What Color Backsplash Goes with Black Granite Countertops?

Black granite countertops can be a stunning addition to any kitchen. With their rich, dark color and elegant veining, they instantly add drama and sophistication. However, choosing the right backsplash to go with black granite can be a decorating challenge. The key is find a backsplash color that complements the granite rather than clashing with it. Here are some of the best colors for backsplashes to pair with black granite countertops.

White Backsplash

A white backsplash is a popular choice with black granite. The crisp, clean white serves as an eye-catching contrast against the dark granite. White backsplashes look especially striking against black granite with bold gold, red, or green veining.

A white subway tile backsplash is a classic and versatile option. The rectangular tiles have a timeless, elegant look. Their repetitive pattern provides a soothing visual rhythm against the speckled granite. For a more modern twist, consider glossy white rectangular tiles in staggered layouts or offset patterns.

White marble, quartzite or glass tile also pair beautifully with black granite. Their natural grayish veining adds subtle visual texture and depth against the solid black stone. For a farmhouse vibe, try white beadboard backsplash panels.

Gray Backsplash

For a more subtle contrast, various shades of gray make an excellent complement to black granite. Light, cool grays work best to allow the granite to stand out. Darker charcoal grays tend to blend too much into the black stone.

Smoke, fog or ice gray glass or ceramic tiles have a sleek, contemporary look with black granite. Try arranging them in an offset brickwork pattern or an abstract herringbone design. Gray marble or slate backsplashes also have a refined, elegant aesthetic. Their natural veining provides added visual interest.

Beige and Brown Backsplashes

Warm neutral shades like beige, cream and tan bring a soft, earthy contrast against dark granite countertops. Natural materials like travertine, marble, and ceramic tiles in these hues add a rustic, Tuscan feel. Combine various shapes and sizes for an old-world style.

Rich chocolate browns work nicely with black granite with brown, gold or green veining. The backsplash brings out those secondary colors in an understated way. Try small mosaic tiles or textured ceramic tiles in mocha, latte or chestnut hues.

Metallic Backsplashes

For serious drama and glamour, metallic backsplashes are a bold pairing with black granite. Polished brass, pewter, silver or stainless steel tiles pop against the dark stone. This high-contrast look works best in contemporary or transitional kitchens.

Alternatively, antiqued copper, bronze or nickel tiles have an industrial chic vibe. Their metallic sheen is muted for a more eclectic, vintage flair. Use metallics sparingly on one wall orfocal area to avoid looking too flashy.

Multicolor Backsplash

If you want to enliven a black granite backsplash, go for colorful ceramic, glass or handmade tiles. Rich gem tones like emerald, sapphire and ruby have a jewel-box effect against the granite. Vibrant citrus shades of lemon, lime or tangerine add tropical zest.

For an artisanal look, try a mishmash of handmade tiles in contrasting colors and shapes. Play up the granite’s veining colors with complementary hues like golden yellow or olive green. Just be sure to repeat colors frequently so the busy backsplash doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Key Tips for Pairing a Backsplash with Black Granite

  • Stick with matte finishes on backsplashes to avoid clashing with granite’s shine.
  • Allow some negative space between tiles to keep the look light and airy.
  • Use dark grout if choosing a light backsplash color for better definition.
  • Consider veining colors in selecting a complementary backsplash hue.
  • Incorporate some black, white or gray tiles to tie into the granite.
  • Use multiple complementary colors for an eclectic blended look.

With the right backsplash choice, black granite countertops can be the dramatic focal point of any kitchen decor. Always look at the granite’s unique veining and colors to find an accent hue that really makes the countertop shine. Then pick tiles or panels in materials and patterns that enhance your overall design vision. With smart coordination, you can easily achieve a stylish, pulled-together look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions on choosing the right backsplash for black granite countertops:

Q: What color backsplash goes best with black granite that has brown specks?

A: For black granite with brown flecks or veins, earthy backsplash hues like chocolate, mocha or tan pair really nicely. The brown brings out these secondary colors in the stone.

Q: What about for black granite with silver or gray veining?

A: Cool-toned grays are perfect for complementing the silver/gray in the granite. Try light gray subway tiles or darker charcoal slate tiles for a coordinating look.

Q: Should my new white kitchen have a white backsplash with black granite?

A: Yes, white backsplashes beautifully accent black granite in an all-white kitchen. Go for crisp white ceramic or marble tiles to play up the high-contrast look. Lean into the classic black & white vibe.

Q: I have a black and stainless steel kitchen – what backsplash color should I get?

A: With black and stainless steel appliances, try a backsplash in silver, gray or light beige. Stainless steel or nickel tiles also directly coordinate with the appliances.

Q: Can I do a multicolor mosaic backsplash with black granite?

A: Definitely! A multicolored mosaic backsplash adds vibrant flair against dark granite. Just be sure to repeat some black, white and gray tiles within the mosaic to tie everything together.

Q: Is it okay to pair black granite that has red flecks with a red backsplash?

A: Absolutely. Matching the red backsplash to the red mineral deposits in the granite pulls the whole look together beautifully. Just don’t go too bold with a fire engine red – try a muted brick red or rust color.

Q: What type of backsplash should I avoid with black granite?

A: Stay away from backsplash colors and materials that are too overpowering or busy next to the visually dominant black granite. Super dark colors, neons, metallics can be jarring unless used very sparingly.


The best backsplash for pairing with dark black granite countertops plays up or contrasts nicely with the color and veining of the stone. Crisp white, cool grays and warm neutrals are safe bets that complement almost all black granite. Go bold with metallics or multicolor tile for a more adventurous, eclectic look. Always consider the kitchen’s overall style and color scheme when selecting the perfect accent backsplash for your black granite.