What Backsplash Goes With Venetian Gold Granite

Venetian Gold granite is a rich, elegant stone with lovely gold and brown tones that make a statement in any kitchen. When pairing a backsplash with this granite, you’ll want to choose materials and colors that complement its warm, earthy beauty. A few key tips will help you select the perfect backsplash to go with Venetian Gold granite countertops.

Complementary Colors For Venetian Gold Granite

Choosing a backsplash color that complements Venetian Gold granite is essential for creating a cohesive look. Here are some hues that work well:

Warm Neutrals

Backsplashes in creamy whites, tans, light browns, and beiges beautifully enhance the granite’s golden tones. These earthy neutrals blend seamlessly with the stone for a natural, organic vibe. Materials like marble, travertine, limestone, and ceramic tile in these neutral shades make excellent backsplash options.

Gold and Brown

Matching the golden and rich brown colors already found in the granite is a foolproof approach. Selecting metallic gold, bronze, copper, rust, or taupe glass, ceramic, or natural stone tiles as a backsplash will seamlessly unite with the countertops. Using the same colors in the backsplash and countertops creates a uniform, elegant aesthetic.

Green and Blue

Complementary green and blue-green hues work surprisingly well with Venetian Gold granite’s warm palette. Sage, olive, seafoam, and aqua backsplash tiles pop against the stone while also relating to its earthy nature. These cool tones provide contrast yet still coordinate.

Styles of Backsplashes for Venetian Gold Granite

In addition to color, the style of backsplash tile or material also impacts how it pairs with Venetian Gold granite. Consider these backsplash ideas that match beautifully with the stone:

Subway Tile

Classic white 3×6 subway tiles offer a timeless contrast against the granite. Rows of glossy or matte tiles create a clean, smart backdrop. Subway tiles with tan, brown, or gold grout stitches the two elements together brilliantly.

Mosaic Tile

Tiny mosaic tiles pack visual punch when installed in a herringbone, basketweave, or other captivating pattern. Metallic gold, copper, or multi-colored glass, stone, or ceramic mosaics radiate against the granite.

Travertine and Limestone

Honed travertine or limestone backsplashes in soft natural, beige, or cream hues blend seamlessly with Venetian Gold granite for an organic look. These natural stones complement the blend of feldspar, quartz, and mica that make up granite.


Elegant marble backsplashes establish upscale ambiance. White Carrara, grey Silver Cloud, or subtle Emperador marble patterns pair attractively with the swirls and movement within the granite.

Glass Tile

Shimmery, eye-catching glass tile backsplashes in metallic, frosted, or iridescent styles bring modern glam to kitchens with Venetian Gold granite. Accenting the granite’s glimmers, glass tiles create scintillating style.

Ideal Backsplash Heights for Pairing with Granite

Proper backsplash height provides important context for showcasing granite countertops. Here are recommended heights for backsplashes with Venetian Gold granite:

  • 4-6 inches: Minimum backsplash height, best suits contemporary styles
  • 8-12 inches: Mid-height range ideal for most kitchens
  • 16-24 inches: Dramatic floor-to-ceiling backsplashes make granite a focal point

Varying backsplash height, such as creating a focal column of stacked tiles, adds intriguing dimension. Always maintain at least a 4-inch backsplash height above countertops for functional protection.

What Finish Goes Best with Venetian Gold Granite?

The finish of backsplash materials also affects their pairing with Venetian Gold granite. Here are top finishes to consider:


High-gloss polished tiles and natural stones boldly accentuate the granite’s sheen. Polished marble, travertine, ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles make a dramatic statement.


Matte, honed finishes like limestone, marble, or slate create subtle contrast with the granite’s polish. Their satiny look softly highlights the stone.


Tumbled stone and glass tiles have textural appeal that blends attractively with granite’s visual texture. Their worn, aged quality complements granite’s natural patina.


Shimmering metallic backsplashes in copper, gold, silver, or bronze beautifully pick up the granite’s glimmering mica flakes. Metallic finishes create an opulent pairing.

Best Backsplash Ideas with Venetian Gold Granite

Using the tips above, here are some specific backsplash materials and designs that look sensational with Venetian Gold granite:

  • White subway tile with dark grout
  • Carrara marble herringbone mosaic
  • Travertine tile in a brick pattern
  • Ivory or sand-colored ceramic tile with decorative inlay border
  • Metallic mosaic tile blending gold, tan, brown
  • Seeded glass tile in coppery, amber, or coffee tones
  • Clear or frosted glass tile accented with metallic brown inserts

Venetian Gold’s luscious golden swirls and intriguing black and brown striations ensure it pairs wonderfully with a wide variety of backsplash materials and colors. Following the guidelines above will guarantee you select a backsplash that complements this glamorous granite to perfection in your kitchen. With thoughtful planning, you can easily achieve a integrated, holistic look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backsplashes with Venetian Gold Granite

What color grout should I use with Venetian Gold granite?

Match the grout color to your backsplash tile or material color. Neutrals like tan, ivory, or light brown grout blend in, while darker grout contrasts and makes tile patterns pop. White grout accentuates white subway tiles.

Should I continue the backsplash color onto the wall?

Extending your backsplash tiles or design onto surrounding walls creates a feature wall that highlights the backsplash and granite. Contrasting paint on the walls also frames the backsplash attractively.

What about a brick or stacked stone backsplash?

Organic materials like brick or stacked stone complement the natural pattern of granite beautifully. Neutral mortar color connects the elements, while varied sizes and shapes of stone bricks add handcrafted allure.

Can mirror backsplashes work with Venetian Gold granite?

Absolutely! Mirror tiles refract light, intensifying the sparkle and dimension of the granite. Use in moderation; mirrored backsplashes easily overwhelm. Accent with metallic mosaic tiles or frames.

Should I match my flooring to the granite and backsplash?

Selecting flooring to coordinate with the color scheme of your granite and backsplash will complete the integrated look. Hardwood in warm brown tones is an ideal match. Travertine or marble floors also complement beautifully.


The striking golden tones and distinctive patterning of Venetian Gold granite demand an equally beautiful, well-coordinated backsplash. By selecting backsplash materials, colors, heights, and styles that accentuate and match the granite, you can achieve a totally pulled together, harmonious look. Whether you prefer a sleek modern or ornate old-world style, thoughtfully choosing your backsplash will showcase Venetian Gold granite to its full advantage in your dream kitchen.