What Color Backsplash Goes with Maple Cabinets

Choosing the right backsplash color for your maple cabinets can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. The backsplash serves as an accent wall that can either beautifully complement your cabinetry or clash with it. Maple cabinets have a light brown tone that can pair well with many colors from warm neutrals to bold hues. Here are some of the best backsplash color options to consider for maple cabinets.

Warm Neutral Tones

Maple cabinetry has reddish-brown undertones that look beautiful when paired with backsplashes in warm neutrals like:


A beige backsplash is a safe, versatile option that blends well with the light brown maple cabinets. Different shades of beige from very light to tan will complement the wood color. Beige backsplashes give off a soft, welcoming vibe.

Light Brown

Choose a backsplash in a lighter brown tone that’s similar to the maple cabinets for a seamless flow. Adding brown veining or patterns adds nice contrast. Light brown backsplashes enrich the wood grains in the maple.


Cream-colored backsplashes are slightly warmer than beige with a gentle yellow undertone. Creams offer a brightening effect that looks amazing with maple cabinetry. Consider cream marble, travertine or ceramic subway tiles.


Taupe backsplashes are a popular choice with maple cabinets because they have gray and brown blended together. The subtle gray neutralizes the yellow in maple while the brown undertones match perfectly.


Gray backsplashes are also highly recommended for maple cabinets to create a stylish, modern kitchen aesthetic. Consider shades like:

Light Gray

Soft, pale gray backsplashes give a refined, elegant look with maple cabinets. Light grays show off the wood grain and bring out the cabinets’ brown visual depth. Try mini hexagon or rectangular subway tiles.

Charcoal Gray

For more contrast, go for charcoal gray backsplashes with maple cabinetry. The deeper gray makes the light brown maple pop while adding sleek, contemporary appeal.


Backsplashes in muted blue-gray hues add a subtle color element that works beautifully with warm maple cabinets. It has a rejuvenating effect.

Gray Stone or Marble

Elegant gray-veined marble, quartzite or limestone backsplashes make a sophisticated statement and provide natural pattern and texture.

Earthy Hues

Maple cabinets pair amazingly well with backsplashes in rich, organic earth tones that enhance the wood’s natural beauty:


Warmer and more brown than beige, tan backsplash tiles have red-orange undertones that sync perfectly with maple cabinetry.


Terracotta backsplashes in orangey-brown earth tones complement maple cabinets in an eye-catching way. Distressed terracotta tiles work especially well.


Go for slightly lighter or darker brown backsplash tiles to match maple cabinets. Adding brown accents pulls everything together cohesively.


Natural sandstone backsplashes have beautiful earthy blends of tans, browns and grays that enrich maple cabinetry to perfection. The texture also adds nice dimension.

Bold and Vibrant Colors

While neutral backsplash colors play it safe, don’t be afraid to use maple cabinets as the base for bolder backsplash hues like:

Navy Blue

From deep to brighter shades, navy blue backsplashes pop gorgeously against light maple cabinets. The bold color contrast is striking yet elegant.

Emerald Green

Vibrant emerald or sage green backsplashes energize a maple cabinet kitchen. Green has an uplifting effect that complements the wood tones.

Brick Red

For a trendy, modern look, install a glossy brick red ceramic or glass tile backsplash with maple cabinets. It accentuates the cabinets’ reddish hints.


A black backsplash is incredibly dramatic against golden maple cabinets. Try black subway tiles or mini hexagons to create contemporary appeal.

Backsplash Ideas with Maple Cabinets

In addition to backsplash color, also consider material, texture, shape and pattern to enhance maple cabinets:

  • Mix and match rectangular cream, beige and taupe ceramic subway tiles in a herringbone layout. The shape and natural flow are beautiful with maple.
  • Go for 1″ beveled Arabesque or scalloped white ceramic tiles for a touch of traditional charm.
  • Try a geometric or moroccan-style backsplash mosaic in grays and whites for visual intrigue.
  • Install rectangular penny tiles in black, navy or gray for an eye-catching patchwork effect.
  • Choose marble, travertine or limestone backsplash tiles for natural elegance and depth.
  • Use cream or beige crackled glazed ceramic tiles for Old World character against the maple.
  • Try a contemporary combo of gray and white glass or stone backsplash tiles. Their sheen plays off the matte maple cabinets.
  • Install skinny white or beige brick-shaped tiles vertically using brown grout that matches the maple cabinets.


Maple kitchen cabinets offer great versatility when selecting your backsplash color and design. Neutral, earthy and even bold backsplash hues can look amazing with the right shade of maple cabinetry. Keep the cabinet finish and overall kitchen style in mind when deciding on backsplash materials and patterns as well. With so many options to create the perfect complementary or contrasting accent, you’re sure to find a beautiful backsplash to enhance your maple cabinets.