What Backsplashes Are In Style In 2023?

Backsplashes are a key design element in any kitchen. Not only do they protect your walls from splashes and stains, they provide an opportunity to add visual interest, color, and texture to your cooking space. With so many materials and patterns to choose from, deciding what backsplash is on-trend can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the most popular backsplash tile styles making a splash in 2023.

Rustic Backsplashes

Rustic style backsplashes are characterized by natural materials like stone, brick, and wood. These organic surfaces add cozy, homey warmth to a kitchen. Rustic backsplashes are especially trendy in farmhouse kitchen designs. Here are some of the top rustic backsplash ideas:

Stone Backsplashes

Natural stone tiles like slate, travertine, and granite make an elegant statement as a backsplash. The earthy texture and neutral tones complement most color schemes. Some popular stone options include:

  • Slate: Available in shades of grey, blue, purple, and green, slate has a subtle cleft texture. Use multilayered slate tiles or large slabs for a striking look.
  • Travertine: Travertine is a beige limestone filled with pits and holes that create visual interest. Honed travertine has a matte finish.
  • Granite: Polished granite tiles gleam in flecks of quartz, mica, and feldspar. Granite makes a durable, easy-to-clean backsplash.

Brick Backsplashes

Exposed brick backsplashes infuse vintage character into a kitchen. Salvaged brick has an appealing aged patina. Faux brick veneer tiles provide the look without the maintenance issues. Stack bricks in a running bond pattern or vertically for visual impact.

Wood Backsplashes

Wood naturally harmonizes with other rustic textures. Use reclaimed boards or wood veneer tiles. Great wood options include:

  • Barnwood: Weathered barn siding repurposed as a backsplash has rustic charm. Go for an unfinished look to highlight the wood grain.
  • Cedar: Fragrant cedar planks add subtle graining and a pleasant scent. Often used in cottage-style decor.
  • Pine: Affordable pine panels can be stained, painted, or used in their natural state. The pronounced knots and grains have a homey appeal.

Marble & Quartz Backsplashes

Marble and quartz are classic, elegant choices suited for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. The cool, neutral shades create a soothing backdrop.

Marble Backsplashes

Marble naturally exhibits veining, swirls, and striations in its patterning for lots of visual variance. Carrara and Calacatta are among the most coveted marble varieties. Hone marble tiles for a satiny matte finish or polish them for sheen.

Quartz Backsplashes

Engineered quartz composite materials are an extremely low-maintenance alternative to natural stone. Quartz offers consistent coloring and patterning. Stylish options include:

  • White quartz: A crisp, clean white quartz backsplash acts as a neutral backdrop that allows other elements to pop.
  • Faux marble quartz: Many quartz manufacturers like Caesarstone simulate the look of marble with realistic veining.
  • Metallic quartz: Some quartz incorporates shimmering mica flecks or metal flakes for a glamorous look.

Boldly-Colored Backsplashes

While neutral backsplash tiles suit many designs, don’t be afraid to make a bold color statement. Vibrant backsplashes energize the cooking space. Some top trends include:

Deep Blue Backsplashes

From navy to cobalt, deep shades of blue lend an inviting, watery feel. Match cool blue backsplash tile with brass fixtures for a captivating color pairing. Blue attractively contrasts both light and dark cabinetry.

emerald Green Backsplashes

Regal emerald green backsplashes infuse spaces with an organic, earthy vibe. Complement emerald tiles with raw wood counters and copper or black metal accents. Green also pops against white cabinets.

Bronze & Copper Backsplashes

Warm metallics like oil-rubbed bronze, antique copper, and brass are huge. Metallic backsplashes radiate with woodgrain, marble, or concrete patterns imprinted on the surface. The rich patina effect pairs well with both traditional and modern designs.

Patterned & Moroccan-Style Backsplashes

Patterns like graphic prints, mosaics, and Moroccan motifs make for lively backsplashes. These ornate surfaces bring vibrance to neutral cabinetry and counters.

Graphic Print Backsplashes

Reproduce any image or art print on a tile backsplash for artistic flair. Some ideas include bold florals, abstract prints, or even a custom portrait of family. Use graphics that complement your decor.

Mosaic Backsplashes

Mosaic tiles construct images and patterns through small, repeated shapes in different colors and textures. Options are limitless – create your own mosaic design. Or use preassembled mosaics depicting scenic themes.

Moroccan-Style Backsplashes

Moroccan patterns like encaustic cement tiles and zellige mosaics are hot trends. Their intricate geometries and vibrant colors epitomize ornate exotic style. Use Moroccan backsplashes to create an artistic focal point.

Modern Glass Backsplashes

Sleek glass backsplash tiles lend any kitchen an updated, contemporary look with reflective and light-transmitting qualities. Mix glass with metal accents and fixtures for a glam interior.

Subway Tile

A subway backsplash featuring rectangular glass tiles in a brick layout never goes out of style. The transparent quality highlights grout lines to form a graphic grid pattern. Subway tiles come in every color.

