What Backsplash Goes With Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Subway Tile

Classic white subway tile is a timeless backsplash option that works well with Typhoon Bordeaux granite’s earthy tones. The clean white tiles create an elegant contrast against the granite’s marbling, allowing the countertop to stand out as the focal point. Go for a standard 3×6 or 4×12 subway tile in a gloss finish for a sleek, contemporary vibe. Pair with dark grout for added definition.

Metal or Stainless Steel

The reflective properties of metal or stainless steel backsplashes beautifully complement Typhoon Bordeaux granite’s rich colors. Stainless steel tiles add a modern, industrial edge, while copper or brass backsplashes introduce a soft, warm glow that enhances the granite’s natural patina. The sheen of the metal also plays up the granite’s crystalline flecks.

Glass Tile

Glass tile backsplashes provide the perfect balance of textural contrast and complementary coloring for Typhoon Bordeaux granite. Mosaics in earth tones like beiges, browns, and terracottas mirror the organic veining of the granite. Or make the granite the star with an iridescent or frosted glass tile that subtly picks up the countertop’s colors without competing.

Stone Tile

Matching one stone with another can create a seamless, impactful kitchen backsplash. Pair Typhoon Bordeaux granite with slate or marble tiles in similarly dark reddish-brown hues. The stone-on-stone look feels elegant and upscale. For more contrast, use tumbled travertine tiles or a honed limestone backsplash to add light, creamy tones against the dramatic granite.

Wood or Porcelain Wood Tile

The natural warmth and patterns of wood tile styles make an attractive pairing for Typhoon Bordeaux granite’s earthy beauty. Rich walnut or ebony-stained wood adds sophistication, while lighter oak or birch woods can brighten the space. Wood-look porcelain tile gets you the appearance without maintenance issues. Run planks vertically for a more contemporary vibe.

What to Avoid

While many styles work well, you’ll want to avoid backsplashes with colors or patterns that are too similar to the varied veining and movement of Typhoon Bordeaux granite. Busy tile patterns or competing earth tones can overwhelm the space and detract from the granite as the focal point. Instead, let the organic colors of the granite shine by framing it with classic, simple backsplash materials.

FAQs About Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Backsplashes

What color grout should I use with Typhoon Bordeaux granite and white subway tile?

Dark gray or even black grout between white subway tiles helps accentuate the contrast with Typhoon Bordeaux granite. If you want less of a contrast, try a light gray or off-white grout.

What size subway tile works best?

The most common and versatile subway tile sizes are 3×6 and 4×12. Either creates a classic backsplash look that pairs elegantly with Typhoon Bordeaux granite. Go larger if you want less grout.

Can I pair marble backsplash tile with Typhoon Bordeaux granite?

Yes, marble is a great complement if you select a color and finish that works with the granite. Honed marbles in darker beiges, tans, or browns mirror Typhoon Bordeaux’s veining nicely. Avoid white or gray marbles that contrast too sharply.

What about combining mosaic and subway tiles?

Definitely! Using mosaic tiles as an accent row or border paired with white subway tiles is a popular, visually appealing combination with Typhoon Bordeaux granite. Stick to earth tones in the mosaic tiles.

What finish of backsplash tile works best?

Both polished and honed tile finishes pair beautifully with the sheen and colors of Typhoon Bordeaux granite. Polished tiles add more shine and reflection, while honed offers a soft, natural appearance. Matte finishes also create an attractive contrast with the granite.


With its captivating colors and patterning, Typhoon Bordeaux granite can be dressed up or down with the right backsplash design. Choosing tile materials and colors that work in harmony with the granite results in a cohesive, eye-catching kitchen aesthetic. From metal mosaic to marble, wood plank to glass tile, the options are plentiful for backsplashes that seamlessly complement this gorgeous natural stone. With Typhoon Bordeaux granite and a thoughtfully matched backsplash, you’re sure to have a kitchen that wows.