What Color Backsplash Goes with Cherry Cabinets?

Selecting the ideal backsplash color to complement cherry cabinets can be challenging, but also an exciting opportunity to add personality to your kitchen. With so many backsplash color options to choose from, it’s important to consider the overall look and feel you want to create. Here are some of our top recommendations for choosing a backsplash color that will beautifully coordinate with your cherry cabinets.

Warm Neutral Tones

Warm neutral backsplash colors are elegant and versatile picks that will blend beautifully with cherry cabinets. Beige, tan, cream, and light brown backsplashes will complement the reddish-brown tones of cherry wood while still providing enough contrast. These earthy neutral backsplash shades add a subtle warmth and sophistication to a cherry cabinet kitchen.

Benefits of Neutral Tones

  • Provide a smooth, seamless transition between the cherry cabinets and backsplash.
  • Warm neutrals add subtle accent without overpowering.
  • Easy to decorate around for changing styles.
  • Increases the lightness and brightness of the kitchen.

Some great specific neutral shades that work well include:

  • Creamy Beige
  • Light Tan
  • Warm Gray
  • Almond
  • Ivory

Bold and Vibrant Contrast

For a more striking, high-contrast look, go for a vibrant backsplash color that really pops against the cherry cabinets. Bold hues like cobalt blue, emerald green, and bright white will starkly offset the cabinets for a lively, energized kitchen palette.

Vibrant backsplash choices will create an eye-catching focal point and enliven the reddish-brown cherry tone. They bring life and interest to the look. Just take care not to go overboard with brights – integrate just one vivid hue for balance.

Benefits of Vibrant Tones

  • Creates strong visual contrast with the cherry cabinets.
  • Adds an energetic, lively pop of color.
  • Focal point backsplash becomes a work of art.
  • Vivid hue enlivens the reddish-brown cherry wood.

Great bold backsplash options include:

  • Navy Blue Glass Tile
  • Deep Green Subway Tile
  • Glossy Bright White Tile
  • Eye-Catching Accent Tiles

Classic Red and White Combination

You can’t go wrong pairing cherry cabinets with a classic red and white backsplash. The white backsplash tiles pop against the cherry wood while the red ties and blends the two seamlessly. This traditional scheme is elegant and timeless.

A red and white backsplash could feature white subway tiles with a bold cherry red accent stripe, cherry red mosaic tile accents, or a checkerboard layout. There are endless options for integrating red with clean white.

Benefits of the Red and White Combo

  • Timeless, classic color pairing.
  • Red accent ties the whole palette together.
  • Crisp white backsplash offsets the cherry cabinets beautifully.
  • Allows you to add personality with fun red tile designs.

Some great red and white backsplash ideas include:

  • White Subway Tile with Cherry Red Accent Stripes
  • Cherry Red and White Mosaic Tiles
  • White Brick-Look Shapes with Red Diamond Insets

Complementary Color Scheme

Another sophisticated option is choosing a backsplash in a complementary color that sits opposite cherry red on the color wheel, such as green or blue. The contrasting shade will accentuate and enhance the cherry tone instead of compete with it.

Cool blue-green hues work especially well to provide an invigorating pop that really allows the cherry cabinets to stand out. It’s a refined but lively pairing.

Benefits of a Complementary Color Scheme

  • Contrasting shade makes the cherry cabinets pop.
  • Cool tones provide an invigorating accent.
  • Sophisticated but vibrant color combination.
  • Enlivens the kitchen and encourages creativity.

Some lovely complementary backsplash options include:

  • Sea Glass Tile in Aqua Blue
  • Light Green Glass Subway Tile
  • A Combination of Cool Blues and Greens

Rustic Brick, Stone, or Wood

For a natural rustic aesthetic, weathered materials like brick, stone, or wood provide an organic backsplash that harmonizes beautifully with cherry cabinets. The textural look feels earthy, casual, and authentically charming.

Aged brick or stone backsplashes work especially well in farmhouse or craftsman kitchens to enhance the worn cherry cabinetry. Distressed wood finishes like reclaimed barnwood also pair nicely.

Benefits of Rustic Backsplash Materials

  • Provides a harmonious earthy look with the cherry wood.
  • Feels genuinely warm, authentic and charming.
  • Natural weathered textures add cozy personality.
  • Allows for a mix of metals and finishes.

Some great rustic backsplash possibilities include:

  • Weathered Brick in Earthy Reds and Browns
  • Honed Natural Stone Tile
  • Reclaimed Wood Planks
  • A Combination of Rustic Materials

Stunning Black and White Scheme

For a super sophisticated and trendy contemporary pairing, try combining your cherry cabinets with a stunning black and white backsplash. The high-contrast look is extremely elegant and eye-catching.

Dramatic black and white backsplashes really make the beautiful cherry wood pop. Try creative patterns, shapes, and designs for visual interest. A checkerboard layout offers a classic approach.

Benefits of a Black and White Backsplash

  • Incredibly sleek, modern and elegant.
  • The high contrast look makes a real style statement.
  • Allows you to showcase gorgeous cherry with an artistic backsplash.
  • Black and white palette provides limitless design possibilities.

