What Backsplash Goes with Uba Tuba Granite?

Uba Tuba granite is a luxurious natural stone that features a rich blend of green, black, and gold tones. Its high-end look makes it a popular choice for kitchen countertops and other surfaces. However, picking the right backsplash to accompany Uba Tuba granite requires careful consideration to bring out the stone’s inherent beauty. Here is an in-depth look at excellent backsplash options to pair with Uba Tuba granite.

Complementary Natural Stone Backsplashes

Matching your Uba Tuba granite countertop with a backsplash made from natural stone is a sophisticated choice. The green and gold hues in the granite point to natural stones with similar earthy color palettes.

White Carrara Marble

The clean white background and subtle gray veining of Carrara marble beautifully complement Uba Tuba granite’s variegated colors. A Carrara marble backsplash creates a light, airy feel and prevents the space from feeling too dark and heavy. The white marble ties in nicely with Uba Tuba’s cream and gold tones.


With its tan, rustic texture, travertine is an excellent choice for a natural look. Travertine comes in a range of warm, earthy colors like gold, ivory, rust, and cream that effortlessly match Uba Tuba granite. The stone’s holes and tonal variations pair wonderfully with the granite’s movement. For a seamless look, select a travertine in a darker veining pattern.

Green Slate

The rich emerald and forest greens of green slate backsplashes boldly highlight the dominant green shades in Uba Tuba granite. Green slate’s natural cleft surface and bold veining provide beautiful visual depth and interest to balance the granite’s visual weight. The creamy background ties in the granite’s softer tones.


Subtle, creamy limestone has intermittent orange and brown striations that find a perfect color match in Uba Tuba granite. Soft beiges and gently worn textures provide an organic complement to the polished granite countertops. Limestone offers a charming Old World aesthetic.

Stunning Tile Options

Tile backsplashes present endless possibilities to creatively complement Uba Tuba granite’s striking appearance. From bold patterns to muted glass, tile seamlessly combines with the granite.

Subway Tile

Classic white 3×6 subway tiles make a timeless pairing with Uba Tuba granite. Stark white subway tiles balance the granite’s darker tones and inject brightness into the space. For further contrast, charcoal-colored grout dramatizes the tile joints. Subway tiles create textural harmony and visual flow with the smooth granite.

Glass Tile

Shimmering glass backsplashes in deep emerald or bronze glass perfectly pick up the dominant shade in the granite. Frosted or textured glass patterns add movement and catch the light beautifully. Clear glass tiles maintain an open, spacious look. Glass tiles come in various shapes and sizes for design flexibility.

Metallic Tile

Mirror-finish metallic tiles make a glamorous, modern statement with Uba Tuba granite. Oiled bronze, copper, and nickel tiles with rich, reflective sheens contrast stunningly with the matte granite finishes. Alternating metal and glass tiles create an eye-catching geometric mosaic pattern.

Stone and Glass Mixed Mosaics

Mixed mosaics that incorporate natural stone elements like marble or travertine with glass tiles unite the beauty of stone and tile. The blending of materials provides depth and visual intrigue. Natural stone mosaic pieces effortlessly match the Uba Tuba granite while colored glass tiles add pops of contrasting colors like blue and purple.

Paint Color Backsplashes

Painted backsplashes offer budget-friendly ways to complement Uba Tuba granite’s one-of-a-kind beauty using color.

Neutral Shades

Creamy whites, warm grays, sand tones, and beiges are foolproof paint color options. These hues subtly pick up the softer veins in the Uba Tuba granite. Neutral, earthy tones allow the granite to take center stage while contributing a calming, grounded feel.

Green and Blue Tones

Bold emerald and deep aqua backsplash paint colors connect directly to the Uba Tuba granite’s dominant green color. These dramatic shades make the backsplash an eye-catching accent that highlights the best qualities of the granite. Punchy blues and greens bring out the stone’s vibrancy.

Metallic Sheens

Backsplashes painted in metallic paints like bronze, silver, and gold make a bold, glamorous statement and accentuate the granite’s natural metallic flecks. Shimmering metallic paint catches the light for added dimension and plays up the stone’s inherent shine.

Stylish Backsplash Ideas with Uba Tuba Granite

Beyond the backsplash material, several backsplash design ideas can maximize Uba Tuba granite’s luxury look.

Oversized Subway Tiles

4×8 or 4×12 subway tiles create large-scale visual impact and grand proportions suiting the dramatic granite. Oversized tiles in glossy white are a popular trend.

Contrasting Horizontal Patterns

Horizontal planks or rectangular tiles contrast the granite’s fluid appearance and add modern flair. Dark-stained wood and matte black porcelain both work well.

Multilevel Designs

Incorporate two distinct backsplash materials in different areas for added interest. Try glass tile inside the cooking range frame and neutral subway tile surrounding.

Natural Stone Accent Strips

Accent strips using a contrasting stone like quartzite border the lower and upper backsplash edges. This framing technique becomes a beautiful design focal point.

Simple Clean-Lined Designs

Minimalist styles using plain materials keep the glamorous Uba Tuba granite as the undisputed highlight. Avoid ornate backsplash tile patterns that compete.

FAQ About Pairing Backsplashes with Uba Tuba Granite

What colors look good with Uba Tuba granite?

Uba Tuba granite pairs beautifully with cream, beige, gray, charcoal, emerald green, bronze, gold, ivory, brown, tan, and muted blue tones. Black and white both also complement Uba Tuba granite elegantly.

Does Uba Tuba granite go with white cabinets?

Yes, high-contrast white cabinets allow Uba Tuba granite’s captivating blend of colors to take center stage on the countertops. A light or neutral-colored backsplash keeps the palette airy.

What is the most popular backsplash with Uba Tuba granite?

White subway tile backsplashes are by far the most common pairing seen with Uba Tuba granite. White tiles balance out the granite’s dark colors in a timeless, neutral scheme.

What kind of backsplash goes with green granite?

For green-colored granites like Uba Tuba, excellent backsplash options include emerald green glass tiles, natural stones like marble and travertine, subway tile, metallic tiles, wood plank, and cream paint colors.

Should you match the granite color in the backsplash?

It’s not essential to exactly match the granite colors, and sometimes, choosing a contrasting or complementary shade as the backsplash creates more visual interest. However, coordinating with at least one prominent color looks cohesive.


Uba Tuba granite’s one-of-a-kind blend of green, black, gold, and cream makes a breathtaking statement in kitchens and bathrooms. The ideal backsplash choice enhances Uba Tuba’s colors, textures, and visual weight. Whether you prefer natural stone, tile, or paint, balance and complement the granite with colors pulled from within the stone. Uba Tuba Granite pairs gorgeously with fellow natural materials like marble, travertine, slate and pops of color from glass and metallic tiles. Ultimately, the backsplash decision reflects your own design style and the mood you wish to create. With Uba Tuba’s striking beauty, the design possibilities are unlimited.