What Backsplash Goes With Calacatta Laza

Calacatta Laza marble is a luxurious and elegant natural stone that can take your kitchen or bathroom to the next level of sophistication. With its creamy white background and dramatic gray veining, this marble makes a gorgeous backsplash that can complement a variety of design styles. However, choosing the right backsplash to pair with Calacatta Laza requires careful consideration to enhance its inherent beauty. The backsplash plays a supporting role to the showstopping marble countertops or floors, so aim for a cohesive look. Here are some of the best backsplash ideas to match beautifully with Calacatta Laza marble.

Neutral Hues

Sticking to neutral backsplash hues is an easy way to achieve balance with Calacatta Laza marble. Crisp whites, beiges, grays and soft greige tones all make ideal backdrops that allow the marble’s veining to take center stage. Here are some specific shades to consider:

White Subway Tile

Classic white 3×6 subway tiles laid in a brick pattern is a timeless backsplash choice. The clean white color allows the marble’s gray veining to stand out in prominence. White subway tiles also create a seamless transition to the marble countertops. Add some interest by alternating between glossy and matte tiles.

Beige Stone Tile

Honed beige travertine or limestone tiles make an earthy, organic pairing with Calacatta Laza. The beige brings out the background tone of the marble while the veining contrasts nicely. Mixing stone with stone has a harmonious effect. Try 12 inch tiles or mosaic sheets for variety.

Light Gray Glass Tile

For a more modern feel, consider light gray glass backsplash tile with slight variations in tone. This adds subtle interest while maintaining a neutral color scheme with the marble. Illuminated glass tile can create a soothing ambiance in the kitchen.

Geometric Greige Tile

Greige is a sophisticated blend of gray and beige that works beautifully with Calacatta Laza marble. Try a geometric tile pattern in this color for extra dimension. Mixing greige with marble achieves the perfect balance of warm and cool.

Earthy Accents

Natural earth tones help ground the ethereal beauty of Calacatta Laza marble. Organic texture and movement in the backsplash prevents the look from feeling too sterile or formal. Some rustic yet refined options include:

Travertine Subway Tile

Honed travertine subway tiles in their natural tan color add a subtle yet beautiful contrast with white Calacatta marble. The earthiness of the travertine and the sophistication of the marble balance each other out fantastically.

Multicolored Natural Stone

Randomly patterned mosaics using an array of natural pebbles and stones in brown, beige and taupe tones can make a lively organic backsplash. The multitude of earth tones allows the marble to stand out while adding rich complement.

Rustic Metal Tiles

Textural metal backsplash tiles in brushed bronze, copper and galvanized finishes add a rustic industrial vibe. The metallic sheen looks striking against the marble’s white canvas and elegant grey veining.

Wood Plank Tile

The warmth of wood plays nicely against cool marble. Natural finished wood plank tiles arranged horizontally make a reclaimed-chic backsplash. Mixing materials creates visual interest and depth.

Pops of Color

While neutral hues are safe, don’t be afraid to get creative with punches of color in your Calacatta Laza marble backsplash. Vivid tones and patterns energize the space and make the marble pop. Some colorful options include:

Emerald Green Glass Tile

Jewel toned emerald green glass backsplash tile adds dramatic flair against pristine white marble. The rich green electrifies the look and enhances the marble’s gray veining. Try in a brick layout or mosaic design.

Midnight Blue Subway Tile

Sleek blue-black glass subway tiles create a sophisticated, moody backdrop for Calacatta Laza marble. The dark color makes the marble truly shine. Use a glossy tile and keep the grout lines thin for maximum effect.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

Intricately patterned moroccan fish scale tiles in vibrant blues, greens and yellows make a playful and energetic backsplash. The colors contrast beautifully with the marble while accentuating the natural stone.

Handpainted Ceramic Tile

Custom hand painted ceramic tiles designed by local artisans can add a creative colorful flair. Florals, geometric shapes or botanical motifs in bold hues like navy, magenta, coral and chartreuse make the backsplash a focal point.

Statement Backsplashes

For a truly eye-catching look, choose a statement backsplash with showstopping style. These bold, artistic or unique backsplash ideas grab attention and turn the kitchen into an art installation.


Commission a hand painted mural backsplash depicting a scenic landscape, cityscape or abstract design. This artistic backsplash becomes a conversation starter and the ideal foil for Calacatta Laza’s leading role.


Luxe decorative wallpaper like chinoiserie, damask, or a metallic pattern makes a stunning backsplash that steals the focus. Pick a dramatic or whimsical style that reflects your personality.


Mirrored glass or tile backsplashes open up the space and reflect light beautifully. The reflective surface doubles the impact of the Calacatta marble and creates a glamorous effect.

Rainbow Glass

Custom colorful glass tile backsplashes make a brilliant rainbow effect. The ombre blending of multiple glass hues produces a radiant backdrop for clean white marble.


The elegance of Calacatta Laza marble demands an equally striking backsplash to complement its rare beauty. Whether you prefer classic white subway tile, colorful patterned ceramic or an artistic statement wallpaper, choose a backsplash that enhances the marble while also embodying your personal taste. Thoughtfully balancing the textures, colors and designs will allow you to get the most out of this gorgeous natural stone. With endless options, you’re sure to find a backsplash that makes your Calacatta Laza marble the dazzling centerpiece it was meant to be.