What Backsplash Goes with White Quartz Countertops

White quartz countertops can look absolutely stunning in any kitchen. With their bright, crisp, clean appearance, they create a fresh, modern look. However, choosing the right backsplash to go with white quartz can be tricky. The backsplash must not only match and complement the countertops, but also adhere to your own personal style. Here are some of the best backsplash options to pair with white quartz countertops.

Subway Tile

One of the most popular and classic choices is white subway tile. The simple, straight lines and bright white color allows the backsplash to seamlessly blend with the countertops. Subway tile comes in a range of sizes from the standard 3×6 to elongated 4×12 plank tiles. The rectangular shape and clean lines create a sharp, modern look. Subway tile is an excellent backsplash option for contemporary and minimalist kitchen designs.

Some options to consider for added visual interest:

  • Use varying sizes of subway tiles on the backsplash – combining 3×6 and 4×12 sizes can create depth.
  • Alternate the direction of the tiles from horizontal to vertical.
  • Add a subtle contrasting grout color like light grey.
  • Include a decorative inset of mosaic tile or marble tile.
  • Arrange the tiles in a fun herringbone pattern.

Marble Tile

For a more elegant, luxurious aesthetic, marble tile is a perfect pairing for white quartz. The veining and colors of marble – like white, grey, and black – complement the countertops beautifully. Carrara marble is a popular choice with its distinctive white background and thin grey veining. The natural patterns and depth of marble backsplashes create dimension and visual texture.

Marble tile ideas:

  • Use large-scale marble tiles for a seamless, streamlined look.
  • Combine marble mosaic sheets with smaller marble tiles.
  • Choose marble with dramatic veining in grey, gold, or black for a striking contrast.
  • Use marble slab backsplashes for a refined, bespoke aesthetic.

Glass Tile

Glass tile backsplashes provide a gorgeous sleek and shiny appearance that pairs nicely with quartz. Often found in mosaics, glass tiles reflect light and add radiance to any kitchen. Glass tile comes in every color, but popular choices for white quartz include: clear, frosted, metallic, aqua, sky blue, and white glass. The reflective surface also makes the space feel more open.

Design ideas with glass tile:

  • Use rectangular or square glass tiles for a grid-like pattern.
  • Install a backsplash solely of frosted white glass tile.
  • Combine clear and opaque glass tiles together.
  • Choose glass tile with iridescent, metallic or handmade imperfections.
  • Arrange colored glass mosaics in graphic patterns like chevron or decorative insets.

Metal Tile

For contemporary, modern kitchens, metal backsplashes are a striking choice. Often made from stainless steel or tin, metal tiles have an industrial vibe. The sleek, cool and ultra-modern look pairs perfectly with white quartz countertops. Stainless steel tiles come in brushed or polished finishes. Other metal tile options include copper, brass, bronze, nickel and more – allowing you to add a bold pop of metallic color.

Metal tile ideas:

  • Use metal mosaic tiles to create modern geometric patterns.
  • Install large-scale solid metal tiles for a seamless look.
  • Combine metal and glass tile together for more depth.
  • Use metallic gold or brass tile for an elegant, glamorous aesthetic.
  • Add a strip of decorative metal tile trim along the edges of the backsplash.

Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles like travertine, slate, and limestone make for beautiful, earthy backsplashes that work well with white quartz. Light-colored stone tiles with whitespace and grey veining pair nicely with the countertops without overwhelming the space. Stone backsplashes come in a range of natural colors like white, tan, grey and ivory. The organic texture and appearance of the stone prevents an all-white kitchen from feeling too sterile.

Stone tile design ideas:

  • Use a pebble mosaic stone tile backsplash for lots of depth.
  • Choose large-format stone tiles with dramatic veining and pattern variation.
  • Opt for tumbled stone tiles with chiseled edges for texture.
  • Include a strip of decorative accent stone tile along the backsplash.
  • Combine stone and ceramic tiles together for contrast.

White Ceramic Tile

For a clean, classic backsplash option, white ceramic tile beautifully matches white quartz countertops. The variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns available in ceramic tile provides limitless possibilities. Choose a basic white 3×6 subway tile or go for something more ornate like Moroccan fish scale tiles, octagons, herringbone, penny tile and more. White ceramic tiles are inexpensive, easy to clean, and found in glossy, matte and textured finishes.

White ceramic tile designs:

  • Use textured ceramic tiles like crackled glaze for added visual appeal.
  • Install a geometric zellige-style ceramic tile backsplash.
  • Choose glossy penny-round ceramic tiles to reflect light.
  • Use classic white ceramic subway tiles for timeless appeal.
  • Incorporate pretty ceramic tiles with floral or arabesque detailing.

