What Color Backsplash Goes With Dark Countertops

Choosing the right backsplash color is crucial for bringing together your dream kitchen. When paired with dark countertops, the backsplash makes a major decorative statement and brings light, style, and visual interest to the space. With so many colors and materials to consider, it can be tricky deciding what backsplash color best complements your dark countertops. This comprehensive guide covers all the top options for stunning backsplash colors that pop beautifully against dark countertops. We’ll explore versatile neutral backsplash colors, eye-catching bold hues, warm natural stone backsplash ideas, and more to inspire your perfect kitchen design.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Backsplash Color

Several key factors come into play when determining the best backsplash color for dark countertops:

Complementing The Countertops

Choose a backsplash hue that complements, not competes with, your countertop color. Dark granite, marble, or engineered quartz countertops look best paired with backsplash colors that create visual contrast, lighten up the space, and make the dark counters really stand out.

Personal Style

Consider the overall aesthetic you want for your kitchen. Do you prefer traditional cookspaces, modern and minimalist, or cozy and farmhouse-inspired? The backsplash color should align with your personal style.


The amount of natural and artificial lighting in your kitchen impacts how colors show. Well-lit spaces can handle darker backsplash hues, while darker kitchens benefit from lighter backsplash colors that brighten up the room.

Cabinet Color

Look at how your chosen backsplash color pairs with your cabinet finish. Contrasting shades usually look best, so the cabinets, counters, and backsplash don’t all blur together.

Size Of The Space

Smaller kitchens tend to look best with lighter backsplash colors that give the illusion of openness. Bolder backsplash colors make more visual impact in larger kitchens.

With these factors in mind, let’s explore the best backsplash colors to really make your dark countertops pop.

Warm Neutral Tones

Warm neutral backsplash colors effortlessly pair with dark countertops and fit beautifully in nearly any kitchen style. From soft beiges to rich browns, these versatile backsplash colors complement dark granite, marble, or quartz countertops while adding a dose of cozy style.


The soft, natural beauty of beige backsplashes looks fantastic against dark counters. Different beige tones, ranging from warm sand to creamy ivory, add subtle interest while allowing the richness of the countertops to take center stage. Beige backsplashes pair elegantly with dark wood or white painted cabinets.

Tile material options for beige backsplashes include:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Marble or stone tile
  • Subway tile
  • Mosaic tile
  • Travertine

Beige is an easy match for different kitchen aesthetics from modern to transitional. It brings out the depth and visual texture in natural stone dark countertops.


For a slightly bolder neutral, tan backsplashes with orange undertones provide a sophisticated, earthy aesthetic against dark granite or quartz. Blending warm sand tones with hints of clay, tan makes an elegant neutral pairing in traditional and farmhouse kitchens.

Great tile options for tan backsplash hues are:

  • Terracotta tile
  • Quarry tile
  • Ceramic tile with an unglazed, natural clay-like finish

Tan orangey backsplashes draw out rich chocolate and coffee tones in dark brown counters. The color combo lends a cozy yet polished look.


Chocolate brown, coffee-colored, or caramel brown backsplashes enrich dark countertops with gorgeous mocha hues. Matte brown ceramic tile or natural stone tile backsplashes pop against black, charcoal, or deep brown countertops.

Ideal brown backsplash tile materials:

  • Marble tile or mosaics
  • Travertine stone
  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile

Warm brown backsplash hues match beautifully with dark wood cabinetry and give traditional kitchens an elegant, timeless look. The color combo also creates a cozy rustic or farmhouse feel.


On-trend grays make sophisticated, versatile backsplash colors with dark countertops. Cool, moody grays pair up elegantly with black granite or black quartz countertops in modern kitchens. Warmer grays beautifully complement brown granite countertops in Arts and Crafts or transitional kitchen designs.

Handsome gray backsplash tile options include:

  • Gray marble tile
  • Gray slate tile
  • Metallic gray subway tile
  • Gray stone mosaic tile

Grays accentuate the striking veining and patterns in marble countertops and bring out the richness of wood cabinetry.


