what backsplash goes with new venetian gold granite

New Venetian Gold granite is a luxurious and elegant stone that adds a touch of opulence to any kitchen. With its deep golden tones accented by black, brown, and cream, this granite can complement a variety of backsplash materials. The key is choosing a backsplash that enhances, rather than competes with, the granite. Here is an in-depth look at the best backsplash options to pair with New Venetian Gold granite countertops.

Neutral Backsplashes

Neutral colored backsplashes are a popular choice with New Venetian Gold granite because they allow the granite to stand out as the focal point. Creamy off-whites, beiges, light grays, and soft whites pair beautifully with the granite’s warm golden hues.

Some great neutral backsplash ideas include:

White Subway Tile

A classic white 3×6 subway tile backsplash provides a clean, crisp contrast to the granite. The simple color allows the granite’s complex coloring to shine. White subway tiles also have a versatile look that matches any kitchen style from modern to traditional. Using a gloss finish adds depth and reflects light beautifully.

Beige Stone Mosaic

For a backsplash with a bit more visual interest, consider a beige stone mosaic. The organic look of the mosaic tiles contrasts nicely with the granite’s veining. Combining stone types and colors connects the countertop and backsplash for a cohesive look. A blend of different beige, cream, and white stones adds dimension.

Gray Stacked Stone

Gray stacked stone tiles bring a contemporary, rustic vibe as a backsplash. The multitoned grays complement the golden granite colors in a more subtle way. Stacked stone has lots of texture and depth that pair great with the granite’s veining patterns. This is a trendy option for modern and transitional kitchen styles.

Cream Subway Brick

Brick-shaped subway tiles in a cream ivory color can provide an elegant and sophisticated backsplash look. The creamy tone enhances the gold hues of the granite. The elongated subway brick shape gives a more unique, modern feel than traditional squares. Frosted or textured tiles add visual interest and work well for hiding grout lines.

Gold and Metallic Backsplashes

Since New Venetian Gold granite has a distinct golden tone, backsplashes with metallic accents can mirror and accentuate the granite beautifully. Warm golds, bronzes, coppers, and stainless steel are ideal metallic options.

Some glamorous gold and metallic backsplash tile ideas include:

Gold Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

For dramatic visual impact, bold glossy gold Moroccan fish scale tiles create a dazzling backsplash. The circular overlapping tiles have an artistic, elegant look resembling fish scales or chainmail. The striking gold color and shape provide the perfect contrast to the granite.

Brushed Bronze Tile

Satin bronze tiles with a gently brushed finish add a handsome, subtle metallic backsplash. The soft brownish tones pick up on the granite’s brown veining in a muted way. Brushed bronze has an industrial vibe perfect for contemporary kitchen designs.

Stainless Steel Mosaic

A stainless steel mosaic backsplash ties in the look of stainless steel appliances beautifully. The metallic silver tone accentuates the golden granite colors. Using mosaic sheets of small stainless tiles creates sparkle and interest behind the countertops. The modern look fits right into a sleek, contemporary kitchen.

Copper Penny Tiles

Small copper penny tiles arranged in a bricklay pattern can give a vintage, rustic aesthetic. The natural look of oxidized copper pairs nicely with granite’s earthy tones. The penny tiles have an uneven handmade appearance, delivering depth and texture. This is a unique backsplash choice for Tuscan or farmhouse style kitchens.

Earth Tone Backsplashes

Since New Venetian Gold granite incorporates natural colors like brown, black, tan, and cream, earth tone backsplash materials are an ideal complement. Natural stones like travertine, slate, marble, and limestone pair beautifully.

Some specific earthy backsplash ideas include:

Travertine Subway Tile

For a backsplash with rustic charm, travertine subway tiles are a great match for this granite. The brown and beige swirls and holes of the travertine complement the granite’s veining patterns. The natural material combination gives a cohesive earthy look and feel.

