What Color Backsplash Goes Best with White Cabinets?

Selecting the ideal backsplash color to complement white kitchen cabinets can be tricky. With so many backsplash color options available, it’s important to carefully consider what will pair well with your white cabinetry and fit your overall kitchen design aesthetic. Here’s an in-depth look at the best backsplash colors for white kitchen cabinets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Backsplash Color

When deciding on a backsplash color for white cabinets, keep the following factors in mind:

The Overall Style of Your Kitchen

  • Is your kitchen traditional, contemporary, transitional, farmhouse, modern, etc.? The backsplash should complement the overall style.

The Undertones of the White Cabinets

  • Do your cabinets have warm undertones (beige, cream) or cool undertones (gray, blue)? This will impact which tones pair best.

The Countertops and Flooring

  • Look at what other elements are in the kitchen like countertops and flooring. You’ll want a cohesive look.

The Amount of Natural Light

  • Rooms with ample natural light can handle darker backsplash colors. Low-light rooms may require lighter backsplash hues.

Personal Preferences

  • Consider the look and feel you want for your kitchen. Do you gravitate toward light and airy or moody and bold?

Top Backsplash Color Options for White Cabinets

Here are some of the best backsplash color choices to pair with white kitchen cabinets:

1. White

Going with a white backsplash is a light, bright, and safe choice. An all-white kitchen has a clean, spacious look. For variation, use different backsplash materials like marble, ceramic tile, or glass tile.

A white backsplash works especially well when:

  • You have a small kitchen and want an airy look.
  • Your cabinets have warm undertones like cream or beige. The white backsplash balances this out.
  • You have a coastal, farmhouse, or traditional kitchen style.

![White kitchen backsplash]

2. Gray

Gray backsplashes are a versatile option that pair beautifully with white cabinets. Depending on the shade, gray can create a contemporary, elegant, or rustic aesthetic. Cool-toned grays work well with similarly cool-toned white cabinets.

Consider a gray backsplash when:

  • You want a modern, sophisticated look.
  • Your white cabinets have grayish undertones.
  • Your countertops are granite, quartz, or marble (cool-toned).

Slate gray, charcoal gray, and even pale grays complement white cabinets. Matte finish tiles can provide nice contrast to glossy cabinetry.

![Gray kitchen backsplash]

3. Black

For a dramatic, bold look, choose a black backsplash with white cabinets. The contrast immediately catches the eye. Black is especially striking with very light cabinets. Glossy black tiles paired with matte white cabinets are a go-to combination.

When a black backsplash works:

  • Contemporary, industrial, or modern kitchens.
  • You have good natural lighting.
  • Your countertops are light (white quartz).
  • You want your backsplash to be a focal point.

![Black kitchen backsplash]

4. Blue

From navy blue to soft powder blue, blue backsplashes pair beautifully with white cabinets. Blue evokes feelings of tranquility and works nicely in cottage, vintage, or farmhouse kitchens.

Consider going with a blue backsplash when:

  • You want to add color but keep things relaxed.
  • Your kitchen gets ample sunlight.
  • Your white cabinets have a yellowish, warm undertone.

![Blue kitchen backsplash]

5. Green

Green backsplashes inject color while still keeping things relatively neutral. Sage green, seafoam, and forest green all complement white cabinets. Darker greens pair well with bright white cabinets. Lighter tones match nicely with antique white.

Try a green backsplash with your white cabinets if:

  • You want to subtly add color without overpowering.
  • You have a cottage or craftsman kitchen style.
  • Your countertops are granite or butcher block (warm toned).

![Green kitchen backsplash]

6. Yellow

For a cheerful, sunny look, opt for a yellow backsplash with white cabinets. Soft buttery yellows or vibrant lemon yellows both pop against white. Keep in mind, yellow reads brighter in real life than in photos.

Yellow is a great backsplash option when:

  • You want to infuse your kitchen with energizing brightness.
  • You have a cottage or traditional kitchen style.
  • Your white cabinets have noticeable warm/golden undertones.

![Yellow kitchen backsplash]

7. Beige

Beige is a natural pairing with white cabinets, as it matches the inherent warm undertones. Beige backsplashes feel homey and welcoming. Subtle organic texture like travertine adds nice dimension.

Consider beige if you:

  • Want a soft, earthy look.
  • Have traditional or craftsman kitchen styling.
  • Use your kitchen as a gathering spot.

![Beige kitchen backsplash]

Design Tips for Choosing Backsplash Color

  • For a clean, seamless look, select a backsplash color that blends with the cabinets rather than contrasts.
  • Darker backsplash colors tend to make a kitchen feel smaller, while lighter colors open up the space.
  • Don’t overlook natural stone backsplashes like marble or travertine. The veining adds beautiful texture.
  • If your cabinets have visible wood grain, pair them with a backsplash that mimics the tones (beiges, browns).
  • Glass, metal or mirrored backsplashes reflect light and work nicely in darker kitchens.
  • Backsplashes typically take up a relatively small space, so you can be bold with colors here.
  • For a layered look, choose one main backsplash color and incorporate a few accent tiles.
  • Neutral colored backsplashes are versatile and easy to update down the road. Bolder hues make more of a statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color backsplash goes with off-white cabinets?

Softer neutral hues like cream, gray, and beige are ideal partners for off-white cabinets. Light blue or sage green backsplashes can also subtly complement the off-white color.

Should the backsplash match the countertops?

It’s not mandatory, but matching provides nice continuity. Contrasting countertop and backsplash colors can work as well, just ensure they coordinate.

How much of my wall space should the backsplash take up?

Typically the backsplash tiles are installed 4 to 6 inches above countertops. Full height backsplashes extending all the way to bottom cabinets are also an option.

Can I use more than one backsplash color?

Definitely! It’s common to use an accent material or border tile along with your main backsplash color. Just don’t overdo it.

What type of backsplash is easiest to install?

Self-adhesive tile sheets or plastic wall panels provide the easiest installation. Ceramic and glass tiles take more skill and precision to install.


The best backsplash color for white cabinets depends on your kitchen’s overall style and color scheme. Timeless choices like white, gray, or beige are always in style, but don’t overlook statement shades like black, navy, or emerald if you want something more daring. Whichever hue you land on, ensure it complements the undertone of your white cabinets and jives with your countertops and flooring. With the right backsplash color choice, your white kitchen cabinets will look fresh, put-together, and beautiful.