What Backsplash Goes with Cherry Cabinets

Cherry cabinets can make a bold and beautiful statement in your kitchen. With their rich, warm reddish-brown tone, they bring an elegant yet inviting feel. When it comes to selecting a backsplash to complement cherry cabinets, you have lots of options to choose from. The right backsplash can enhance the cherry color while also adding visual interest and dimension to your kitchen design. Here are some of our top recommendations for stunning backsplashes to pair with cherry cabinets.

Neutral Backsplash Colors

One approach is to let the richness of the cherry cabinets shine by selecting a backsplash in a neutral tone. This allows the cabinetry to take center stage while the backsplash recedes into the background. Here are some perfect neutral backsplash ideas for cherry cabinets:

White Subway Tile

The classic white 3×6 subway tile is a simple yet timeless choice. The crisp, clean white color allows the cherry cabinets to pop while adding a sense of openness to the space. Laying the tiles in a classic brickwork pattern adds interest. For variation, use different size tiles or switch up the pattern. A white subway tile backsplash provides a neutral and seamless look that works beautifully with rich cherry cabinetry.

Carrara Marble

The elegance of Carrara marble backsplash tile paired with cherry cabinets creates a lovely upscale look perfect for formal kitchens. The distinctive veining in the marble provides depth and visual appeal. Keep the look light and bright by using polished marble with minimal veining. A marble mosaic tile backsplash is another option for adding more texture and dimension. Marble gives the space a timeless, traditional feel that allows the cherry cabinetry to take center stage.

Beveled White Tile

For a backsplash look with more character than basic subway tile, consider white beveled tile. The beveled edges add depth and architectural detail. The white color keeps things neutral to let the cherry cabinetry shine. Stack the rectangular beveled tiles in a straight or herringbone layout for added interest. You can also opt for beveled subway tiles if you prefer squares over rectangles. The grout lines also lend character with the beveled tile shapes.

Uplifting Backsplash Colors

Boost the mood and brightness of your cherry kitchen with an upbeat backsplash color. Choosing tinted or pastel backsplash hues allows the cherry cabinetry to still stand out while lending the space more personality.

Sky Blue Subway Tile

A touch of sky blue is the perfect way to inject color and create a more vibrant space with cherry cabinets. The light blue subway tile backsplash adds a welcome pop without overpowering the cabinets. Keep the look clean and crisp by laying the tiles in a simple brickwork pattern. For extra charm, add blue mosaic tile accents. This is an especially great option for cherry cabinets with bronze hardware and undertones.

Sage Green Glass Tile

For an earthy yet cheerful vibe, use sage green backsplash tile with cherry cabinets. Opaque glass subway tiles in soothing natural shades of green provide a brilliant contrast to the cherry. Add iridescent glass tiles for a splash of glimmer and more visual appeal. The green brings out the reddish tones in the cherry wood while giving the kitchen a fresh, lively feel. Patterned mosaic tiles can provide even more texture and dimension.

Mint Green Subway Tile

Pastel mint green is an unexpected but beautiful pairing with rich cherry cabinets. The retro yet trendy mint green subway tiles have a soft femininity that balances the boldness of the cherry stain. Use varying green hues and textures like glossy, frosted, crackle, or striped tiles for added depth and interest. You can also incorporate decorative mosaic accents into the mint green tile design. This color scheme results in a stunning and unique kitchen.

Wood & Stone Backsplashes

Since cherry cabinets have a natural wood tone, backsplashes with similar earthy hues and textures complement them perfectly. Wood and stone backsplashes in neutral, warm, or rustic styles beautifully match the richness of the cherry stain.

Wood Plank Tile

For backsplash materials that mirror the look of the cabinets themselves, wood plank tiles are an excellent choice with cherry cabinetry. Tile made to resemble weathered barn wood or reclaimed lumber adds rugged texture. Real wood veneer backsplash tiles in oak or maple provide an upscale look. Lay the wood plank tiles horizontally to complement the cabinet doors. Walnut, cedar, and dark woods contrast beautifully with the cherry while lighter woods like birch mesh seamlessly.

Travertine Tile

With its distinctive pitted surface and earthy beige color palette, travertine tile makes the perfect raw yet refined backsplash for cherry cabinets. For added visual appeal, choose travertine with tumbled edges and varying brownish-grey hues accented by subtle cracks and holes. The organic texture of the stone beautifully complements the rich look of the cherry wood grain. Travertine backsplash tile brings out the natural warmth of the cabinets.

