What Color Backsplash Goes With Green Countertops?

Choosing the right backsplash color to complement green countertops can really bring your kitchen design together. The shade of green you select for your countertops will help determine which backsplash colors work best. Here are some of our top tips for selecting a backsplash color for green countertops.

Neutral Backsplash Colors

Neutrals like white, gray, beige and black are safe backsplash color options that will look classic and sophisticated with green countertops.


A crisp white backsplash will make the green pop while keeping the space light and airy. White has a clean, bright look that pairs well with any shade of green from mint to emerald. White marble, subway tile or glass tile all make great white backsplash options.


For a more modern, sleek look, consider a gray backsplash with green counters. Light grays work well with pale green granite or mint counters while darker charcoal grays complement deeper green shades. Try concrete, marble, porcelain or glass gray tiles.


Warm up a cool green palette with beige backsplash tiles. Natural stone mosaic tiles in cream, tan and brown beige hues add subtle contrast while coordinating with green. Travertine and marble bring organic texture.


Make a dramatic statement with glossy black backsplash tiles against rich green counters. Use matte black ceramic or porcelain tile for a slightly softer contrast. Black plays well with deep green granite, gemstone or solid surface countertops.

Colored Backsplash Ideas

Colorful backsplashes can look amazing with green countertops. Consider hues from the same color family or complementary shades for a cohesive look.


From light aqua to navy, blue backsplashes create a relaxing vibe paired with green counters. Robin’s egg blue adds a retro diner feel while cobalt makes a vibrant modern statement. Subway tiles, glass mosaic and patterned tiles in any shade of blue enhance green granite, quartz or marble countertops.


Cheerful yellow backsplashes glow against green. Warm golden yellows work best with deeper green counters like emerald or forest greens while bright lemon yellow pops against mint green. Try glossy ceramic tiles or handmade artisan tiles to infuse sunshine.


Red backsplash tiles create an energetic, bold look with green countertops. Deep crimson, rusty orange-reds and brick red all provide striking contrast against emerald, mint or sage greens. Glass, metal and ceramic tile in red hues amp up the drama.


Regal purple backsplashes bring out the jewel tone beauty of rich green counters. Plum, lilac, violet and eggplant purple tiles look dazzling against green granite or marble surfaces. Use vibrant mosaic tiles or colorful handmade tiles to showcase this royal combo.


For a bright, lively aesthetic, consider pairing green countertops with orange backsplash tiles. Burnt orange, terra cotta, peach and coral tiles with a handcrafted look work well with green. Use sparingly as an accent or go bold with a full orange backsplash.

Backsplash Ideas for Popular Green Countertops

Certain backsplash colors and materials are especially well-suited to popular green countertop shades like emerald, mint and sage.

Backsplashes for Emerald Green Countertops

Jewel-toned emerald green granite and marble countertops look best with backsplashes in metallic tones. Polished gold, brushed bronze and stainless steel tiles amplify the gemstone color. Deep red or purple glass tiles also complement the riches green beautifully.

Backsplashes for Mint Green Countertops

Playful mint green countertops keep things fresh when paired with equally cheery backsplash hues. Use light blue, sunny yellow or soft pink tiles to play up the pastel palette. Or go crisp with glossy white subway tiles and mint counters.

Backsplashes for Sage Green Countertops

Earthy sage green granite or soapstone countertops work well with natural backsplash materials like stone and wood. Creamy travertine, sandy beige marble, weathered wood plank tiles or even brick backsplashes bring out the organic vibe of sage green.

Style Considerations for Green Countertop Backsplashes

The overall style you want for your kitchen should also help shape your backsplash decision with green countertops.


For a contemporary look, opt for solid green quartz counters with a sleek backsplash in glossy tile or glass. Gray, black and white backsplashes keep the modern aesthetic clean-lined. Stainless steel and metal tiles add polish.


Play up the cottage charm of farmhouse spaces with muted green counters paired with white shiplap plank backsplash or cream subway tiles. A bold red, yellow or blue handmade ceramic backsplash adds cheerful contrast.


Bridge traditional and contemporary with a transitional kitchen backsplash that complements your green countertops. Pair light green granite with beige marble mosaic tile or try deep green solid surface with a white herringbone patterned ceramic backsplash.


Choose dynamic patterned or hand-painted backsplash tiles to complete the exotic elegance of a Mediterranean style kitchen with green counters made of luxurious granite, marble or soapstone. Terracotta, coral and gold backsplashes pop beside the green.

Green Countertop Backsplash Ideas By Material

Beyond color, the texture and finish of your backsplash material impacts the overall look with green countertops.


Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile in endless colors, shapes and patterns are a popular backsplash choice. Subway tile, mosaic tile, handmade art tile or metallic tile all work well with green countertops.


Glass tile backsplashes gleam, catching and reflecting light beautifully. Solid or multi-colored glass tiles paired with green counters create a vibrant, sleek statement.


From copper and brass to stainless steel, metal backsplashes bring beautiful brilliance and texture contrast to green counters. Great for modern and industrial style kitchens.


Marble, travertine, slate and onyx natural stone backsplashes offer organic, textured beauty beside green counters in granite, soapstone or marble.


The natural warmth of wood plank tiles or reclaimed wood backsplashes softens hard green surfaces in organic modern and farmhouse kitchens.

Tips for Backsplashes with Green Countertops

  • Select backsplash tiles in a shape that complements your choice of green countertop material. For example, combine subway tile with granite or penny round mosaics with quartz.
  • Test out backsplash samples alongside your green counters to see colors and patterns together before purchasing.
  • Use your backsplash as an opportunity to layer in extra colors and patterns while coordinating with green counters.
  • Consider extending your backsplash up the wall behind the counters and across entire walls for a bold, contemporary look.
  • Illuminate your backsplash with proper lighting like LED tape lights to make the colors and textures pop.


The versatile hue of green makes a bold and beautiful choice for kitchen countertops. From traditional white marble backsplashes to eye-catching tile patterns and colors, there are many stylish ways to complete the look. Consider the overall style you want along with the specific shade of green when selecting the perfect backsplash. With the right backsplash choice, your green countertops can be the envy of all your guests.