What Color Backsplash with Black Granite


Choosing the right backsplash color to pair with black granite countertops can make a dramatic difference in your kitchen’s aesthetic. The backsplash serves as an eye-catching focal point and brings out the rich depth and elegance of the granite. With so many backsplash color options available, it can be tricky to settle on just the right hue. This article will explore popular backsplash color choices for black granite and provide tips to guide your design.

Complementary Neutrals

Pairing black granite with neutral backsplash colors is a timeless, elegant choice. Light beiges, creams, grays and whites beautifully complement the dark granite without overpowering it. These muted backsplash colors allow the striking black granite to take center stage.


A white backsplash provides a crisp, bright contrast against rich black granite. The combination feels modern and luxurious. Glossy subway tiles, decorative mosaics, or even rustic bricks in white can make for an elegant backsplash. Just take care to avoid choosing a stark, clinical white – instead, opt for a backsplash with subtle variations in tone for depth.


From light pewter to dark charcoal, gray makes for an extremely versatile backsplash color with black granite. Pair cool-toned grays with black granite for a monochromatic, sophisticated look. Warm greys with undertones of beige or brown feel more earthy and organic. Matt, satin or polished gray tiles work well, depending on whether you prefer a subtle or high-gloss finish.


Cream or off-white backsplashes bring warmth to a black granite countertop. Creams with yellow, beige or brown undertones coordinate seamlessly with the granite’s swirls and patterns. Subway tiles, marble mosaics, or travertine tiles in cream tones keep the look natural but polished. Avoid stark whites in favor of these warmer, softer cream backsplash colors.


Beige is a flexible neutral that pairs effortlessly with dark granite. Try a mosaic of natural stone tiles in warm caramel and tan tones. Or go for dramatic contrast with matte beige subway tiles against the granite’s glossy finish. Keep the beige backsplash light to let the dramatic black granite stand out.

Bold and Vibrant Hues

For a more striking, dynamic look, choose a colorful backsplash that energizes the space. Vibrant hues spotlight the granite and add an artistic flair to kitchens.


From light and airy sky blue to dramatic navy, blue backsplashes complement black granite beautifully. Deep blues and bold cobalt instantly modernize a kitchen. Soft powder blue or weathered blue-gray backsplashes have a more relaxed, coastal vibe. Glossy or handpainted ceramic tiles in any shade of blue make a stunning impact.


Echoing the earthy tones found in black granite, olive green, sage and deep emerald green backsplashes pop against the dark stone. Handmade green ceramic tiles, vertically-laid subway tiles, or mosaics with dimensional green glass bring texture and depth. Vintage-look penny tiles in soft seafoam green give a refreshing, spa-like feel.


For serious drama, bright red backsplashes paired with black granite countertops create bold contrast. From rich burgundy to cherry red to rusty orange-red, any hue in the red family makes a powerful style statement. Glossy ceramic tiles, Moroccan-style mosaics, or reclaimed barnwood planks stained red suit this daring color combination.


Sunny yellow backsplashes inject energy and optimism into moody black granite kitchens. Mustard yellow, lemon yellow or goldenrod backsplashes in ceramic, porcelain or handpainted tiles give vintage appeal. For contemporary edge, try a graphic black-and-white mosaic patterned with bright yellow accents.

Natural Stone Backsplashes

Using natural stone backsplashes is an easy way to seamlessly match black granite countertops. Coordinate your granite with backsplash tiles in similar earth tones, styles and finishes for a cohesive look.


For perfect symmetry, a full granite backsplash matches black countertops flawlessly. Bookmatch the granite, continuing the pattern up the walls. Or, choose a contrasting granite color in the backsplash – lighter grays and whites help brighten the space. A full granite backsplash makes a substantial style statement.


With its pitted surface and sandy tones, travertine tile has natural harmony with black granite. For a laidback vibe, install a stacked stone travertine backsplash in soft beige behind the countertop. Travertine ranges from creamy ivory to warm walnut colors, giving diverse options.


Elegant marble backsplashes complement black granite countertops, adding a touch of sophistication. Carrara white marble creates bright contrast while gray marble provides tonal symmetry. Opt for polished marble tiles or intricate marble mosaics for timeless beauty.


Slate backsplashes offer earthy textures and smoky shades that suit black granite perfectly. Go for dramatic effect with bold black slate tiles against the granite. Softer beiges, grays and blues found in natural slate also coordinate beautifully in a more subdued way.

Style Considerations with Black Granite Backsplashes

Along with color, give thought to backsplash style when designing your kitchen. Keep the following principles in mind:

  • Match the backsplash and countertop finishes – polished, honed, matte, etc. This creates visual harmony.
  • Granite contains movement and pattern. Busy backsplash designs compete. Opt for solid tiles or simple mosaics.
  • Prioritize function. Select durable, water-resistant backsplash materials that withstand cooking messes.
  • Set realistic budgets. Natural stone or ceramic tile is advisable over cheap panels that deteriorate.
  • Weigh pros and cons. Full backsplashes prevent damage but limit wall space. Partial backsplashes allow more flexibility.
  • Consider backlighting. Lighted cabinets or under-cabinet lighting accentuate gorgeous backsplash details.


The ideal backsplash color for your black granite countertop depends on your personal taste and the overall style you hope to achieve. Whether you select a dramatic jewel-tone, an energizing neutral or natural complementary stone, keep the principles of color, texture, pattern and finish in mind. With strategic planning and proper installation, your backsplash will beautifully enhance dark granite counters and give your kitchen a luxurious, designer look. What color backsplash will you choose with your sleek black granite? The possibilities are endless!