What Backsplash Looks Good With Black Granite

Choosing a backsplash to pair with black granite countertops can be a fun yet challenging design decision. With the right backsplash, you can make your black granite really pop while tying together your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Here are some of the best backsplash ideas to complement black granite.

Modern Glass Tile

Glass tile is a gorgeous and modern backsplash option that works beautifully with black granite. The sheen of the glass plays off the granite’s natural shine in an eye-catching way. Glass tile comes in a huge array of colors, so you can customize the look. Some popular choices include:

  • Clear or frosted glass tile – Provides a subtle contrast to the dark granite.
  • Blue glass subway tile – Picks up the blue flecks often found in black granite.
  • Metallic glass tile – Adds glamour and reflects light around the kitchen.
  • Mosaic glass tile – Gives movement and interest to the backsplash.

Glass tile has a contemporary vibe that pairs perfectly with dark granite’s sophisticated look. It’s easy to clean and maintain as well. Just be sure to seal the grout properly.

Rustic Brick or Stone

For a cozy, rustic aesthetic, brick or stone backsplashes work wonderfully with black granite countertops. The earthy textures provide natural contrast to the granite’s smooth surface. Stacked stone or a brick pattern adds lovely visual interest and depth.

Natural stone tiles in lighter earth tones like beige, brown, taupe and gray help lighten up the look of dark granite if desired. Or go for a bold dark brick red or charcoal stacked stone backsplash to complement the dramatic black granite.

Rustic materials like stone, brick and wood give a timeless appeal that never goes out of style. Their natural imperfections and variation pair nicely with black granite’s organic patterning.

Warm Wood Paneling

Wood paneling or planks give a homey, inviting look as a backsplash with black granite. Different wood tones can be used to create various moods. For example:

  • Light oak or maple – Brightens up the space and makes it feel more airy.
  • Espresso or walnut – Embraces the dramatic, deep tones of the granite.
  • Reclaimed barnwood – Rustic and cozy farmhouse style.
  • Bamboo – For an eclectic, eco-friendly vibe.

Wood panel backsplashes work especially well in country, farmhouse, craftsman or cottage style kitchens. The softness of the wood balances out the rock-solid granite countertops. Just be sure to seal and maintain the wood properly near moisture and heat.

Sophisticated Metallic Tile

For a glam look, metallic backsplashes are a perfect pair with black granite. The sheen and sparkle of metals like stainless steel, nickel, copper and bronze complement the granite’s subtle flashes of mica beautifully.

Metallic tile can be found in:

  • Subway tile
  • Mosaic patterns
  • Metal sheets
  • Mixed media tiles

Some stunning options include hammered copper, multi-toned metals, pennies, stainless steel diamond plate tiles, and tin ceiling tiles. Metallic backsplashes add shine and luxury to kitchens in modern, industrial, glam, or retro styles. The reflective surface also helps bounce light around, keeping things bright and lively.

Contrasting White Subway Tile

Going crisp and clean with pure white subway tile backsplash is a fresh, timeless look with black granite countertops. The bold contrast between the darkness of the granite and the bright white tile makes both elements pop.

White tile looks especially striking against black granite with lots of white, gray and silver veining and speckles. The varied granite pattern has so much more life when set against the plain white backsplash.

Sleek white subway tile also gives a bit of a retro diner feel that works well with black. For a modern edge, install the subway tile in a herringbone, stacked or staggered brick pattern. Clean, minimalist white backsplashes pair nicely with contemporary kitchen styles.

Natural Stone Slab

For a luxurious and seamless look, a full backsplash of natural stone is a great match for black granite. Pair a polished stone like marble or travertine with your granite for visual harmony. The subtle veining and patterns found in natural stone complement granite’s organic aesthetic beautifully.

Using the same material for both countertops and backsplash gives the impression of the surfaces being carved from a single stone slab. This continuous look has an elegant, upscale feel. Just be aware that using all stone does mean having to diligently seal and maintain it.

Overall, the natural world is your palette when selecting a backsplash for black granite. From the sleekness of glass to the warmth of wood, rustic charm of brick and stone, or a cool modern metal – there are so many stylish ways to complement the beauty of your black granite countertops.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backsplashes for Black Granite

What color backsplash goes with black granite?

Many colors and materials pair attractively with black granite. Some top options include blue, gray, white, beige, brown, metallic and natural stone backsplashes. Colors in the same tone family as the granite’s veining and flecks will create a cohesive look. Bold contrasts like bright white also work well with dark granite.

Does everything go with black granite?

While black granite is lovely on its own, not every material complements it equally. Avoid pairing it with jewel tones like ruby red or emerald green, as these can clash. Very dark backsplashes like black glass or charcoal stone can also make a space feel heavy. Lighter, neutral, natural or metallic backsplash colors tend to match black granite best.

Should you match backsplash to granite?

It’s not mandatory to match the backsplash exactly to the granite, but using colors and materials found in the granite usually creates a harmonious look. You can do an identical match with a full granite slab backsplash. Or pick up on the granite’s tones with a complementary mosaic tile or natural stone.

What color cabinets go with black granite?

Black granite’s versatility allows it to pair nicely with many cabinetry colors. Popular choices include white, light gray, beige, espresso and charcoal cabinets. For a bold, dramatic look, match black cabinets and black granite. Softer woods like maple or oak also create pleasant contrast against the granite.

Can you put tile straight on granite?

Tile should not be installed directly on granite or any other countertop surface. Proper preparation is required to create a sturdy base for the tile. This involves cleaning and roughing up the granite, then applying a bonding agent like thinset mortar before laying and grouting the tile.


Black granite countertops make a sophisticated, luxurious statement in any kitchen. Complementing them with the perfect backsplash brings the whole design together into one cohesive, stylish space. Whether you prefer modern glass tiles, rustic wood panels, sleek subway tiles or natural stone slabs, there are endless possibilities for backsplashes that enhance black granite beautifully. With good preparation and proper installation, your new backsplash and granite combo will stand the test of time. Dramatize your kitchen with this dynamic duo that delights the senses both visually and textually.