What Color Backsplash Goes with Blue Cabinets: The Complete Guide

Choosing the perfect backsplash color for your blue kitchen cabinets can be tricky. With so many options ranging from neutral whites and creams to bold pops of color, it’s hard to know where to start. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about selecting the ideal backsplash color to complement your blue cabinets for a stylish, cohesive look.


The Importance of a Complementary Backsplash

When designing any kitchen, it’s important to consider how all the elements work together to create a cohesive aesthetic. The backsplash plays a major role in tying the look together, so you want to choose a color that complements the existing cabinetry.

Blue kitchen cabinets offer versatility when it comes to pairing backsplash colors. You can keep things simple with a light neutral backsplash or make the blue cabinets really pop with a vibrant, saturated backsplash hue. The key is finding the right balance between contrast and complementing tones.

With some tips and examples of popular color pairings, you’ll be able to confidently choose a backsplash color that enhances your blue kitchen cabinets beautifully.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Backsplash Color

Here are some key considerations when determining which backsplash color will work best with your blue cabinets:

  • The exact shade of blue – Navy, powder blue, teal, light blue? The hue makes a difference.
  • The finish of the cabinets – Matte, glossy, two-tone? This impacts the overall look.
  • The style of the kitchen – Modern, farmhouse, traditional? Match the backsplash to the aesthetic.
  • The rest of the color scheme – Countertops, floors, walls? Coordinate the whole space.
  • Personal preferences – Do you want something bold or more subtle? Don’t be afraid of color!

Keeping these factors in mind will help you narrow down your backsplash options and select the right color.

Best Backsplash Colors for Blue Cabinets

Here are some of the most popular and effective backsplash color options to pair with blue kitchen cabinets:


A white backsplash is a classic choice that lets the blue cabinets take center stage. Crisp bright white has a light, airy feel that pairs well with any shade of blue. White marble, subway tile, or ceramic backsplashes complement navy, light, and teal blue tones.

White backsplashes work especially well for modern, minimalist kitchen designs. They keep things clean and simple, allowing the blue cabinets to stand out. White is also ideal for small kitchens since it makes the space feel more open.

White backsplash with blue cabinets


For a subtler, softer look, beige is an excellent backsplash color with blue cabinets. Whether you opt for natural stone, ceramic tile, or another material, beige has a warm, earthy feel that balances cool blue hues.

Light beige works well for powder blue or robin’s egg blue cabinets. Darker beiges pair better with navy blue. The muted color contrast is subtle but attractive. Beige backsplashes complement traditional and cottage kitchen designs with blue cabinets.

Beige backsplash tile with blue cabinets


There are many shades of gray that can provide the perfect sophisticated neutral backdrop for blue cabinets. Light grays help soften bold navy blue while dark charcoal gray has a dramatic contrast.

Cool-toned grays look sharp with lighter blue cabinets in a modern kitchen style. Warm grays work for traditional spaces. Matte finished gray ceramic or stone tiles can provide just the right subtle contrast against glossy blue cabinets.

Gray backsplash with blue cabinets


For a bold, dramatic accent, a black backsplash provides high contrast with blue cabinets. Glossy black ceramic or porcelain tile makes navy cabinets pop. Black marble backsplash or stone mosaic tiles add a sophisticated edge.

Black is ideal for contemporary kitchens and works with all shades of blue when you want to create a striking two-tone look. It can be intense, so use it sparingly or break it up with blue, white, or silver accents.

Black backsplash tiles with blue cabinets


Yellow can make a fun, cheerful backsplash color that plays off different blue undertones. Soft buttery yellows pair attractively with lighter sky blue cabinets. Vibrant lemon yellow pops against darker navy blue.

Even a simple lemon subway tile backsplash can add a bright, sunny element that contrasts blue cabinets beautifully. Yellow is ideal for cottage, vintage, or farmhouse kitchen designs. Just stick to a lighter shade to avoid overwhelming the space.

Yellow backsplash with blue cabinets


Since green and blue are complementary colors on the color wheel, shades of green always work well with different blue cabinet hues. Sage green glass tiles, emerald marble, or mixed sea glass mosaics have a natural, earthy look.