Penny Rounds

Penny round mosaics use small circles of glass tile. The multitude of circles catch and reflect light. Go for glossy, iridescent glass for maximum radiance.

Murano Glass

Murano glass mosaics handmade by artisans on this Venetian island feature exquisite multicolor patterns and metallic detailing. No two tiles are exactly the same, creating unique visual effects.

Creative Backsplash Ideas & Materials

Beyond traditional backsplash materials, some innovative options making a splash include:

Pressed Tin Backsplash

Overlapping pressed tin tiles generate dimension. The reflective metal tiles come in antiqued and modern colors. Affordable, DIY friendly option.

Porcelain Panel Backsplashes

Large-format porcelain panels mimic surfaces like wallpaper, concrete, or textiles with photorealistic printing. Great for a backsplash with minimal grout lines.

Recycled Glass Backsplash

Sustainable recycled glass tile contains bits of recycled bottle glass. Make a green statement with these mosaic-like tiles containing shades of blue, green, brown.

Laminate Backsplash

Budget-friendly laminate backsplash sheets easily mount directly onto walls for quick DIY installation. Laminate comes in hundreds of materials and patterns.

What Backsplash Is In Style For Your Kitchen?

With so many stunning backsplash options, choosing what’s trendiest comes down to your kitchen’s particular style and color scheme. Some key considerations:

  • Rustic stone, brick, or wood backsplashes complement farmhouse and cottage-style kitchens
  • Marble, quartz, and glass tiles work well for traditional, transitional, or modern spaces.
  • Boldly colored or patterned backsplashes make great focal points on plain cabinets.
  • Go for sleek glass or porcelain backsplashes for contemporary kitchens.
  • Remember – don’t be afraid to mix materials like wood plank inserts with ceramic subway tiles. The contrast showcases multiple textures.

Design Inspiration From Experts

Some tips from design experts on picking the perfect backsplash:

  • Interior designer tip: Gather inspiration from your existing kitchen elements like countertops. The backsplash should complement surfaces.
  • Contractor tip: Take lighting into account. Glossy backsplashes will accentuate natural light. Darker tiles recede.
  • Architect tip: Draw the eye upwards horizontally with rectangular subway tiles or vertically with stacked stone.
  • Tile retailer tip: Don’t overthink it. The fewer the tiles shapes/colors/materials, the more clean and elegant the result.

Tips For Installing New Backsplash Tile

Once you’ve selected the ideal backsplash materials for your kitchen, proper installation is key to creating a flawless finished look. Here are some top tips:

  • Gather all tools/materials needed beforehand – tiles, grout, backerboard, adhesive, spacers, grout float, etc. Rushing leads to mistakes.
  • Prepare the surface – Remove existing backsplash. Clean walls thoroughly. Apply waterproof backerboard if needed.
  • Use a level and chalk line to mark install area. Cut tiles to fit edges precisely.
  • Apply thinset mortar adhesive using proper sized trowel. Check tiles regularly during install to ensure level placement.
  • Insert plastic spacers between tiles to achieve consistent grout line width. Remove once tiles set.
  • Wipe away excess grout immediately. Buff and polish once dry for clean finished look.
  • Caulk perimeter edges and corners with waterproof silicone sealant. Let cure completely before using backsplash.

With the right tiles and quality installation, you’re sure to love gazing at your new trendy backsplash as you cook for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions About What Backsplash Is In Style

What backsplash styles are most popular right now?

Some top backsplash trends include marble, brick, Moroccan tile, penny mosaic, colored glass, porcelain, and patterned or graphic designed tile.

What backsplash colors will be in style for 2023?

Expect to see lots of bold, saturated colors. Trending backsplash color choices include deep shades of blue and green, warm metallics like brass and copper, and contrasting black and white.

What is the most timeless kitchen backsplash?

Subway tile with its classic rectangular brick pattern never goes out of style. The right grout color can give it a modern or vintage look. Marble tile is another eternally elegant backsplash option.

Should I get a backsplash that matches my countertop?

It depends on the look you want. Matching materials can create a streamlined, monochromatic look. Contrasting your backsplash and countertop materials adds visual interest through texture and color differences.

What’s the easiest backsplash to install as a DIY project?

Peel-and-stick backsplash panels go up with adhesive, requiring no grouting or tile cutting. Subway tile sheets also make for an easy install. Avoid complicated mosaic patterns for DIY.

What backsplash ideas work best for small kitchens?

Stick with light, reflective materials like glass or marble mosaic tiles to convey openness. Monochromatic backsplashes also keep the space looking open rather than busy.


The backsplash serves both practical and design purposes, so take time to choose materials that suit your kitchen’s overall aesthetic and promote functionality. With an abundance of trendy backsplash ideas spanning from natural stone, brick, and wood to vivid colors and patterns, the options in 2023 are limitless. Just keep in mind the style you want to convey, from rustic warmth to sleek modernism to retro charm. Your new backsplash can make a personal style statement and become a decorative focal point you enjoy for many years.