What Backsplash Goes With Black Granite?

Choosing the perfect backsplash to pair with black granite countertops can be a daunting task. With so many backsplash tile options to pick from, it can be hard to settle on just one design. The good news is that the dark, dramatic look of black granite counters provides the ideal backdrop to really make your backsplash tile pop. Whether you prefer an understated, neutral backsplash or want to go bold with bright colors, there are plenty of stylish backsplash ideas to complement the beauty of black granite.

An Overview of Popular Backsplash Options for Black Granite

When selecting a backsplash for black granite, you’ll want to consider the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve in your kitchen design. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular backsplash tile options recommended for pairing with black granite countertops:

Glass Tile

Glass tile is a gorgeous choice to illuminate a black granite backsplash. The sheen and reflection of glass tile creates depth and dimension against the dark granite. Glass tile comes in every color of the rainbow, so you can add a pop of color or stick with clear or frosted glass for a more subtle look. Combining different glass tile shapes and sizes also adds appealing visual interest.

Metal or Stainless Steel Tile

The sleek, shiny look of metal or stainless steel tile pairs beautifully with black granite countertops. Stainless steel tiles have a cool, modern vibe, while copper or nickel tiles lend a more warm, rustic feel. Different metal finishes like brushed or hammered can provide appealing texture.

Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles made of marble, travertine, slate, or limestone make an elegant backsplash choice for black granite. Neutral stone colors like white Carrara marble or beige travertine have an understated look. Or go for multicolored slate or pebbled tiles for organic contrast. Stone tiles in a mosaic pattern or mix of sizes give a custom designed appearance.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

For an unlimited range of colors, designs, and textures, ceramic and porcelain tile make excellent backsplash materials with black granite. Handpainted ceramic tiles in vibrant patterns beautifully complement the granite. Or choose matte porcelain tiles in neutral shades for a seamless look. The durability and easy care of ceramic and porcelain are added bonuses.

Brick or Faux Brick Tile

The traditional, timeless look of brick backsplash tile works perfectly with black granite countertops. Faux brick tiles offer realistic visuals without the weight and bulk of real brick. For a modern twist, consider rectangular white, gray, or black subway tiles with just a hint of brick-like grout lines.

Tile Mural

If you want your backsplash to take center stage, choose a tile mural design. Available in ceramic, porcelain, glass, or stone tiles, murals can showcase anything from abstract shapes and patterns to scenic landscapes. Black granite provides the ideal contrasting backdrop to let a tile mural backsplash really stand out.

Now that you have an overview of the most popular backsplash tile materials for pairing with black granite counters, let’s explore specific backsplash designs and color combinations.

Modern and Sleek: Simple Tiles in Neutral Colors

One aesthetic option with black granite countertops is to keep the backsplash simple and streamlined. The minimalist look of plain, neutral colored tiles allows the dramatic black granite to take the spotlight. Here are some easy backsplash tile ideas in this category:

White Subway Tile

Classic white 3×6 subway tiles arranged in a brick laid pattern is a timeless backsplash choice that works beautifully with black granite. The crisp, clean look acts as a neutral background for the granite counters. For added dimension, install subway tiles in a herringbone pattern or staggered layout.

Carrara Marble Tile

The white gray veins running through Carrara marble tile connect seamlessly with black granite countertops. Carrara marble backsplashes have an elegant, sculptural look enhanced by dark granite. Use large format marble tiles or small mosaic tiles for different effects.

Gray Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

For a design that’s both simple and sophisticated, try gray porcelain or ceramic tiles with black granite counters. Soft, neutral grays in matte, satin, or polished finishes avoid competing with the granite. Consider 12×24 floor tiles installed in a stack pattern for beautiful texture.

Metal or Stainless Steel Tile

Get the sleek industrial look with metal or stainless steel backsplash tiles partnered with black granite. Modern stainless steel tiles in a matching neutral tone enhance the granite’s bold style. Or hammered copper tile provides an appealing artisanal vibe and natural contrast.

Glass Penny Tile

Tiny glass penny tiles are a cool, modern backsplash solution with black granite. Clear glass penny tiles will reflect light and maintain an airy feel. Or choose translucent gray, blue, or green glass penny tiles as a soft backdrop with a subtle pop of color. The small scale and shine of penny tiles create eye-catching depth.

With a neutral backsplash, the black granite countertops get to take center stage. Keeping the backsplash clean, simple, and unfussy allows for an updated modern kitchen look.

Vibrant Color Backsplashes for Contrast

For a more dramatic, bold kitchen design statement, use vibrantly colored backsplash tiles with black granite countertops. The rich charcoal black and white swirls of granite get highlighted by neighboring bright colors. Here are fun ways to incorporate a colorful backsplash:

Handpainted Ceramic Tile

Choose handpainted ceramic tiles displaying custom patterns, designs, and colors like vibrant florals, geometric shapes, or abstract art. Handpainted tiles with unique colors and images make an unforgettable artistic backsplash that really stands out against dark granite.