Some stylish black and white backsplash concepts include:

  • Dramatic Large-Scale Tiles
  • Modern Geometric Mosaic Pattern
  • Horizontal Striped Subway Tiles
  • Checkerboard or Diamond Motif

Warm Metallic Accents

For a glamorous touch, warm metallic backsplashes in tones like antique bronze, brushed gold, and oil-rubbed bronze provide the perfect posh polish to pair with luxurious cherry cabinets.

Metallic backsplash tile or accents generate a beautifully sophisticated, gracefully aged aesthetic that complements the richness of cherry wood. Just take care that the metals remain secondary to prevent too much glitz.

Benefits of Warm Metallic Backsplashes

  • Luxe metallic finish provides an upscale feel.
  • Warm metallic tones work harmoniously with cherry cabinets.
  • The sheen and texture of metals add eye-catching appeal.
  • Looks glamorously graceful and elegant.

Some warm metallic backsplash inspirations include:

  • Antique Bronze Subway Tiles
  • Small Brushed Gold Glass Accents
  • An Oil-Rubbed Bronze Metal Mosaic
  • Aged Metal Diamond Design

Avoid Matching Cherry Tones

While it may seem intuitive to match cherry cabinets with cherry-colored backsplashes, matching wood tones tends to look monotonous and muted. It’s generally best to pick a contrasting or complementary backsplash hue that makes the gorgeous cherry wood pop.

If you wish to integrate some reddish accent tones, try small cherry red metallic or brick accents against a predominately lighter backsplash, or pair with other rich accent colors like navy or emerald green. Going all-cherry risks looking flat.

Drawbacks of Matching Cherry Cabinet Tones

  • Creates a monotonous, monotonous look.
  • Causes the kitchen to feel dark and closed in.
  • Loses opportunities for eye-catching contrast.
  • Makes a smaller kitchen appear more cramped.

Cabinets Aren’t Everything! Counters and Floors

While your backsplash choice is key, don’t forget about how your countertops and floors impact the overall cherry cabinet kitchen palette. Lighter counters and floors will keep the space feeling fresh and open.

Recommended countertop materials that complement cherry include:

  • White Marble or Quartz
  • Granite in lighter neutral tones
  • Warm natural wood butcher block

For flooring, great choices include:

  • Light hardwood in oak or birch
  • Natural stone tiles in soft hues
  • Vinyl plank flooring in light driftwood colors

Enhance Your Cherry Cabinets’ Beauty

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets provide a classic, elegant warmth. By selecting the perfect complementary backsplash color, you can allow the beauty of the cherry finish to take center stage while adding personality that expresses your style.

Whether you prefer an invigorating pop of color, crisp white tiles, earthy neutrals or vintage vibes, keep the backsplash secondary to the stunner cherry cabinets. With strategic color choices, your kitchen can feel both timeless and uniquely you.

FAQs About Choosing a Backsplash for Cherry Cabinets

What color backsplash goes best with Knotty Cherry cabinets?

For Knotty Cherry’s distinct brownish-red hue with accent wood knots, excellent backsplash pairings include cream or white tiles with red brick accents, warm wood tones like oak planks, and vintage-inspired ceramic tile in green or blue.

Should you match cherry cabinets with a cherry backsplash?

It’s generally not recommended to do an all-cherry backsplash with cherry cabinets, as this can look monotonous. Instead, opt for contrast with colors like white, black, or complementary shades of blue, green or bronze. Add just a touch of matching cherry red accent if desired.

Do cherry cabinets go with white backsplash?

White backsplash tile provides perfect, fail-proof contrast against rich cherry cabinetry. Options like white subway tile, marble, and quartz look brilliant with cherry wood’s reddish tones. Add cherry red accents for a pop of color.

What granite colors look good with cherry cabinets?

For granite countertops with cherry cabinets, great options include lighter neutrals like Luna Pearl, Ivory Gold, and Crema Europa. Stay away from competing reds and opt for a complementary tone instead.

Can you put oak cabinets with a cherry backsplash?

Though close in tone, pairing oak cabinets with a cherry backsplash risks looking too matchy-matchy. Instead, contrast the oak with a vibrant glass tile backsplash in blue, green or light stone gray.

What flooring looks best with cherry cabinets?

Perfect floor options to complement cherry cabinets include red oak hardwood, lighter natural stone tile, resilient vinyl plank in warm driftwood colors, and distressed hickory wood. Avoid matching red tones.


Whether you gravitate toward light and bright backsplashes or more earthy rustic tones, keep the principles of color theory in mind when selecting a hue. Look for colors that provide enough contrast and vibrancy to make those gorgeous cherry cabinets shine while avoiding overly matching tones.

By thoughtfully choosing materials and accent colors that complement (instead of compete with) cherry’s richness, you can craft a kitchen backsplash that feels cohesive, polished and uniquely you. Use your backsplash as an opportunity for personal expression while highlighting the Warm beauty of the cherry finish.