Ledger Stone

Get the rustic lodge or farmhouse feel with ledger stone backsplash tile paired with cherry cabinets. Made to emulate natural stone, ledger tiles feature varied shapes that fit together in an irregular pattern. Colors like tan, brown, grey, and cream beautifully coordinate with the cherry wood tone. You can also find ledger tiles painted or glazed in different colors to add custom pops of color while still achieving the rustic look.

Metallic Backsplashes

For a glamorous and reflective look, think about adding a metallic backsplash with your cherry cabinets. Metallic tiles in silver, gold, bronze, and copper all provide the shine and luster to wonderfully enhance the bold cherry cabinetry.

Hammered Copper Tile

The gorgeous glimmer of copper backsplash tile ramps up the elegance in a kitchen with cherry cabinets. The metallic shine pairs perfectly with the cabinets while adding a jewelry-like brilliance. Hammered copper texture provides visual depth and makes an even bolder statement. Install the tile in a brickwork or herringbone pattern for more eye-catching appeal. Warm copper tones also beautifully complement the cherry color.

Golden Mosaic Tile

Make quite the dramatic style statement by combining rich cherry cabinetry with the dazzle of gold backsplash tile. Glass and metal mosaic tiles come in an array of glistening golden hues ranging from soft champagne to bold metallic. Use accents of smaller mosaic tiles or metallic gold subway tile between sections of the main field tile. The gold color provides the perfect pop against the darker cherry cabinetry.

Stainless Steel Tile

Stainless steel tile backsplashes lend an industrial modern or professional kitchen feel that works well with cherry cabinets. The silvery color and luster pair nicely with the warm wood tones while adding light and brightness. Whether you opt for a reflective mirror finish or brushed texture, stainless steel tile provides a sleek metallic complement. Install large rectangular tiles in a stacked or running bond pattern for clean lines and visual impact.

What Backsplash Goes with Cherry Cabinets – FAQs

What is the most popular backsplash for cherry cabinets?

The most popular and classic backsplash option for cherry cabinets tends to be white subway tile. The crisp clean white color allows the rich cabinetry to take center stage while providing a fresh, neutral backdrop.

What color backsplash brings out cherry cabinets?

Backsplash colors in the beige family, like travertine tile, work well to highlight cherry cabinets by coordinating with the wood tones. Soft green or blue hues add liveliness while allowing the cabinet color to pop. Metallic tiles in copper or gold also beautifully accent the deep color of the cherry.

Do you have to match the backsplash to the cabinets?

It’s not an absolute must to directly match the backsplash color to the cherry cabinets. Complementary or contrasting backsplash hues can work beautifully too. Just ensure the overall combination is cohesive. Using some cabinetry color in the backsplash accents is one way to pull the elements together.

What is the most expensive backsplash for kitchen?

Natural stone backsplashes like granite, marble and travertine tend to be among the most expensive kitchen backsplash options, along with premium glass or ceramic tile, and stainless steel. Handmade tile with intricate designs is also on the pricier end of backsplash materials.

What backsplash color makes kitchen look bigger?

Lighter colored backsplashes like white, light grey, or pastels reflect light, helping expand smaller kitchens visually. Glossy or metallic backsplash tile also makes kitchens appear larger by creating the illusion of space. Darker backsplashes tend to make kitchens feel more intimate.

Can you put backsplash behind stove?

Yes, it is recommended to install backsplash tile behind the stove and on the sidewalls around it. This protects the walls from splatters, grease, and heat damage. Use heat-resistant and easy-to-clean backsplash materials like ceramic, porcelain, or stainless steel around stoves.


The best backsplash for cherry cabinets allows the beautiful warm wood tones to shine while adding visual interest and texture. Options like white subway tile, marble, travertine, wood plank, and hammered copper all make stunning pairings. Whether you opt for a clean neutral or bold metallic tile, choose materials that complement the rich color. Add pops of uplifting hues like blue or green for extra flair. Then stand back and admire how the perfect backsplash enhances and completes your gorgeous cherry cabinetry. With some thoughtful planning, you can select the ideal backsplash to match your style and showcase those cherry cabinets in all their glory.