Multicolored Mosaic Tiles

Tiny glass, ceramic, or stone mosaic tiles in an array of different colors arranged to form swirling or geometric patterns create a visually striking backsplash. The lively colors paired with the deep black granite make for an eye-catching combination.

Contrasting Glass Tile

For a bold pop of color, install sheets of colored glass backsplash tile in a shade like cobalt blue, emerald green, or rich orange. The play and reflection of light on the colored glass tile will illuminate the granite counters in an exciting, energetic way.

Primary Color Porcelain Tile

Vivid solid color glossy porcelain tiles in primary shades of red, blue, and yellow provide a fun retro vibe and vividly contrast black granite counters. Group coordinating primary colors together for color blocking or use one color for maximum visual impact.

Moroccan-Style Tile

Moroccan-style tiles featuring traditional symmetry and patterns like zellige in colorful glazes or handpainted patterns reflect beauty, artistry, and old-world exotic flair. Their saturated tones and ornate designs handsomely complement the sophisticated black granite.

By embracing color in your backsplash tile, you can create a gorgeously bold, statement-making kitchen design. Allow the always stylish black granite countertops to anchor the look with their solid, neutral presence.

Natural Stone Backsplashes for Organic Texture

The natural variation and texture of stone backsplash tiles provide an organic, earthy feel that appeals beautifully with the sleek black granite countertops. Different types of stone and pattern options supply lots of ways to incorporate a touch of nature in your kitchen backsplash.

Travertine Subway Tile

For a laidback rustic style, install honed finish beige, cream, and rustic red travertine tiles in a classic subway pattern above black granite. The subtly textured, tonal look has tons of natural character that complements the granite’s swirls.

Slate Mosaic Tile

Slate mosaic tiles in shades of blue, grey, mauve, and green bring a lovely organic watercolor effect to the backsplash. The soft variations of slate mosaics give a relaxed harmony to the brilliant black granite countertops.

Pebbled Limestone Tile

Soft beige pebbled limestone tiles installed in an interlocking pattern create lovely natural movement and contrast to dark granite counters. The pebbled effect adds appealing texture while the neutral tones allow the granite to stand out.

White Marble Herringbone

For an unmistakably timeless and glamorous backsplash choice, marble tile in a herringbone layout has incredible style. The white marble’s gray veining provides subtle depth and maneuvering against the granite. Sophisticated and organic.

Ledger Stone Veneer Panels

Get the natural look of hand stacked stones with ledger stone veneer panels. Available in earth tones like sand, ivory, tan, and gray, the panels create amazing rustic texture but install easily with thin dimensions. Gorgeous with black granite!

By implementing stone backsplashes with black granite countertops, you can achieve a soothing, organic kitchen aesthetic. Let the countertops make their bold statement while the backsplash offers an earthy contrasting complement.

What Color Cabinets Go Well With Black Granite and Backsplash?

When designing your entire kitchen, an important consideration is what cabinetry colors pair beautifully with both the black granite counters and your chosen backsplash style. Here are recommended cabinet shades for black granite kitchens:

White Cabinets

A classic combination, white cabinets look incredible with black granite countertops. Crisp white painted cabinetry accentuates both light and dark backsplash tiles for contrast. The clean white gives the granite and backsplash colors room to shine.

Gray Cabinets

One of the most popular current color trends, various tones of gray painted or stained kitchen cabinets coordinate splendidly with black granite and backsplashes. Soft grays blend in with light backsplash tiles while charcoal grays accentuate bold backsplash colors.

Espresso Cabinets

For a moody, sophisticated look, espresso stained cabinets work perfectly with black granite counters and backsplash tiles in dark shades like black subway or chocolate brown mosaic. The richness of espresso cabinets enhances the dynamic colors.

Taupe Cabinets

Warm beige and taupe stained or painted cabinets provide an earthy element that suits black granite paired with natural stone backsplash tiles like travertine or pebbled limestone. The mellow taupe color allows the backsplash texture to take center stage.

Black Cabinets

For a super sleek, modern kitchen design, combine black cabinets with black granite countertops and a stainless steel or white glass tile backsplash. The matching black color scheme has serious high-end style.

Wood Finish Cabinets

Unstained maple, oak, cherry, or birch cabinetry offer visual warmth and a natural vibe that works in harmony with stone and marble backsplash tiles and black granite counters. Light woods prevent too much heaviness.

With the myriad of cabinet shades available, be sure to select a color that complements both the striking black granite counters and the mood and colors of your backsplash design. Keep the overall style of the kitchen in mind for the perfect cohesive look.

Unique Backsplash Designs and Shapes with Black Granite

Beyond just the tile color and material, you can also select special backsplash tile designs, layouts, and shapes to create visual interest against black granite counters. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Metallic Decor Tiles

Incorporate a smattering of metallic glossy ceramic, porcelain, or glass decor tiles into your backsplash design. Gold, silver, copper, and bronze tiles in varying sizes and shapes add beautiful pops of glamour and shine.

