What Backsplash Goes with Viscon White Granite?

Simplicity of White Subway Tile

White subway tile is a classic and versatile backsplash option that will beautifully complement Viscon white granite. The crisp, clean lines and bright white color of subway tile will enhance the granite’s subtle veining and lend a timeless look. Subway tile comes in a range of sizes like 3×6, 4×12 and 6×6 inches, allowing you to create various patterns and designs. A glossy finish will make the tile pop against the granite.

Elegance of Carrara Marble

Carrara marble tile is an elegant and upscale backsplash choice for Viscon white granite countertops. The soft white background and wispy grey veining of the marble mimic the granite’s own pattern almost perfectly. Using large format 12×24 inch Carrara marble tile and minimal grout lines will create a seamless look. The marble’s natural polished finish will bring added depth and dimension.

Warmth of Wood Look Porcelain Tile

If you want to add some warmth to your white kitchen, wood look porcelain tile is an excellent backsplash pairing with Viscon white granite. The variation in tone of the faux wood grain, from creamy white oak to light grey, will complement the granite beautifully. Mixing small and large format wood look tiles will give the backsplash added visual interest. Porcelain is durable, water-resistant and easy to clean, making it perfect for kitchen backsplashes.

Rustic Appeal of Brick Backsplash

For a charming cottage or farmhouse aesthetic, a brick backsplash has a wonderful rustic appeal alongside Viscon white granite. Aged white bricks or a white brick subway tile pattern will match the light coloring of the granite. Laying the brick in a herringbone pattern or staggered layout will provide more textural depth. The rough texture and uneven lines of brick contrast strikingly with the smooth granite countertops.

Coastal Chic of Sea Glass Tile

Create a breezy, beach house vibe with sea glass tile paired with Viscon white granite countertops. The mix of aqua, blue and grey glass pieces resemble weathered sea glass and provide a cool accent color that complements the granite’s neutral white tones. Using glass mosaic sheets makes installing the sea glass tile simple. The translucent glass material and random, organic shapes have an effortlessly chic look.

Sleek Style of Stainless Steel

For an ultra-modern, industrial chic look, stainless steel is a sleek backsplash option with Viscon white granite. The high shine and silvery tones of stainless steel work with the subtle grey veining in the granite to create a sophisticated contemporary style. Using stainless steel subway tiles or large sheets provides a seamless feel. It’s easy to clean stainless steel which is perfect for high use kitchen backsplashes.

Warm Metal of Copper Tiles

Introduce a beautiful warmth and vibrancy to your kitchen with the soft glow of copper backsplash tile paired with Viscon white granite. Hammered or mosaic copper tiles with variegated shades ranging from metallic gold to reddish-brown will make the granite pop. Copper will patina gracefully over time, adding more character. Using copper tile sparingly as an accent mixed with other materials can provide visual flair.

Vintage Appeal of Patterned Encaustic Cement Tile

Transport your kitchen into a chic French cafe with encaustic cement tiles complementing the Viscon white granite countertops. Encaustic tiles are made of concrete using pigments to create intricate patterns often inspired by Victorian geometric floor tiles. The vintage vibe of patterned encaustic tile in muted blues, greens, greys and cream work well with the clean white granite counters.

Cool Contrast of Graphite Glass Tile

For bold contrast and drama, graphite colored glass tile is an eye-catching choice to pair with Viscon white granite. The deep charcoal grey and black tones of the glass tile provide high visual impact and make the white granite really stand out. Using iridescent glass that reflects different colors and finishes like matte, polished or crackled will add further interest to this striking backsplash.

FAQs about What Backsplash Goes with Viscon White Granite

What color backsplash looks best with Viscon white granite?

White, grey and silver backsplash colors complement Viscon white granite countertops best. Options like white subway tile, Carrara marble, wood look porcelain and stainless steel all work well with the granite’s neutral white and faint grey veining. Pale blues and greens can also look beautiful as an accent color.

Does Viscon white granite go with dark backsplash?

Yes, Viscon white granite can pair nicely with some darker backsplashes to create a bold contrast. Graphite or dark grey glass tile, slate tiles, black metal tile, or brick can all make a dramatic statement against the white granite backdrop. Use dark backsplashes sparingly in small sections rather than all over for balance.

What backsplash brings out white granite?

White subway tiles, marble tile, and other white or off-white backsplashes will enhance Viscon white granite’s soft veining and white background rather than compete with it. Backsplashes with a glossy finish will also reflect light and accentuate the white granite further.

What tile color compliments white granite?

Tile colors that compliment white granite beautifully include white, soft greys, silvers, light blue, and soft sage green. Pair white granite with a white subway tile backsplash for a light and fresh look. Cool-toned grey, frosted glass, marble or travertine tiles also coordinate nicely.

Does Viscon white granite go with brown backsplash?

Brown backsplashes don’t tend to complement Viscon white granite well as they create too much visual contrast. Warm shades of brown like tan, beige or rust orange will clash and compete with the cool white and grey tones of the granite. If using wood look tiles, opt for a light grey washed oak color rather than darker brown woods.

What flooring looks good with white granite?

White granite pairs well with lighter wood flooring options like white oak or maple, as well as grey-toned vinyl plank flooring. Porcelain or ceramic wood look tile in a very light tone can also nicely complement white granite. For a coastal feel try porcelain tile made to mimic weathered driftwood.


Viscon white granite is a versatile countertop material that can be matched with a variety of stylish backsplash tile options. Clean and classic choices like white subway tile, elegant marble, or modern stainless steel are all safe pairings. You can also opt for textural interest with brick, faux wood porcelain tile, or encaustic patterned cement. Cool-toned colors like light blues and greens make a peaceful accent, while graphite glass tile provides bold contrast. Ultimately the choice comes down to your own personal style. With this stunning granite as your foundation, you really can’t go wrong building a beautiful kitchen backsplash design.