic subway tile or mosaic backsplash.


Much like beige, cream is a versatile neutral that integrates nicely with brown granite. Slightly warmer than beige, cream has golden undertones that enhance brown granite’s natural patina.

To prevent cream from looking too soft, add some surface texture. Try an embossed ceramic tile or Moroccan fish scale tile. Creamy travertine or pebbled glass backsplashes also add nice contrast to smooth brown granite.

Cream is ideal for accentuating the tan, caramel and honey brown tones found in many granite slabs. Keep cream backsplashes looking bright by pairing with white cabinetry and plenty of natural light.


For a richer pairing, consider a walnut brown backsplash with brown granite counters. Matching the depth of tone creates a cohesive look. Walnut brown has grey undertones that tie in beautifully with brown granite’s mineral streaks.

Natural materials like wood-look porcelain planks and tile make an organic pairing for stone granite counters. Or opt for brown Moroccan mosaic tile for that blend of old-world charm and modern style that never goes out of fashion.

Walnut brown backsplashes complement deeper chocolate brown granites especially well. Add pops of color with accessories to keep the dark palette from feeling too somber.


From pale greige to charcoal, grey makes an adaptable color choice for brown granite backsplashes. Light grey brings out the distinctive black flecks and veins in many brown granite slabs. Dark grey enhances deep chocolate and espresso granite tones.

Grey tiles, like soapstone and slate, pair nicely with brown granite’s natural stone finish. Or go for modern glass, ceramic or porcelain tiles in complementary grey hues. Try pairing grey mosaic penny tile with brown granite in a retro or cottage style kitchen for a striking combination.

Cool grey works well to create a soothing palette with light brown granites. Charcoal grey pops dramatically against very dark blackish-brown granites.


Blue might not seem like an obvious pairing for brown granite, but it can be surprisingly beautiful. Hues like sky blue and pale aqua complement lighter tanned brown granites. Navy blue draws out the greater depth in darker brown granite.

Handmade subway tiles in muted blue-greys highlight brown granite’s striking mineral patterns. Or make a statement with brilliant cobalt glass tile for tropical flair.

For a beachy aesthetic, combine sea glass tile in watery blues and greens with brown granite that resembles sea-polished stone.

Azure and sky blue backsplashes keep lighter brown kitchens feeling bright and airy. Deep blue tones match well with the espresso depths found in some brown granite slabs.


Earthy green is another great option that works well with brown granite counters. Sage and muted olive greens enhance the natural swirls and flecks in brown granite. Dark forest greens match beautifully with very dark, inky brown granites.

Try naturally textured greens like jadeite, serpentine stone or sea glass tiles. Metallic green glass backsplashes also pair nicely with brown granite’s glimmering flecks.

In bathrooms, consider green glass subway tiles for a refreshing spa-like ambiance. For kitchens, combine olive green backsplashes with Tuscan-style decor. Green and brown are colors found together frequently in nature, so they complement each other intuitively.


A classic choice, white backsplashes allow the variation and movement in brown granite counters to take the spotlight. White has a light brightening effect that keeps brown granite from feeling too heavy.

White subway tile, distressed white bricks and white marble tiles all make clean pairings with brown granite. Or use glass penny tile in glossy bright white for some shine. Keep the rest of the kitchen light and airy for a fresh contemporary look.

For a farmhouse style kitchen, try white shiplap boards behind brown granite counters and exposed wood beams overhead. White is equally suited to modern, traditional, minimalist and eclectic spaces.


For dramatic contrast, pair inky black backsplashes with brown granite countertops. This high-impact combo accentuates the veining and speckles inherent to granite. Stunning in modern industrial kitchens.

Glossy black ceramic and porcelain tiles make a bold statement against brown granite. Soapstone mosaics in black are more subdued. Use sparingly as an accent behind ranges or sinks when doing all-over black seems too dark.

Black mosaic tile lined with white grout features the color combo in a lighter way. Matte black metal tiles and rustic grey-black limestone also work with brown granite.

Tips for Selecting Backsplash Colors

  • Look at your entire kitchen or bathroom color scheme, not just the countertops. Make sure your backsplash complements your cabinets, flooring and paint colors.
  • Gather inspiration from photos of rooms with brown granite counters. See which backsplash hues appeal most.
  • Purchase tile samples or paint swatches. Look at small sections of your brown granite and compare colors side by side.
  • Consider the style you want – contemporary, traditional, minimalist – and select a backsplash that aligns.
  • Think about the overall mood you’re aiming for – warm, tranquil, energetic. Let that guide your backsplash color choice.
  • Don’t overthink it! Brown granite is very versatile. And your backsplash can always be changed down the road.


What is the most popular backsplash color with brown granite?

Beige and cream backsplashes are most popular with brown granite countertops. Soft neutrals pair beautifully with the depth and texture of granite.

What color backsplash goes best with dark brown granite?

Dark charcoal grey, navy blue and forest green all complement very dark brown/black granite well. White and beige also create appealing contrast.

What color backsplash goes well with brown granite that has blue in it?

For brown granite with blue flecks or veining, stick with neutral backsplash colors. Beige, cream and light grey will allow the blue tones in the granite to show.

What color backsplash should you avoid with brown granite?

Avoid pure red, which might look too bold and clash. Soft pink can work, but avoid hot pink. Yellow can also be tricky – soft yellow works, but golden yellow may look dated.

What tile goes well with brown granite?

Tile materials like travertine, slate, marble, and ceramic complement brown granite beautifully. Subway tile, mosaic tile, marble tile and pebble tile all pair nicely.


Brown granite countertops offer a wealth of style possibilities through the selection of the perfect coordinating backsplash color. From beige and cream for understated elegance, to walnut and charcoal grey for drama, the options are vast. Always consider the overall design vision and keep colors cohesive. Trust your instincts, select backsplash materials with texture, and you can’t go wrong. With the right backsplash hue, brown granite counters will add timeless beauty to your kitchen or bath for years to come.