What Color Backsplash Goes With Brown Granite

A kitchen backsplash serves both form and function – it protects the walls from splashes and stains while providing an opportunity to add visual interest. With so many backsplash options available, it can be tricky to select one that pairs beautifully with your countertops. Brown granite countertops are a popular choice that can work with a variety of backsplash styles and colors. This guide will explore excellent backsplash ideas to complement brown granite countertops.

Factors to Consider For Pairing a Backsplash With Brown Granite

Several factors go into choosing a backsplash that complements brown granite beautifully:

Granite Color Variations

Brown granite countertops display a range of warm earth tones like copper, tan, chocolate, caramel, and espresso. The specific shades and pattern of your granite slab will impact the backsplash pairings. For example, a granite with reddish-brown tones may look better with a redder backsplash than a cooler toned brown granite.

Personal Style

Consider your own personal style as well when selecting a backsplash. Do you prefer traditional, modern, transitional, or eclectic designs? The backsplash should blend with and enhance the overall kitchen decor.

Use of Color

Determine how much color you want your backsplash to contribute. Subtle neutral hues allow the granite to take center stage, while vibrant backsplashes command more attention.

Coordination With Cabinets

Take into account your cabinet style and color. Contrasting or coordinating the backsplash with the cabinets creates different aesthetic effects.

With these factors in mind, here are beautiful, functional backsplash ideas for brown granite countertops:

Neutral Backsplash Ideas

Neutral colored backsplashes are versatile choices that allow brown granite to stand out. They create a cohesive, integrated look. Here are top options:


Natural stone backsplashes like marble, travertine, and slate coordinate seamlessly with the stone texture of granite. Be sure to seal them properly. Neutral stone colors include:

  • White Carrara marble with subtle gray veining
  • Cream or sand travertine
  • Multicolored slate in earthy shades

White Carrara marble backsplash with brown granite countertops


Tile comes in endless shapes, sizes, textures that provide plenty of neutral backsplash choices, including:

  • Matte ceramic or porcelain tiles in cream, beige, taupe, and gray
  • Pebble mosaic tiles for an organic look
  • Subway tiles for a classic style
  • Textured or handmade tiles for depth

Beige ceramic subway tile backsplash with brown granite countertops

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel backsplashes have an ultra-modern, industrial vibe. They create a sleek contrast against the granite. Use large format sheets or metal tiles.

Stainless steel sheet backsplash with brown granite countertops


Using a single colored glass sheet or blended glass mosaic tiles is another way to incorporate a shiny, neutral backsplash. Glass tiles are highly reflective to bounce light around.

Earth Tone Backsplash Ideas

Since brown granite has natural, earthy hues, backsplashes in shades like tans, browns, copper and terracotta pair beautifully. These harmonize with the organic colors in the stone.

Natural Stone

Look for neutral natural stones with brown, copper or rust-colored veining like:

  • Sandstone
  • Soapstone
  • Limestone
  • Brown Marble

Sandstone subway tile backsplash with brown granite countertops


Terracotta tiles are inherently earthy. You can also find tiles mimicking natural stone looks, with realistic veins, cracks and fossils. Warm toned ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles work well too.

Terracotta ceramic tile backsplash with brown granite countertops


The natural brown patina that copper and bronze metals develop complements brown granite handsomely. Use them in tile, sheet or mosaic form.

Copper penny tile backsplash with brown granite countertops


For a warm, rustic aesthetic, wood naturally pairs with brown granite countertops. Use reclaimed barnwood planks or parquet-style tiles. Seal properly against moisture.

Colorful Backsplash Ideas

Want your backsplash to make a vibrant statement? Brown granite provides a nice neutral base for adding pops of color. Consider:


Colored ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles allow nearly endless options for dramatic backsplash looks. Pair several solid colors in bands or patterns.

Multicolored glass tile backsplash with brown granite countertops

Natural Stone

Honed marble or travertine in green, blue, purple or other colors works with brown granite beautifully. Let the colors play off each other.

Green marble subway tile backsplash with brown granite countertops

Mosaic Tiles

Tumbled glass, ceramic or porcelain mosaics can provide a brilliant splash of color. Use multiple shades to create eye-catching designs.

Blue glass mosaic tile backsplash with brown granite countertops

Painted Glass

For a softer, diffused pop of color, use sheets of painted glass in the hue of your choice. This allows light to pass through colorfully.

Matching The Backsplash and Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinetry impacts how the backsplash interacts visually too. Here are recommended pairings:

Wood Cabinets

Any style backsplash tends to blend well with natural wood cabinetry. Pick a color that ties in – like wood backsplash with reddish cabinets.

Wood backsplash with dark wood cabinets and brown granite

White Cabinets

White cabinets keep things fresh and light. All backsplash materials and colors work beautifully with them.

Turquoise glass tile backsplash with white cabinets and brown granite

Espresso Cabinets

With rich espresso cabinets, create contrast with a lighter backsplash or harmonize with a slate, soapstone or earth-toned tile one.

Subway tile backsplash with espresso cabinets and brown granite

Gray Cabinets

Match cool-toned grays with glass, metal or stone backsplashes in silvery, grayish shades. Warm brown granite provides nice balance.

White marble backsplash with gray cabinets and brown granite

Creative Backsplash Shape Ideas

In addition to material and color, backsplashes can utilize creative shapes for added visual intrigue. Possibilities with brown granite include:


The zigzag herringbone pattern catches the eye. It works with rectangular subway tiles or mosaics.

Herringbone marble mosaic backsplash with brown granite


Use geometric shapes like triangles, diamonds, octagons or hexagons for a mesmerizing effect.

