What Backsplash Goes with Carrara Marble Countertops

Subway Tile

Classic white 3×6 subway tile is a simple yet versatile backsplash option that works seamlessly with Carrara marble. The clean, straight lines and all-white color enhance the veining and texture of the marble. Subway tile comes in glossy or matte finish, so you can add subtle contrast with a polished marble countertop. Stack the tile in a brick pattern or offset layout for visual interest. For a pop of color, use light grey or very subtle blue subway tile that picks up the grey veining in the Carrara marble.

Herringbone Tile

Herringbone tile backsplash adds dimension and style behind a Carrara marble countertop. The unique zigzag pattern catches the eye and adds lovely visual texture. Like subway tile, herringbone backsplash tile comes in white, light grey, and pale blue that pair nicely with Carrara. Use large format tiles like 12×24 for a contemporary vibe. Or smaller tiles with thin grout lines create a more traditional look. Tip: Use marble herringbone mosaic tile for a high-end custom backsplash.

Stone Tile

Natural stone tile is an excellent complement to marble countertops. Try a stone mosaic backsplash in soft neutral tones like white, beige, or gray. The organic texture and veining of the stone tile balances the smooth polish of the Carrara marble. Travertine, limestone, and tumbled marble mosaic tiles are great options that enhance the natural patterns in the marble. Keep the stone tile light in color so it doesn’t overwhelm the veining of the Carrara marble.

Glass Tile

Sleek and shiny glass tile backsplash is a gorgeous contemporary match with Carrara marble countertops. The luminous sheen of glass tile reflects light beautifully to accentuate the marble surface. Opt for glass tile in a neutral white, silver, or pale gray. Adding an iridescent or frosted finish creates modern flair. Keep lines clean with a stacked layout. Or create a focal point with decorative glass tile decals above the cooking or prep area.

Metallic Tile

For serious glam and shine, install a metallic backsplash with Carrara marble countertops. Polished nickel, chrome, stainless steel, or copper tile radiates light for major visual impact. The high shine and smooth texture of the metal tile plays up the marbling and polish of the countertop surface. Keep the rest of the kitchen light and airy so the metallic tile can take center stage behind the Carrara marble counter.

Wood Backsplash

The natural beauty of wood paired with gorgeous Carrara marble elicits a wonderfully organic vibe. Use reclaimed barnwood planks for a rustic cottage look. Or try classic white beadboard vertically or horizontally behind the counter. The raw, grounded feel of wood helps tone down the formality of marble for a relaxed elegance. Protect the wood backsplash with a good sealant so it holds up to moisture.

Stacked Stone

Rough stacked stone makes a natural statement contrasted with the refined Carrara marble countertop. Try a backsplash of stacked slate or limestone tiles. Or use faux stone panels for easier installation. The multi-toned, textured look of the stacked stone adds lovely depth and complements the grey veining in the marble. Depending on your style, keep the stone backsplash tile neutral or go bold with darker tiles.

Pedestal Sink and No Backsplash

For powder rooms where you want to feature Carrara marble counter and sink, skip the backsplash altogether. Let the elegance of the marble pedestal sink stand out on its own. Keep walls light neutral or barely-there pastel for serene ambiance. Add polished nickel or brass fixtures and sconces for subtle metallic accents to pick up the marble veining.

The Best Finishes and Styles

When choosing a backsplash with Carrara marble, keep the overall finish and style simple and streamlined. Polished marble calls for sleek modern tiles like glass or metal. Honed marble pairs nicely with rougher textures like stone and wood. Classic styles like subway tile, mosaic, and herringbone work with any kitchen. For contemporary kitchens, make a statement with oversized tiles or metallic finishes. Farmhouse and cottage styles look beautiful with wooden backsplashes.

Avoid Overpowering the Carrara Marble

Since Carrara marble itself makes a gorgeous statement, take care not to overwhelm it with a competing backsplash. Avoid very bold colors or heavily layered patterns like Moroccan tiles or vibrant accent wallpaper. Keep backsplashes light and neutral with subtle texture for a seamless look. Let the natural grey veining be the star against a clean, light backdrop.

Enhance the Grey Veining

Look for backsplash materials like glass, metal, or stone tile that pick up and reflect the grey marbling and veining in the Carrara marble. Soft greys and silvers help make the veining pop. If your Carrara marble has very little grey, choose a crisp bright white backsplash. Avoid warm creams or beiges that downplay the veining. Always inspect the Carrara marble slab beforehand since veining varies.

Consider a Marble Slab Backsplash

For a cohesive and luxurious option, use a slab of Carrara marble on the backsplash too. A matching marble backsplash creates a seamless, minimalist look as the countertop and backsplash become one continuous surface. The marble backsplash slab reinforces the veining and patterns for a super high-end vibe. Keep the wall behind the backsplash marble painted a light neutral color.


What color grout should I use with Carrara marble backsplash?

Use white or very light grey grout with Carrara marble backsplash. Avoid dark grout colors that will make the grey veining disappear into the background. White grout enhances the marble pattern.

What kind of backsplash goes with grey marble?

Light grey and white backsplash tiles complement grey marble beautifully. Try options like white subway tile, marble mosaic, grey stone tiles, glass tiles, shimmery metallics, and neutral wood planks.

What type of backsplash looks best with white marble?

White marble pairs well with sleek, light-colored backsplash like white subway tile, glass tile, marble mosaic, stone mosaic, and stainless steel. Avoid warm tones and opt for cool neutrals.

What backsplash goes with a marble kitchen island?

For a marble kitchen island, keep the backsplash simple and streamlined. White subway tile, marble mosaic, glass tile, or stainless steel backsplashes allow the marble island to take center stage.

What kind of backsplash goes with Venetian marble?

Venetian marble with its gold/grey veining and white background is complemented by backsplash like white subway tile, glass mosaic, metal tiles, stone, marble mosaic, and wood panels. Avoid strongly colored or heavily patterned backsplash with Venetian marble.


With the right backsplash choice, you can beautifully accentuate the elegance of Carrara marble countertops. Clean-lined neutrals like subway tile, stone mosaic, and glass work seamlessly. Textured options like wood and stacked stone provide contrast. Or make a glam statement with metallic backsplash tile. Always look for backsplash materials that enhance the grey veining in the marble. Keep the overall style minimalist and let the Carrara marble be the star. Combine it with light colors and simple patterns for a timeless kitchen that immerses you in the beauty of one of nature’s finest stones.