What Backsplash Goes with Blue Dunes Granite

Blue dunes granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops and other surfaces. With its deep blue hues and striking patterns, it can make a bold statement in any space. However, choosing the right backsplash to pair with blue dunes granite can be tricky. The backsplash must complement the granite without clashing or competing. With some thoughtful planning, you can select a backsplash that highlights the granite’s best attributes.

Matching the Blue Tones

One of the easiest ways to choose a complementary backsplash is to pick up on the blue tones in the granite. Blue dunes granite has varying shades from light sky blue to deep navy. You’ll want to find a backsplash tile or material in a similar cool-toned blue family. Some specific shades that coordinate well include:

  • Sky blue glass subway tile
  • Midnight blue ceramic tile
  • Blue-gray natural stone like marble or travertine
  • Deep aqua glass mosaic tile

Matching the intensity of the blue is key. Light blue backsplashes will contrast nicely with the deeper blues in the granite. Conversely, a navy blue backsplash can mirror the darkest granite veins.

Contrasting with Warm Neutrals

Another approach is choosing a warm-toned neutral backsplash. The contrast of cool blue granite and warm earth tones can create a striking and balanced look. Some excellent neutral shades for blue dunes granite backsplashes include:

  • Creamy travertine tile
  • Beige ceramic subway tile
  • Natural stone like sandstone or tan marble
  • White carrara marble with gray veining

Make sure the shade isn’t too yellow or orange, which could clash with the granite’s blue hues. Soft warm neutrals allow the granite to take center stage while grounding the space.

Emphasizing Granite Patterning

The distinctive veining and movement in blue dunes granite deserves to be highlighted. Backsplashes with simple, clean designs do the best job of showcasing the granite. Recommended options include:

  • White subway tile
  • Basic gray marble tile
  • Mirror or stainless steel tile
  • Clear glass tile

Simple patterns like horizontal stacks or running bond brick layouts also maintain focus on the granite. Stay away from bold or highly varied backsplashes that compete for attention.

Considering Finish and Texture

The finish and texture of the backsplash material should also complement the granite’s visual qualities. Blue dunes granite has a gently polished or honed finish, making it quite smooth. Backsplash materials that mirror that sleekness include:

  • Polished marble, granite or ceramic
  • Glossy glass tile
  • Metal like stainless steel or tin

Avoid rough finishes like natural cleft slate or pronounced tile textures. Make sure any grout lines are minimal and clean for seamless transition between the backsplash and granite.

Incorporating Granite into the Backsplash

For the ultimate cohesive look, consider using blue dunes granite itself as the backsplash. This allows the backsplash to blend perfectly with the countertops. Some options include:

  • Full granite slabs cut into backsplash sizes
  • Strips of granite tile
  • Granite mosaic sheets
  • Accent row of granite at the bottom to tie to countertops

Using the same granite adds to the high-end custom feel. Mixing in other complementary materials can provide extra visual interest.

Best Backsplash Ideas for Blue Dunes Granite

Some of the best backsplash pairings for blue dunes granite countertops include:

  • Sky blue subway tile with bright white grout
  • Neutral travertine tile in soft ivory
  • Marble herringbone mosaic tiles in pale grays
  • Clear or sea glass tile in aqua blues and greens
  • Stainless steel or tin tiles for an industrial edge
  • White marble brick-laid with navy accents
  • mirror tiles outlined with small granite strips

The options are endless for unique and creative backsplashes! Proper planning and attention to textures, patterns and colors will ensure your backsplash perfectly suits your blue dunes granite.

FAQs About Blue Dunes Granite Backsplashes

Should I choose a matching or contrasting backsplash color?

Either a matching blue-toned backsplash or contrasting warm neutral color can work beautifully. The choice comes down to personal preference and the overall look you want. Matching blues for a cohesive custom feel, or contrasting neutrals for more drama.

What finish should I look for in backsplash tile?

A polished, glossy, or smooth backsplash finish best complements the sleekness of blue dunes granite. Avoid heavily textured or rough tile finishes that could clash.

Can I use blue dunes granite for the backsplash too?

Definitely! Using the same granite slabs, tiles or mosaics creates a seamless, upscale look from countertops to backsplash. Accent stripes of blue dunes granite can also nicely tie the two surfaces together.

Should I avoid busy backsplash patterns?

In most cases, yes. The pronounced veining and colors of the granite make a bold statement, so the backsplash should play a more subtle supporting role. Clean, simple backsplash designs keep the focus on the granite.

What size tile works best?

Standard 3×6 subway tiles or a mosaic with small scale tiles 1-2 inches work well. Avoid tiles with very thick grout lines or large scale patterns that could overwhelm the granite.


Blue dunes granite can make a breathtaking focal point in kitchens, bathrooms or any space. Choosing the ideal backsplash comes down to determining the look you want to achieve. Complementary cool blue tones promote harmony, while contrasting neutrals lend drama and flair. Thoughtful backsplash selections with matching finishes and simple designs complete the look seamlessly. With blue dunes granite and the right backsplash, you can create an area that’s uniquely you.