Hexagonal stone mosaic backsplash with brown granite


Stacked stone tiles or rectangular bricks build attractive vertical backsplash designs.

Stacked slate tile backsplash with brown granite

Fish Scale

Overlapping rounded tiles in this pattern create movement and flow.

Copper fish scale tile backsplash with brown granite

Moroccan Fish Scale

For drama, try a colorful Moroccan fish scale tile pattern.

Multicolored Moroccan fish scale tile backsplash with brown granite

Metallic Tiles

Metallic mosaic tiles in copper, pewter, silver or gold make a glamorous style statement.

Pewter metallic mosaic tile backsplash with brown granite countertops

Factors For Choosing Backsplash Size

Along with material and design, properly scaling your backsplash is key. Assess:


Standard backsplash height is 4 inches tall. For greater impact, extend to the bottom of wall cabinets.

Full wall height marble backsplash with brown granite


At minimum, backsplashes should run the length of the countertops. For a seamless look, carry the backsplash across entire sink or stove wall.

Focal Points

Use different materials at focal areas like behind a stove or around a window. This adds tailored detail.

Stone mosaic backsplash framing a window with brown granite countertops


Balance proportions appropriately for the space. Small kitchens can use smaller scale backsplash tiles to avoid overwhelming.


Incorporate backsplash surfaces where you need it most for splashes – behind sinks, stoves and prepping areas. Prioritize those spaces.

Best Practices for Installing a Backsplash

Proper installation ensures your backsplash stays beautiful over time. Here are key tips:

  • Thoroughly clean and prepare the surface
  • Use adhesive specifically made for backsplash materials
  • Carefully mix grout batches to avoid color variations
  • Apply waterproof grout sealer once dried
  • Caulk perimeter edges and seams for moisture prevention
  • Take extra care around electrical outlets and switches

With appropriate prep and care, your backsplash will withstand daily use.

Creatively Matching a Backsplash with Brown Granite Countertops

Brown granite countertops offer versatility to coordinate with a wide range of backsplash materials, colors, textures and designs. When thoughtfully selected, the backsplash introduces creative flair while balancing beautifully with the granite’s natural earth tones. Take time to assess your overall kitchen decor, color scheme, cabinetry, and style sensibilities. Then determine the visual impact you want the backsplash to achieve. With an abundance of options for stone, tile, metal, glass, and even unexpected materials like wood, you can create a backsplash design that aligns with your personal taste to match harmoniously with brown granite.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backsplashes for Brown Granite Countertops

What is the most popular backsplash for brown granite countertops?

Neutral colored natural stone like marble, travertine or slate are very popular with brown granite for their inherent complementary tones. Tile options like ceramic, porcelain or glass subway tiles in whites, creams, beiges, and grays are also common for their classic, clean style.

What color backsplash goes best with dark brown granite countertops?

For darker brown granites with espresso, chocolate or blackish tones, aim for lighter creamy backsplashes for contrast. Stone options include white Carrara marble, cream or sand-colored travertine, limestone or soapstone. Lighter beige or taupe ceramic tiles also pop nicely.

How do you choose a backsplash color?

Choosing a backsplash color involves assessing the overall kitchen color scheme and style. Determine the mood you want to convey – bright and vibrant, soft and subtle, dramatic and bold? Look at cabinetry colors, flooring, appliances. Decide whether you want the backsplash to blend seamlessly or make a striking statement. This helps narrow backsplash color options.

What is trending in kitchen backsplashes for 2023?

Some top 2023 kitchen backsplash trends include bold, unexpected colors like forest green, terracottas, and deep blues. Unique textures like 3D tiles, handmade, crackled and hammered finishes are also on trend. Mixing materials, sculptural shapes like chevron, hexagon or fish scale patterns, and full wall height designs gain popularity as well.

Should you match backsplash to cabinets or countertops?

It largely comes down to personal preference whether to match a backsplash to cabinets or countertops. Coordinating cabinets and backsplash creates a unified, seamless look. Matching backsplash to countertops lets the countertop material stand out. Contrasting them makes each one a focal point. Assess your kitchen to determine the look you prefer.

Does backsplash have to match countertops?

Backsplashes do not have to perfectly match countertops. In fact, varying them creates visual interest. Just be sure they pair in a complementary, cohesive way. You can match tones exactly for a uniform look or add contrasting colors or textures as an accent. The objective is an overall put-together kitchen design.

What backsplash looks best with brown cabinets?

Light and medium brown cabinets provide a great neutral base for nearly any style backsplash. Beige, cream or white stone like Carrara marble, travertine and limestone look fresh and bright. Earth tones like sandstone and terracotta are also fitting. For color, muted cool shades like blue, green and gray create pleasing contrast.

What size tile is best for kitchen backsplash?

4×4 inch, 3×6 inch, and subway tile sizes (3×8 inch) work very well for most kitchen backsplashes. Standard subway tiles create a classic look. Larger 6×6 inch tiles establish visual impact. Mosaics make a nice small-scale detailed option. Use larger tiles for more modern styles and smaller ones for a traditional feel.

What type of backsplash is easiest to install?

Sheet materials like stainless steel, glass or lacquered metal panels make for easiest installation. Peel and stick backsplash tiles are fast and simple to apply as well. Subway tiles offer straightforward layouts. Mosaics take more time and skill to place accurately. Individual stone tiles can involve the most precision cutting.

Brown granite countertops are a timeless, versatile choice that pair beautifully with a wide variety of backsplash materials, colors, textures and designs. Assess your kitchen decor and style preferences to select a backsplash that integrates harmoniously with the granite. With careful planning, you can install a backsplash that pulls the look together, adds creativity, and protects your kitchen walls in style.