Muted seafoam green softens powder blue cabinets, while deep hunter green contrasts boldly against navy blue. Green is especially great for accenting blue in vintage, retro, or cottage kitchen styles.

Green backsplash with blue cabinets


Don’t overlook blue-on-blue backsplash and cabinet combinations. Matching the blue cabinets with blue tile or glass mosaic backsplashes allows you to layer light and dark shades for extra dimension.

Accenting navy cabinets with a sea glass tile backsplash or pairing robin’s egg cabinets with a light blue subway tile backsplash keeps the whole aesthetic cohesive. Varying textures also helps differentiate the cabinets from a blue mosaic backsplash.

Blue backsplash with blue cabinets


For a touch of glam and shine, metallic backsplashes like stainless steel, silver, pewter, or hammered copper pair strikingly with blue cabinets. Metallic mosaics, tiles, or tin ceiling panels contrast beautifully with matte blue cabinet finishes.

Copper complements light blue, while silver and pewter make navy blue cabinets pop. Metallic backsplashes work for modern and contemporary kitchen styles. Just balance them out with some wood or stone elements so the space doesn’t feel too cold.

Silver metallic backsplash with blue cabinets

Design Tips for Blue Cabinets and Backsplash Combos

Once you’ve selected the ideal backsplash color for your blue kitchen cabinets, there are a few design tricks that can help you execute the combination:

  • Add contrast: Use light backsplashes with darker blue cabinets and darker backsplashes with lighter blues. Contrast adds visual interest.
  • Tie color schemes together: Pick up hints of cabinet color in the backsplash. Add navy accents to a blue mosaic backsplash or robin’s egg tiles with powder blue cabinets.
  • Use multiple materials: Mixing natural stone, ceramic, glass, and metal tiles keeps things interesting. Use stone on lower cabinets and glass mosaic sheets on upper wall space.
  • Incorporate texture: Distinguishing smooth tiles from rough stone backsplashes prevents the materials from blurring together. Mix up matte and glossy finishes.
  • Define zones: Use the backsplash to differentiate workspace zones. Try bold backsplash colors around cooktops and more subtle hues in prep areas.
  • Add metallic accents: Incorporating a touch of sleek metallics in cabinet hardware or the backsplash makes blue cabinets dazzle. A little goes a long way.
  • Pay attention to grout: White grout keeps things light and airy. Gray or blue grout can unify glass mosaics with the cabinets. Contrasting grout colors make tiles pop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color backsplash goes best with light blue cabinets?

Light blue cabinets have a soft, airy feel. White, beige, light gray, pastel yellow, or matching light blue backsplashes keep the look cohesive. Darker hues like navy provide bold contrast.

What backsplash looks good with navy blue cabinets?

Crisp white, beige, or light gray backsplashes complement navy cabinets nicely. For more drama, opt for black, deep green, or metallic silver or copper backsplash tiles. Soft yellow can also offset the dark navy tone.

Do you have to match the backsplash to blue cabinets?

No, it’s not mandatory to find an exact color match. Contrasting tones often look more striking. Just be sure the backsplash hue coordinates in a pleasing way with the blue cabinets.

Should I choose a patterned or solid backsplash?

It’s a matter of personal preference for your aesthetic. Patterned backsplashes like chevron subway tiles or mosaics make bolder statements. Solid color backsplashes are more subtle. Mixing patterns and solids can achieve visual balance.

What kitchen colors go with blue cabinets?

White, beige, gray, yellow, green, and metallics complement blue cabinets attractively. For whole color schemes, look at whites, grays, browns, silver, copper, yellow, or green accents. Use navy blue in moderation.


Selecting the perfect backsplash color for blue kitchen cabinets can really elevate your whole design scheme. Matching complementary hues or introducing bold, contrasting backsplash colors allows you to find the ideal aesthetic balance. With all the available options for materials and colors, you can confidently match a creative backsplash with blue cabinets to suit your unique style. Just keep the overall kitchen design and your color preferences in mind. And don’t be afraid to get creative mixing materials, textures, patterns, and tasteful metallic accents. With the right backsplash choice, your blue cabinets will really pop.