What Backsplash Goes with Blue Pearl Granite?

Blue pearl granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops due to its striking blue and gray tones. When selecting a backsplash to pair with blue pearl granite, you’ll want to choose something that complements its color palette. Here are some of the best backsplash options to consider for blue pearl granite countertops.

Complementary Natural Stone Backsplashes

Natural stone in shades of blue, gray, and white makes an elegant backsplash pairing for blue pearl granite. Consider these stone options:

White Carrara Marble

The white background and subtle gray veining of Carrara marble beautifully complements the blue and gray swirls of blue pearl granite. Carrara marble backsplash tiles create a clean, elegant look.

Blue Slate

Slate tiles in muted shades of blue and gray tone perfectly with blue pearl granite’s color scheme. The soft texture and matte finish of slate tiles add natural depth. Mix varying shades for dimension.

White Subway Tile

A classic 3×6 white subway tile backsplash provides a fresh, crisp contrast to the granite. The clean white color allows the granite to take center stage. Outline subway tiles in dark grout for added effect.

Gray Limestone

In a honed or tumbled finish, matte gray limestone backsplash tiles coordinate with the gray veining in blue pearl granite. The grayish-blue undertones in limestone also pick up the granite’s colors nicely.

Vibrant Glass Tile Backsplashes

For a more vibrant accent, consider a glass tile backsplash. The sheen of the glass plays beautifully against the matte granite. Blue and aqua glass tiles pair especially well.

Blue Glass Subway Tile

Match the varying shades of blue in the granite with complementary blue glass subway tiles. Their high sheen finish reflects light beautifully. Use a coordinating grout color.

Sea Glass Tile

Tumbled glass tiles in aqua mimics the look of sea glass, providing a brilliant pop of color. Accent with opaque white or translucent glass tiles for a blended effect.

Blue Glass Mosaic Tile

Tiny glass mosaic tiles in mixed blue tones, from deep navy to sky blue, create major design impact. Their varied shine adds interest behind the countertop. Consider penny round mosaics.

Modern Metal & Stone Backsplashes

For contemporary style, metal and stone combinations in silvers, grays, and blues complement the modern look of blue pearl granite beautifully.

Gray & White Marble + Nickel

A backsplash pattern using white Carrara marble subway tiles surrounded by gray marble pencil tiles and thin nickel trim accents has an elegant, sophisticated feel.

Stainless Steel Tile

Stainless steel tiles in a modern brickwork pattern features grays and silvers that coordinate well with blue pearl granite’s color scheme, adding an industrial vibe.

Blue Glass + Brushed Nickel

Combine sky blue glass tile and waterfall countertop trim in brushed nickel. The mix of contemporary materials and colors complements the blue pearl granite stunningly.

Painted Backsplash Ideas

Looking for a budget-friendly backsplash option? Consider painting the wall above the countertop to match your kitchen’s color palette.

Light Gray Paint

A light gray paint, just a shade or two lighter than the blue pearl granite, creates a seamless look. Opt for a matte finish to complement the granite’s honed surface.

Blue Paint

Painting the backsplash wall a soft blue (try Sherwin Williams’ Rainy Sky) picks up the blue tones in the granite beautifully. Add white open shelving for contrast.

Navy Blue Paint

For drama, paint the backsplash wall a deep navy shade. Navy makes the blue pearl granite pop while adding a bold, sophisticated style statement.

FAQs About Blue Pearl Granite Backsplashes

What color grout should I use with blue pearl granite?

Stick with neutral shades like white, light gray, or ivory for grout with blue pearl granite. You want the grout to blend in, not stand out. Dark grout competes too much.

What kind of edging works best with blue pearl granite?

Waterfall edging or standard bullnose edging are both attractive choices. For contemporary designs, opt for sleek stainless steel or nickel trim. Avoid ornate decorative edging.

Should I match my cabinets to blue pearl granite?

Not necessarily. Contrasting cabinetry in white, light gray, or even navy blue can look stunning with blue pearl granite countertops. Just select a finish that complements the matte granite surface.

What flooring options work well with blue pearl granite?

Wood-look porcelain tile, stained concrete, light natural hardwoods, or gray wood-look laminate are great flooring pairings. Avoid busy patterns and stick with neutral colors.

Can I use mosaic tile as a backsplash with blue pearl granite?

Definitely! Just be strategic with your tile choices. Stick with a muted color palette of whites, grays, and blues in matte finishes. Penny tile mosaics are a great mosaic option.


The striking blue and gray pigmentation of blue pearl granite allows you to get creative with your kitchen backsplash. Both cool-toned materials like marble, slate, or stainless steel and vibrant pops of color like aqua glass tile pair beautifully. Just keep the overall palette in coordinated neutrals. With the right backsplash, blue pearl granite makes a gorgeous, eye-catching focal point in any kitchen.