What Backsplash Goes With Luna Pearl Granite

Luna pearl granite is a luxurious and elegant natural stone that can be used to great effect in kitchens and bathrooms. Choosing the right backsplash to pair with luna pearl granite countertops or other surfaces is an important design decision that can make or break the look. Here is an in-depth look at the best backsplash options to complement the distinctive, flowing, pearl-like appearance of luna pearl granite.


Luna pearl granite features a light grey base punctuated with ice white and silver mica flecks that give it a sense of movement and shimmer. This granite has a refined and glamorous aesthetic that pairs well with both traditional and contemporary design schemes.

When selecting a backsplash to go with luna pearl granite, you want options that will either seamlessly blend with or nicely complement the color tones. The goal is to create a cohesive and upscale look. Avoid backsplashes that will clash with or distract from the granite. Instead, choose materials and colors that will enhance the granite’s luxurious vibe.

Below are the top recommendations for stunning backsplashes that work beautifully with luna pearl granite countertops and surfaces.

Subtle, Neutral Tone Glass Tile

Glass tile backsplashes offer shine and visual depth that complements the mica flecks in luna pearl granite. Choosing glass tiles in soft greys or whites will provide enough contrast to not get lost against the granite but still remain neutral. This allows the granite to take center stage while the backsplash acts as a refined, tonal backdrop.

Look for glass subway tiles, mosaics, or stacked tile layouts. Glossy finishes reflect light and add vibrance while frosted, matte textures look more understated. Neutral grey and white glass backsplashes act as the perfect refined partner to luna pearl granite.

White Marble Tile or Slabs

For a classic and elegant pairing, marble backsplashes in a white or soft grey tone are an excellent match with luna pearl granite. Choose large format marble tiles or substantial slabs to mirror the stone luxury of the granite counters.

White Carrara marble is a popular choice as it has grey veining that complements the tonal color variations in the granite. White marble backsplashes will appear crisp against luna pearl’s surface. Polished finishes offer more glamour while honed or matte finishes provide a softer, subtler contrast.

Metallic Mosaics or Subway Tiles

For a more glitzy, glamorous backsplash choice, small metallic tiles in mosaics or subway tile patterns pair beautifully with luna pearl granite. Go for tiles in shimmering silver, pewter greys, mirrors, or stainless steel to pick up on the reflective mica flecks in the granite. These metallic backsplash tiles will enhance the upscale, jewelry-like quality of the luna pearl stone.

To prevent it from looking overly flashy, use metallic backsplash tile sparingly as an accent stripe against a neutral background. Or opt for a subtle muted metal hue like a weathered zinc finish rather than high gloss. Metallic mosaics can lend a mosaic art deco style while linear metal subway tiles have a sleek, contemporary feel.

Honed Travertine Tile

For a backsplash with an earthy, organic feel that complements luna pearl granite’s natural stone beauty, go for honed travertine tile. The caramel, tan, and grey-brown color variations in travertine marble will contrast beautifully with the cool tones of the granite. A honed finish gives it a soft, matte look.

Install travertine in a classic brick pattern or opt for multi-sized rectangular stacked tiles. This is a great backsplash choice for Tuscan, rustic, or farmhouse style kitchens featuring luna pearl granite counters. Mix some white tiles in for a lighter and brighter accent.

Pebble Stone Mosaic

Another organic appearing backsplash option is to use a pebble stone mosaic tile. Multi-colored mixes of pebble stones create natural texture and depth behind luna pearl granite. Earthy tan, grey, white, and brown pebbles complement the color tones of the granite nicely.

For a more uniform look, choose a mosaic blend in all neutral tones. Or opt for a mix with some white pebbles to add brightness and light contrast against the luna pearl stone. Pebble stone mosaics work especially well for backsplashes behind kitchen islands.