Multicolored Slate Tile

Slate backsplash tiles come in a range of natural brown, black, gray, and rust colors that accentuate the granite well. The stone’s layered,foliated appearance provides nice visual texture and depth. Multicolored slate mosaics create even more visual interest and character next to the countertops.

Carrara Marble Herringbone

The white background and subtle gray veining of Carrara marble backsplash tiles contrast elegantly with the golden granite. Marble has an inherently upscale, luxurious look perfect for enhancing the granite. A herringbone layout adds modern style to the natural stone tiles.

Limestone Brick

Light tan, creamy limestone backsplash tiles laid in a brick pattern is an attractive, earthy backsplash choice. The varied grains and fossil flecks of limestone look gorgeous next to the dramatic veining in the granite. The lighter stone color prevents the backsplash from competing with the granite.

Patterned & Textured Backsplashes

Unique patterns and pronounced textures give backsplashes visual impact and interest. Paired with the multi-toned New Venetian Gold granite, patterned backsplashes can provide striking contrast and design flair.

Some stylish patterned and textured backsplash tile ideas include:

Gray Quartz Arabesque

Large format Arabesque mosaic tiles from quartz have soft gray tones that contrast nicely with the golden granite. The swirling, interlaced pattern has artistic style perfect for modern designs. The high-end look of quartz tiles accentuates the luxurious granite.

Blue Moroccan Zellige

Vibrant Moroccan zellige tiles handmade in blue hues add a pop of color and their intricate mosaic patterns energize the backsplash. The varying blue shapes interlock seamlessly for beautiful geometric impact. This artistic tile style stands out beautifully behind the New Venetian Gold granite.

Green Glass Subway Tile

Glossy green glass subway tiles offer an affordable pop of color option. The cool green color provides contrasting balance with the warm golden granite tones. Glass tile provides depth and allows light to reflect for added radiance and sparkle on the backsplash.

Gray Marble Herringbone Brick

Marble herringbone backsplash tiles laid in a brickwork pattern provides stylish visual interest with the contrasting shapes and layout. The soft gray color of the marble allows the gorgeous golden granite to take center stage. The muted gray, cream, and white marble brick pattern acts as a subtle and elegant backdrop.

Dark Color Backsplashes

While dark backsplashes can overpower lighter granites, the deep golden tones of New Venetian Gold granite can handle deeper, darker backsplash colors. Rich hues like charcoal, black, and navy make dramatic statements and highlight the granite beautifully.

Some striking dark backsplash options include:

Black Quartz Tile

Sleek black quartz backsplash tiles juxtapose boldly with the New Venetian Gold granite for contemporary contrast. The deep black color enhances the granite’s golden veining and brown tones. Matte finished black quartz tiles prevent reflections so the backsplash doesn’t compete with the shimmering countertop.

Blue Moroccan Zellige

The vibrant Moroccan zellige tiles in deep midnight blue or navy make a dramatic style statement with their intricate mosaic patterns. The small tiles interlock to form starburst and geometric designs. The artistic tile style stands out beautifully with the golden granite.

Charcoal Subway Brick

Charcoal gray subway tiles laid in an offset brick pattern is an eye-catching backsplash choice. The darker gray color makes the golden granite really stand out while tying in with the brown and black veining. The elongated subway brick shape makes for a contemporary backsplash style.

Obsidian Glass Tile

For a super modern twist, polished black obsidian glass tile makes a glossy black glass statement. Obsidian is natural volcanic glass that provides deep black color and glassy texture. The reflective surface bounces light dramatically off the golden granite for a luxurious look.

Accent Backsplash Ideas

Creative ways to incorporate color, pattern, and texture with accent backsplash tiles can make for unique designer backsplashes. Accent tiles paired with more neutral base tiles keep the focus on the gorgeous New Venetian Gold granite.

Some accent backsplash ideas include:

White Subway Tile with Blue Pencil Liners

A classic white subway tile backsplash with thin blue pencil liner tiles added sporadically creates color impact. The blue accents play off the granite’s blue undertones for brilliant pop. Keeping the white subway tiles as the main tile prevents overwhelming the granite.