Wood Look Tile

Wood-look tile adds warmth and natural texture against the sleek white quartz countertops. Porcelain and ceramic tiles mimicking wood grain come in all shades – from light oak to whitewashed. The white and grey-toned wood look tiles pair seamlessly with white quartz. Mixing the modern with natural elements creates an attractive, livable aesthetic. Wood look tile is also very durable and water-resistant.

Options for wood look tile:

  • Select plank-style elongated wood tiles for a cohesive look.
  • Use a white washed or weathered wood tile with grey detailing.
  • Incorporate wood accent tiles along with ceramic subway tiles.
  • Choose wood-look porcelain tiles with authentic grain patterns.
  • Install 3D tiles with hand-carved grout lines for realism.

Green and Blue Tiles

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! Vibrant green and blue colored tiles paired with white quartz create a preppy, lively backsplash. Use pastels like seafoam green, aqua, sky blue or literary any shade of green from mint to forest. The green and blue tones add subtle color without overwhelming the space. These fun, unexpected colors work perfectly in a transitional or contemporary kitchen.

Add color with:

  • A vibrant mosaic tile backsplash in turquoise or emerald green glass.
  • Handmade, artisan ceramic tiles in cheery retro colors.
  • Glossy octagon-shaped tiles in shades of blue.
  • Moroccan cement tiles in bright, ornate patterns.
  • An accent backsplash with bold green or blue metro tiles.

Accent Tiles

One creative way to complement a white quartz backsplash is by including an accent tile stripe or geometric shape. This small pop of color, texture or pattern adds interest without overpowering the space. Some accent tile ideas include:

  • A strip of decorative Porcelain tile along the top
  • Metallic glass tiles used as a backsplash border
  • Vintage-inspired ceramic tile inside the kitchen niche
  • Contrasting mini mosaic tile inside the backsplash
  • Marble, stone or glass mosaic tile adding a geometric focal point

Creating a Cohesive Look

With so many gorgeous backsplash tile options to pair with white quartz countertops, it can be overwhelming deciding on just one design. Keep these tips in mind for creating a holistic, cohesive look:

  • Choose backsplash tile colors that tie into other elements throughout the kitchen – such as flooring, cabinets, and hardware. Look at the undertones in the quartz and draw inspiration from that.
  • Combine tile materials, styles and colors that complement one another. Mixing modern ceramic with vintage subway tile can make the design more interesting.
  • Select tile shapes and layout patterns that align with your interior design aesthetic – balanced versus eclectic, geometric versus organic, etc.
  • Use backsplash tiles that fit into the overall style you are trying to achieve – sleek contemporary, homey cottage, industrial loft, etc.
  • Incorporate metal, wood or stone accents that tie into other finishes in the kitchen like lighting fixtures or cabinet hardware.

Avoid Clashing Colors

It is also important to avoid backsplash tile colors that could potentially clash with a crisp white quartz countertop. Stay away from harsh, bold colors like blood orange, bright yellow, black, or neon tones that will stand out too much against the white backdrop. Instead opt for softer hues like pale greens, light blues, or neutrals that will complement rather than compete with the countertop.

Overly busy backsplashes with wild patterns can also detract from pristine white quartz looking it’s best. Refrain from distracting Cherry blossoms pink and green flowers eclectic mosaics.

FAQ About Backsplashes for White Quartz

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about choosing backsplash tile for white quartz countertops:

What color grout should I use with a white quartz backsplash?

White, very light grey, or off-white grout matches well and won’t distract from white quartz. Stay away from dark grout colors that could be overpowering.

What size backsplash tiles work best?

Larger format tiles around 4×12 create a seamless look. Standard 3×6 subway tiles are versatile. Mosiac tiles add visual interest. Avoid very tiny tiles that can appear cluttered.

Should I get polished or honed finish tiles?

Polished glossy tiles nicely reflect light to match the sheen of quartz. However, honed matte tiles can prevent too much glare. Mixing the two finishes creates depth.

Can I use natural stone backsplash with quartz countertops?

Most natural stone tiles like marble, travertine, and limestone pair beautifully with white quartz. Just avoid very dark or busy stone tiles that may compete.

What about using brick or faux brick backsplash?

White glazed brick tiles or muted faux brick tiles could work well. Red brick tends to look too rustic and busy against crisp white quartz.

Should backsplash go edge to edge with quartz countertop?

It usually looks best to have backsplash tile extend all the way to edges of the countertops for a seamless effect.


With the right backsplash tile choice, you can enhance the clean, brilliant white quartz counterspace while adding personal style. Any of these backsplash ideas – whether sleek subway tile, elegant marble, or handmade ceramic – will beautifully match white quartz. Just be sure to find a color and aesthetic that aligns with your interior design vision. The options are endless for creating a stylish dream kitchen with stunning white quartz countertops and backsplash!