Creamy off-white is a stunning classic backsplash color for dark countertops. Softer than stark white, cream backsplashes blend effortlessly with dark granite, walnut or cherry cabinets, and metal finishes.

Attractive cream backsplash tile ideas:

  • Subway tile
  • Marble tile
  • Tumbled travertine tile
  • Classic ceramic tile

Creamy backsplashes keep things light but still let dramatic dark countertops take the spotlight. This versatile neutral color palette suits traditional, country, or minimalist contemporary kitchen designs.

Bold, Vibrant Hues

Make a vibrant style statement by pairing dark countertops with an eye-catching bold backsplash color. Punchy brights and deep, dramatic hues contrast beautifully with the dark counters while infusing your kitchen with color and personality.


Fiery red makes a seriously bold, energizing style choice contrasting sleek black granite or quartz countertops. Deep oxblood red backsplashes also pair strikingly with rich brown cabinetry and counters. Red instantly warms up any space.

Great red backsplash tile options:

  • Glass mosaic tile
  • Metal and glass mixed media tile
  • Ceramic or porcelain tile

A red backsplash transforms a dark monochromatic kitchen with serious drama and excitement. It also energizes small, enclosed kitchen spaces.


Cheerful sunshine yellow backsplashes breathe happiness into kitchens with dark countertops. The combo of vivid yellow against brooding black granite or quartz creates a dramatic modern vibe. Softer yellows, like lemon or buttercream, also complement brown granite in cozy cottage kitchens.

Upbeat yellow backsplash tile ideas include:

  • Handmade ceramic tile
  • Colored glass subway tile
  • Geometric pattern tiles

A yellow backsplash jazzes up serious dark countertops and makes the whole kitchen pop. Try bold geometric designs or funky patterns for extra whimsy.


Vibrant teal makes a big decorative statement contrasting richly-colored dark granite or wood countertops. The combo of striking dark and vivid teal results in a bold, yet elegant look. Teal attracts the eye and instantly energizes any dull space.

Eye-catching teal backsplash tile options:

  • Handmade art glass tile
  • Blue ceramic mosaic tile
  • Sea glass and stone mixed media tile

For a beachy vibe, pair weathered gray-brown driftwood counters with brilliant turquoise glass tile backsplashes. The lively color combo conjures images of tropical ocean waves.

Navy Blue

Moody midnight blue backsplashes give dark granite or marble countertops a sophisticated, artistic look in modern kitchens. Lighter shades of navy blue, like a weathered blue ceramic tile, also pair nicely with brown counters and rustic wood cabinetry.

Some great navy blue backsplash ideas include:

  • Moroccan-inspired tile
  • Textured glass subway tile
  • Classic blue & white ceramic tile

Navy blue backsplashes complement black, brown, and white countertops for a tailored, elegant style. Keep surrounding décor minimal to let the daring color pop.


Verdant green backsplashes lend a lively, organic vibe paired with dark countertops. Olive greens complement brown counters and wood cabinets for an earthy rustic feel. Vibrant emerald greens energize sleek gray-black granite counters in modern spaces.

Invigorating green backsplash tile ideas:

  • Handpainted art nouveau-style tile
  • Retro mint green subway tile
  • Geometric green mosaic tile

A nature-inspired green backsplash warms up cold dark counters and makes the colors pop. Add potted herbs for a nice farm-to-table touch.

Natural Stone Backsplash Ideas

Gorgeous slabs of naturally-occurring stone make an ideal complement to dark stone countertops like granite and marble. Matching the backsplash and countertops with different natural stone materials and colors creates visual harmony. Mixing up the stone textures and patterns adds beautiful depth and interest.

White Marble

Clean, white Carrara or Calacatta marble backsplashes pop against dark polished granite or marble counters. Veining in both the counters and backsplash creates lovely contrast and a sense of movement. Keep surrounding elements like cabinets and floors neutral.