Metal Tile Inserts

For a backsplash that adds some metallic glitz but in a more subtle and selective way, go for metal tile inserts. This involves using metal tiles or sheets as an accent border or rectangular inserts within a field of ceramic subway or mosaic tiles.

Stainless steel, copper, or aluminum metal tile inserts in varying shapes create a framing effect around the backsplash. Match the metal finish to the cabinet hardware for a coordinated look. The metal accents tie in beautifully with the mica flecks in the luna pearl granite.

Honed Limestone

Limestone is an interesting backsplash choice to pair with luna pearl granite because it has similar grayish-white tones but with added soft grey veining. Honed limestone has an understated matte finish that provides moderate contrast with the polished granite counters.

Look for limestone in lighter beige-greys so it complements rather than overwhelms the luna pearl stone. Installed in a classic brick pattern or subway layout, limestone has an organic, worn-in aesthetic next to the granite. Pair it with white grout to keep it looking light and contemporary.

Crushed Glass

For a truly unique and eye-catching backsplash alternative, go for crushed or tumbled glass tiles. These capture and refract light in stunning ways that play off the reflective qualities of luna pearl granite. Mixes of white, clear, silver, and grey crushed glass tiles lend an artistic, modern vibe.

Install them in sweeping waves or linear patterns. Backsplashes made of crushed glass work especially well behind contemporary kitchen islands featuring luna pearl granite. The crushed glass adds gorgeous visual texture and dimension.

Final Thoughts

The key to choosing the perfect backsplash for luna pearl granite is finding options in harmonious soft grey, white, silver, tan, or other neutral tones. You want the backsplash to complement and enhance the granite’s natural beauty.

Both organic stone like marble or travertine and modern glass mosaics pair beautifully. Or go for a blend, using stone or glass tile inserts with metal accents. Ultimately the combination possibilities are endless with a versatile granite like luna pearl.

Be sure to view full slabs and tiles before purchasing to ensure you are happy with how the granite interacts with the backsplash aesthetically. Your design professional can also advise you on backsplash and grout selections to achieve your ideal decor style. Then you can enjoy a gorgeously cohesive kitchen or bath with luna pearl granite and backsplash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color backsplash goes well with luna pearl granite countertops?

Soft neutral tones like white, light grey, silver, beige, and tan tend to complement luna pearl granite best. Glass, marble, travertine, and limestone backsplashes in these color families are recommended.

What kind of backsplash is best with a white granite like luna pearl?

White marble, glass mosaics or subway tiles, honed travertine, pebble stones, crushed glass and metal tile inserts all pair beautifully with the white and grey tones of luna pearl granite.

Does luna pearl granite go with both dark and light backsplash colors?

Luna pearl pairs better with lighter backsplash colors to avoid too much contrast. Darker options can sometimes make the space feel smaller or crowded when combined with the already visually prominent granite.

What finish of backsplash tile works best with luna pearl granite?

Polished, glossy finishes reflect light similar to the granite’s shine. However, softer honed and matte finishes can also complement and subtly contrast the granite. Mix finishes for extra dimension.

What backsplash colors should be avoided with luna pearl granite?

Avoid bold, heavily saturated colors like black, bright red, electric blue, etc. that may clash. Soft, neutral tones allow the granite to remain the focal point. steer clear of strong patterned tiles that could compete visually.

Should the backsplash match the exact color of luna pearl granite?

It looks best to have some contrast between the two through lighter or darker tones. Matching exactly can make the surfaces overly blend together. Some tonal variance adds visual interest. Just keep colors in the same neutral, earthy color families.


Luna pearl granite’s soft shimmering beauty deserves an equally stunning backsplash. Choosing backsplash materials and colors that complement the distinctive grey color tones and natural elegance of this granite creates a high-end, cohesive look. A neutral yet visually interesting backsplash allows the luna pearl stone to really shine as the focal point while also lending added visual depth, texture, and brightness. With the variety of backsplash options available, you can find the perfect match for your design vision.