Etched Moroccan Tile Accents

Small etched Moroccan octagon and star tile designs can provide artistic pops of texture and visual interest. For example, white subway tiles with etched black Moroccan tile inserts or beige stone mosaic with copper Moroccan tile accents. This adds stylish flair without distracting from the granite.

Oyster Shell Inlay

Real oyster shell tiles make a gorgeous organic accent mixed within marble, limestone, or glass backsplash tiles. The sea-like iridescence and unique shapes provide natural beauty against the granite countertop’s natural patterns. Keeping the inlay sparse prevents it from competing with the granite.

Mirror Accents

Small beveled mirror tiles strategically placed as accents reflect light dramatically off the New Venetian Gold granite. Mirrored accents pair well with marble, travertine, or glass backsplash tiles. The reflective accents enhance the luxurious look of the granite.

What Backsplash Goes Best With New Venetian Gold Granite?

With so many potential backsplash options, a great rule of thumb when choosing a backsplash for New Venetian Gold granite is to select materials and colors that enhance rather than compete with the granite.

Neutral, earth tone, gold, and white backsplash tiles tend to pair most attractively with the granite’s distinctive golden brown and black colors. Soft beiges, creams, grays, and whites create an elegant contrast and space for the granite to shine.

Metallic backsplashes like gold, bronze, copper, and steel accentuate the granite’s radiant golden sparkle and veining. Natural stones like marble, travertine, limestone, and slate reflect the granite’s natural elegance for a cohesive effect.

While patterned or colored backsplash tiles can add striking visual impact, be careful of overwhelming the gorgeous granite. Keep the New Venetian Gold granite as the focal point by choosing accent tiles sparingly.

The best complementing backsplash showcases the granite rather than competing with it. With the proper backsplash selection, New Venetian Gold granite can be the breathtaking centerpiece of an exquisite kitchen design.

FAQs About New Venetian Gold Granite Backsplashes

What is the most popular backsplash for New Venetian Gold granite?

White subway tile backsplash is likely the most popular choice for New Venetian Gold granite. The crisp white color allows the golden granite to take center stage. White backsplashes have versatility to match any kitchen design esthetic too.

What color backsplash goes best with gold granite?

Soft neutral tones like cream, beige, gray, and white work beautifully with golden colored granites like New Venetian Gold. Earth tones like tans, browns, and mocha colors also complement gold granite well. Metallic backsplashes in gold, bronze, pewter, silver, or copper make the granite pop.

Should you match the backsplash to the countertops?

It’s generally best not to match the backsplash exactly to the granite countertop. Contrast helps each element stand out. Complementary colors and textures are ideal, rather than matching. Some exception can be made for quartz backsplashes that closely match the particle color of the granite.

What backsplash color makes granite pop?

Lighter, neutral backsplash colors like white, cream, or soft gray help bring out the full color vibrancy of the granite. These softer backsplash colors put the focus on the granite to really make it pop. Dramatic dark backsplash colors can also make the granite pop by contrast.

What backsplash goes with black granite?

Black granite pairs well with backsplashes that have some contrast like white subway, beige stone, gray marble, gold tile, travertine, weathered wood, stainless steel, or navy blue glass tile. Crisp white or soft beige and gray help lighten up the space.


The gorgeous golden brown, black, and cream tones of New Venetian Gold granite demand a spectacular backsplash. Choosing backsplash materials and colors that complement rather than compete with the granite’s natural beauty is key.

Neutral, earthy, metallic, and white backsplashes tend to create attractive, elegant pairings that enhance the granite’s luxury. While deep, dark, or colorful backsplashes can be eye-catching additions, balance is essential so the gorgeous granite remains the star. With the right backsplash, New Venetian Gold granite can bring a glamorous golden elegance to any kitchen design.