Black Granite

Pairing black granite countertops with matching granite backsplash tile produces a dramatic, upscale look. Alternating polished and honed finishes adds nice design variation. Black granite backsplashes work nicely with white cabinetry to lighten up the moody elegance.


With its naturally-weathered, rustic aesthetic in earthy beige, brown, and cream hues, travertine makes an ideal backsplash for brown counters and wood cabinets. Its organic texture beautifully showcases a veiny marble countertop.


Subtle, neutral shades of aged limestone backsplashes complement dark soapstone or slate countertops nicely. The natural stone pairing lends an effortless rustic warmth to traditional kitchen designs.

Mixed Stones

Don’t be afraid to mix up your stone backsplash and countertops. Try lighter travertine backsplash tile with dramatic black marble counters. Or combine a marble mosaic backsplash with brown granite countertops. Mixing stones, colors and finishes creates eclectic depth.

Creative Touches For Making Your Backsplash Pop

Beyond selecting colors and materials that complement your dark countertops, there are some fun creative backsplash design techniques for making your kitchen pop:

  • Incorporate eye-catching mosaic tile patterns, images, or designs within a solid backsplash for artistic flair.
  • Try a two-tone backsplash, pairing a bolder color or patterned tile above the counters with a neutral subway tile lower down.
  • Orient rectangular tile vertically instead of horizontally to draw the eye up and create a sense of height.
  • Use special angled cuts of tile or glass for a dramatic diagonal pattern.
  • Outline your backsplash area with trim pieces like bullnose tiles or decorative listello for polished framing.

With the right backsplash color choice, your kitchen will have that “wow factor” you’re seeking. Whether you opt for an energetic bright hue, a soothing neutral earth tone, or the timeless beauty of natural stone, the perfect backsplash will spotlight your stunning dark countertops while adding the ideal decorative accent. Get ready to create your dream kitchen!

FAQs About Backsplash Colors For Dark Countertops

What color backsplash goes with dark brown countertops?

Lighter beige, cream, tan, and brown backsplash colors beautifully complement deep chocolatey dark brown counters. Gray, white, or neutral stone backsplashes also pair nicely for a classic look. Avoid matching the countertops exactly.

What color backsplash for black granite countertops?

White, beige, gray, or blue backsplashes pop against black granite countertops. Try a bold contrasting color like yellow or turquoise for a modern vibe. Natural stone options like marble, travertine, or limestone complement black granite elegantly.

What backsplash looks best with dark granite?

Lighter granite, marble or travertine stone backsplashes allow dark granite countertops to stand out while providing visual harmony. Gray, cream, or beige ceramic tile also complements dark granite beautifully.

What color backsplash goes with dark grey countertops?

Vibrant hues like emerald green, navy blue, or bright white make dark gray quartz really stand out. Warm tan, beige, cream, or brown backsplash tiles lend an earthy contrast to dark gray.

What color backsplashes go with white cabinets and dark countertops?

White cabinetry keeps things fresh and light against dramatic dark countertops. Beige, gray, cream or wood-toned backsplashes pair nicely without competing. Bold turquoise or navy blue backsplashes create lively contrast.

What tile color matches dark countertops?

Lighter natural stone tiles like white marbling, travertine, or limestone complement dark stone countertops seamlessly. If your counters are black, choose beige, gray, navy, or white tile. For brown counters, opt for cream, tan, or neutral stone tiles.

Final Thoughts

The diverse options for backsplash colors with dark countertops let you tailor your kitchen design to suit your personal taste and style. Whether you love the warmth of natural wood and stone or make a vibrant colorful statement, your backsplash choice brings light, contrast and visual magic against rich dark countertops. Use the color pairing, tile, and design tips we’ve explored to create your perfect kitchen backdrop. With a well-chosen backsplash illuminating your captivating dark counters, you’re sure to have a kitchen space that nurtures your soul as well as your creativity.