Mitered Tile Edges

Mitering the edges of tile sheets – cutting the tiles diagonally for angled corners and edges – adds architectural detail you see in elegant hotels. Great for marble, glass, or ceramic tile backsplashes.

Echoing Countertop Shapes

Some black granite countertops have unique asymmetrical shapes that can be echoed in the backsplash design. Try circular tiles or curved sheets of mosaic tiles to mimic rounded countertop edges.

3D Tile Effects

Dimensional tiles handmade of ceramic, porcelain or stone create cool 3D effects like waved, concave, convex, ruffled, or scalloped tile shapes. Makes for an artistically sculptural backsplash texture contrast.

Ornate Inserts and Borders

Fancy tile inserts in materials like hammered copper or decorative stained glass provide beautiful ornamental accents. Border designs in contrasting colors or patterns elegantly frame a backsplash.

Geometric Patterns

Use geometric shaped tiles like circles, stars, arrows, diamonds, octagons, and hexagons arranged in an interlocking or uniform pattern for artistic flair against black granite.

By incorporating unique backsplash tile shapes and designs, you can customize your kitchen and make it anything but ordinary. Have fun designing the ideal backsplash that complements and enhances your gorgeous black granite countertops!

What Backsplash Goes with Black Granite: FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about selecting the perfect backsplash for black granite countertops:

What color backsplash goes best with black granite?

Some top backsplash color choices for pairing with black granite are white, gray, neutral metallics like stainless steel, beige and cream stones, and colored glass tiles in shades like blue, green, and jewel tones.

What kind of backsplash is best with black granite?

Recommended backsplash materials for black granite include tile types like glass, marble, travertine, slate, ceramic, porcelain, and stainless steel. Mosaic tiles and ceramic murals are also striking choices.

What type of backsplash should you not use with black granite?

Avoid busy patterned tiles or heavily veined stone tiles that could compete visually with the dramatic bold patterns and swirls of the black granite. Simple, neutral, or shiny backsplash tiles work best.

Can you put a dark backsplash with black granite?

Yes, darker backsplash colors like black, charcoal gray, dark espresso, and chocolate brown can look amazing with black granite counters. For best results, also incorporate lighter cabinets, flooring, or wall paint so the space doesn’t get too dark.

Does quartz or granite go better with glass backsplash?

Glass backsplash tile pairs beautifully with either granite or quartz countertops. With black granite, colored or frosted glass tiles add appealing pops of color. Clear glass mosaic tiles keep things light and reflective.

Is white backsplash too much with black granite?

A pure white backsplash can work with black granite as long as you include other contrasting elements like wood cabinets or black painted accents for balance. Too much stark black and white together can feel harsh. Adding some warm metallics, gray, or beige helps soften the contrast.


The gorgeous, bold style of black granite countertops provides the perfect foundation for selecting a creative, contrasting backsplash. Whether you opt for sleek and modern white subway tiles, colorful handmade ceramics, or natural stone mosaics, your backsplash can enhance the drama and interest of your black granite counters. Carefully think about the overall look you want to achieve and how your cabinetry ties in. With endless options for backsplash materials, colors, shapes and designs, you’re sure to find a style that reflects your personal taste and complements your stunning black granite kitchen countertops!

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What Backsplash Goes With Black Granite?

When it comes to selecting a backsplash for black granite countertops, you have countless options for colors, materials, and designs. Here are some of my top recommendations:

The high contrast of crisp white subway tiles creates a striking yet classic backsplash look that frames gorgeous black granite. White tiles illuminate and reflect light to add brightness. For a modern twist, install white tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Natural stone backsplashes like Carrara marble, travertine, or pebbled limestone bring organic texture and an elegant earthy feel that complements black granite’s bold style. Neutral soft tones of creamy whites, beiges and browns contrast beautifully.

For serious drama, go for brightly colored glass or ceramic tile backsplashes in jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue or vivid orange. The colors make the black granite pop while adding fun artistic flair.

Metallic backsplash tiles in stainless steel, copper or bronze add shine and contemporary industrial appeal that enhances black granite’s sleekness. Their subtle sheen provides just enough understated contrast.

Mosaic marble, stone or glass tiles installed in swirling or geometric patterns create artistic interest and energy against solid black granite counters. Tiny tiles bring intricate detail.


Black granite’s dynamic, bold style provides the perfect canvas to design a gorgeous, creative backsplash. Whether you choose sleek and modern white subway tiles, multicolored mosaics, natural stones, or handpainted ceramic tiles, your backsplash can beautifully complement black granite’s sophistication. Carefully consider the look you want and how your cabinetry colors tie in. With endless options, you can find the perfect backsplash to make your black granite countertops shine!