What Color Backsplash Goes with Black Granite?

Black granite countertops can make a dramatic statement in any kitchen. With its dark, sophisticated look, black granite pairs beautifully with a variety of materials and colors for the kitchen backsplash. Choosing the right backsplash is key to creating a cohesive, pulled-together look. There are many options to complement black granite counters.

Warm Metal Tones

Metallic backsplashes in warm, brushed finishes beautifully accent black granite’s sleek look. Copper, brass, and bronze add a touch of shine and work well with black granite’s bold presence. Using metal tile, sheet metal, or metal insets in the backsplash allows you to add a glittery accent without going overboard. It creates an elegant, yet understated look.

White and Off-White

A crisp, white or off-white backsplash provides a clean and bright contrast against black granite counters. The light colors help keep the kitchen looking open and airy instead of dark and closed in. White marble, ceramic, or glass tile offer durability and visual interest. For softer contrast, ivory, cream, and light gray are calming backsplash colors that pair nicely with black granite.

Gray Shades

Varying shades of gray can make an excellent complement to black granite counters. Light grays create subtle contrast while darker charcoal gray has more visual impact. Gray slate or ceramic tile backsplashes look refined with black granite. Combining grays of different hues can add appealing dimension. Metallic gray backsplashes also pair beautifully with black granite.

Beige and Tan

For a neutral yet warm look, different shades of beige and tan work well with black granite. Light cream-colored stone, ceramic or porcelain tile, and glass are all nice options. Use natural stone mosaic tiles in earth tones to create an organic feel. For more modern contrast, go for a sleek porcelain or ceramic tile in a tan or beige tone. The colors add warmth while allowing the granite to stand out.

Green Accents

Small green accents can really pop against a black granite backsplash. Try using vibrant green glass or ceramic tile sparingly as an eye-catching detail. Or introduce organic green tones with stone accents. Cool sage greens and textured, natural stone mosaics create an earthy vibe, while bolder lime green adds a punch of color. Limiting green to a small portion of the backsplash keeps the look fresh.

Wood Elements

The rich texture of wood makes an attractive complement to glossy black granite. Wood backsplash tiles or reclaimed wood planks, added either partially or across the entire backsplash, give a natural contrast. The combination of wood grain and black granite has an elegant yet earthy feel. For a more modern look, combine wood tiles with sleek metal or glass. Wood gives warmth, texture and a sense of harmony with black granite.

Bold Colors and Patterns

While black granite provides a bold base, don’t be afraid to get creative with colorful tile patterns, mosaics, or graphic prints. Cobalt blue, ruby red, and citrus orange make exciting choices. Black and white graphic prints and geometric patterns provide punchy contrast. Mix patterns and color tiles together for visual interest. Keep the rest of the kitchen more neutral to let the colorful backsplash pop.

Subway Tile

Classic white 3×6 inch subway tile offers clean lines that pair nicely with black granite’s straight edge. Offset the tiles or lay them in a herringbone pattern for added flair. Subway tile comes in so many colors that complement black granite – from stark white to muted gray, green, and indigo blue. Matte finishes give light-reflecting contrast to the granite’s shine. Subway tile is an affordable, versatile option.

What to Consider When Choosing a Backsplash Color

  • The style of your kitchen – modern, traditional, cottage, industrial, etc. Coordinate the backsplash with the overall aesthetic.
  • The color scheme in the rest of the kitchen – work with countertop, cabinetry, floors, and hardware finishes for a cohesive look.
  • The natural stone pattern and markings in the granite. Busier granite may pair best with a solid backsplash color. More uniform granite can handle a busier backsplash.
  • The amount of light in the kitchen. Darker backsplash colors like charcoal gray or even black can work well with enough natural light.
  • Your own color preferences and style. Choose a hue you find soothing, energizing or inspiring.
  • The size of the kitchen. Bold colors or busy patterns have more impact in a small kitchen. Neutrals keep it looking open.

Answers to Common Questions About Backsplashes for Black Granite

What color backsplash goes best with black granite countertops?

Some top choices are white, light gray, tan, cream, brass, and wood tones. They provide attractive contrast while complementing the sophisticated black granite look. Varying shades of gray, from light to charcoal, are always a safe bet.

Should you match the granite color in the backsplash?

Not necessarily. Many designers actually recommend contrasting colors instead of matching. An exact color match can look monotonous. Contrast adds visual interest. If you do want to match, choose a lighter granite color for the backsplash than the countertop.

Can you use dark backsplash with black granite?

Yes, deep charcoal gray and even black backsplashes can work beautifully, especially in well-lit spaces. Pairing black with black creates a dramatic, bold statement. Matte finishes prevent it from looking too dark. Accent with metal or wood for texture.

What kind of tile looks good with black granite?

Tile options like marble, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone mosaic tiles all complement black granite nicely. Subway tile is a classic choice. Pick tiles with crisp white, light gray, warm natural stone or metallic finishes. Creative patterns and shapes provide visual pop.

Should backsplash go all the way to ceiling?

It depends on personal preference and the height of your kitchen. Full backsplashes provide a seamless, clean look. Partial backsplashes that only go partway up work well if you want to highlight high ceilings. Optional floating shelves where backsplash ends can finish the space.

Should I avoid patterned or colorful backsplash with black granite?

Not at all. Black granite can stand up well to all different colors and designs. Vibrant colors, interesting shapes, graphic prints – have fun with patterns against the solid black backdrop. Just be sure to make tile accents purposeful rather than haphazard.


With the right backsplash tile, you can enhance the sophisticated style of black granite countertops. Whether you prefer an understated, neutral look or want to make a bold decorative statement, the options are endless. Carefully contemplate the overall kitchen design, color scheme, lighting and your personal taste. Combining the elegant drama of black granite with backsplash colors and textures you love will create a beautiful, cohesive kitchen that you can enjoy for years to come. Be inspired to find the perfect complement to your black granite countertops.