What Backsplash Goes With Black Galaxy Granite

Black galaxy granite is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops due to its beautiful black background with sparkling white, gray, and bronze flecks throughout. When paired with the right backsplash, black galaxy granite can look absolutely stunning in any home. Here is an in-depth look at the best backsplash options to complement black galaxy granite countertops.

Matching the Flecks

One of the best ways to choose a backsplash for black galaxy granite is to pick up on the different flecks of color in the stone. Black galaxy granite has white, gray, bronze, and even faint touches of gold flecking. Using a backsplash with similar tones will create a cohesive look.

Some great options include:

  • White subway tile – Classic white 3×6 subway tiles will subtly pick up on the white flecking in the granite. White tile also brightens up the look.
  • Gray stone or ceramic tile – Try a matte finish gray tile or stone backsplash to highlight the gray undertones. This adds nice contrast against the black.
  • Metallic tiles – From stainless steel to copper penny tiles, metallics reflect the shimmering flecks in the granite beautifully. Brushed nickel, bronze, and gold all work nicely.

Matching the finish is also important. Black galaxy granite has an attractive, smooth polished finish. Choose backsplash tiles with a polished, gloss, or metallic finish to complement this aesthetic.

Contrasting Colors

Another option is to use high contrast with the backsplash to make the black galaxy granite really stand out.

Some top contrasting backsplash colors include:

  • White – As mentioned, white backsplashes pair nicely with black granite countertops. The contrast pops and looks crisp.
  • Beige and cream – Lighter neutrals like beige, cream, and soft greys provide subtle contrast against the dark granite.
  • Aqua and teal – For a bolder look, use aqua, sea glass, or teal colored glass, ceramic, or stone backsplash tiles. This accentuates the granite.
  • Wood – Rich wood plank backsplashes offer natural contrast against the sparkly granite. Walnut works especially well.


There are many great backsplash materials that work beautifully with black galaxy granite:


Tile allows you to add color, texture, and pattern. Subway tiles, mosaics, arabesque and moroccan tiles all pair nicely. Use natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, or glass varieties. Tiles can also be arranged in decorative patterns.


Natural stone slate backsplashes are a classic choice. The color variations and natural texture complement the granite. Quartzite, travertine, and marble backsplashes also look great with black galaxy granite.


For an industrial modern look, try a stainless steel, copper, or nickel backsplash. Metallic finishes reflect light and accentuate the shimmer in the granite.


Glass tile and recycled glass sheets make a gorgeous backsplash with granite. The translucency contrasts beautifully. Glass can also add pops of color.


Wooden plank backsplashes boost the natural look of any kitchen. Walnut and driftwood work especially well with black galaxy granite countertops.

Backsplash Ideas with Black Galaxy Granite

Here are some stunning full backsplash design ideas to spark inspiration:

White Subway Tile

White 3×6 subway tiles paired with black galaxy granite countertops create a clean, classic look. Use glossy or matte finish tiles laid in the traditional stacked pattern. Add a few stainless steel or black metal accents for interest.

Gray Slate Tile

For a natural stone look, gray slate backsplash tiles look fantastic with black galaxy granite. Mix matte and honed finish slate tiles in a mosaic layout. This adds nice texture.

Teal Glass + White Subway Tile

Combining materials looks fresh. Pair aqua, teal or sea glass tile insets with surrounding white subway tiles. This fun pop of color plays off the granite beautifully.

Travertine + Decorative Inserts

Honed travertine tiles in soft beige and grey tones work nicely as a full backsplash. Add some flair with decorative copper, marble, or glass tile inserts.

Wood Plank Panels

For a reclaimed chic style, use vertically installed wood plank panels like cedar, pine, or walnut. The rich wood grain provides natural contrast and texture.

Herringbone Marble Mosaic

Marble mosaic tiles set in a herringbone pattern establish visual interest and movement. White Carrara, grey marble, and even Calacatta gold pair nicely.

Mixed Metal Tiles

Combining metal tiles creates an eye-catching backsplash. Use a mix of stainless steel, copper, bronze, and nickel tiles. This ties in the metallic flecks of the granite.

White Shiplap

White shiplap planks create a coastal cottage feel. The contrast between the white shiplap and dark countertops looks crisp and balanced.

Mirror Tiles

For a glam look, install small mirror tiles. These reflect light beautifully and make the space feel bright and open. Mirrored backsplashes work with any kitchen design style.

Design Tips

  • For open concept spaces, bring the backsplash up to the ceiling to create a focal point wall.
  • In small kitchens, limit the backsplash to the area behind the counters and range to keep the space feeling open.
  • Use dark grout (grey or black) with light backsplash tiles and vice versa for contrast.
  • Install undercabinet lighting to accentuate the backsplash materials at night.
  • Consider mixing materials, colors, and shapes to add interest.
  • Match the countertops and backsplash finish for a seamless look.


What color cabinets go well with black galaxy granite countertops?

White and gray painted cabinets pair beautifully with black galaxy granite. Wood tones like oak, walnut, and cherry also coordinate nicely. Stay away from cabinets that are too similar in tone to the granite.

What kind of sink looks best with black galaxy granite countertops?

Undermount stainless steel sinks blend nicely with black galaxy granite countertops. Other great options include composite granite or quartz sinks that seamlessly match the countertop material and finish.

What paint colors go with black galaxy granite?

Black galaxy granite is bold and dark, which allows you to use a wide range of paint colors for the walls. Green, blue, gray, and white are top choices. Soft neutrals like tans, creams, and light grays also work well. The key is sticking to lighter wall colors so the dark granite can stand out.

Should backsplash go to ceiling with granite countertops?

It’s an aesthetic choice whether to bring the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling or not. Full height backsplashes create a focal point and make a design statement. But limiting the backsplash to 4-6 inches above the countertop keeps the look clean and focused. For resale value, a small backsplash is generally recommended.

What flooring options look best with black galaxy granite?

Black galaxy granite is extremely versatile when pairing it with flooring. Wood, tile, vinyl plank, and stone floors all coordinate beautifully. Just make sure the cabinetry provides some contrast against the dark granite counters and matches the flooring tone.


Black galaxy granite can elevate any kitchen or bathroom design with its stunning good looks. Pairing it with the right backsplash is key to creating a cohesive and eye-catching space. Whether you prefer classic white subway tiles or an unexpected pop of metallic, there are so many options. Just focus on choosing materials and colors that complement the speckled black granite itself. With this bold granite countertop material as your foundation, get creative and have fun designing your dream backsplash to complete the look.