What Backsplash Goes with Black Countertops?

Choosing the perfect backsplash to complement black countertops can be tricky. With so many materials and colors to select from, it can be overwhelming trying to settle on the ideal design. The good news is that black countertops are versatile and look stunning paired with a wide variety of backsplash styles. Here are some of our top recommendations for stunning backsplashes that pair beautifully with black countertops.

Clean White Backsplash

A crisp, clean white backsplash is a timeless choice that works with virtually any kitchen design. The high contrast between the black countertops and bright white backsplash makes for a striking look. White has a lightening effect that can make dark cabinetry pop.

Some options to consider include:

  • White subway tile – Classic 3-inch by 6-inch rectangular glossy tiles arranged in a brickwork pattern.
  • White marble or quartz backsplash – Elegant and sophisticated. Marble offers subtle veining for added visual interest.
  • White ceramic or porcelain tile – Budget-friendly option that offers lots of pattern and texture choices.

A minimalist white backsplash helps to open up smaller spaces visually. For larger kitchens, you may want to incorporate some metallic, glass or stone accents to create zones.

Bold and Vibrant Colors

Why not have a little fun with daring, vivid hues like emerald green, cobalt blue, and magenta? Contrasting black countertops with an electric color backsplash creates maximum impact. It’s a great way to incorporate a “wow factor” into your kitchen design.

Some eye-catching options to consider:

  • Colored glass tile – Available in every color imaginable, adds loads of shine and sparkle.
  • Brightly colored ceramic or handmade subway tile – Affordable way to add a punch of color.
  • Vibrant mosaic tile – Intricate patterns and combinations of glass, stone and ceramic tile.

Want something more muted? Go for shades like deep turquoise, mustard yellow, or terra cotta. The colors will appear bold against black countertops but aren’t overpowering.

Natural Stone Backsplash

For a classic and timeless complementary pairing, think about a natural stone backsplash with your black countertops. The organic veining, patterns and texture of materials like marble, travertine, and granite create natural visual interest that pairs seamlessly with black.

Some natural stone options that look beautiful include:

  • White Carrara marble – Elegant gray and white veining with a sophisticated look.
  • Travertine – Earthy beiges and browns that add a rustic feel.
  • Quartzite – Contains metamorphic patterns that make a statement.
  • Granite – Available in stunning blacks, grays, blues and greens that pop against the countertops.

Go for polished or honed finishes depending on whether you want a glossy or matte look.

Metallic or Glass Backsplash

Inject some glam into your kitchen with the shine and luster of a metal or glass backsplash. The sheen and reflective quality of these materials cast gorgeous light and create the illusion of depth against black countertops.

Some eye-catching options include:

  • Stainless steel tile – Modern and edgy, great for contemporary spaces.
  • Brass tile or accent inserts – Warm and luxurious option.
  • Copper mosaic tile -Provides an earthy yet glamorous vibe.
  • Gray glass subway tile – Adds subtle sparkle and dimension.
  • Clear glass tile – Maximizes light reflection.

Metallic and glass backsplashes pair especially well with industrial design elements like exposed ductwork. They also complement black stainless steel appliances beautifully.

Rustic Wood Backsplash

For black countertops with a more nature-inspired look, bring the outdoors in with a reclaimed wood backsplash. The multi-tonal natural grains and textures of materials like weathered barnwood offer the perfect rustic and cozy complement.

Some wood backsplash options to consider:

  • Reclaimed barnwood – Salvaged planks with chippy paint and varied stained create interest.
  • Pecky cypress wood – Distressed gray wood with small holes adds charm.
  • Cedar planks – Lovely reddish brown color.

Avoid polished or treated woods. The key is utilizing salvaged or raw wood that maintains each plank’s unique patina. Wood backsplashes should be properly sealed for kitchen use.

Patterned Tile Backsplash

Patterned tile backsplashes infuse kitchens with artistry, visual texture and plenty of personality. Paired with black countertops, they command attention and become true focal features.

Some appealing patterned tile options include:

  • Mid-century inspired geometric patterns – Crisp triangles, circles, diamonds and lines for retro flair.
  • Moroccan fish scale tile – Overlapping rounded tiles in blues and greens evoke exotic Moroccan architecture.
  • Decorative ceramic relief tiles – Intricately molded 3D tiles that create shadows and depth.
  • Hand-painted tile – Vivid colors and designs applied by hand to ceramic or porcelain tile.
  • Ornate patterned mosaics – The busier and more intricate the details, the better it pairs with solid black countertops.

Have fun mixing and matching prints for lots of visual interest. Consider using patterned tile as an accent rather than covering the entire backsplash area.

Creative Material Combinations

Some of the most stunning and unique backsplashes utilize a thoughtful combination of materials. Blending the visual textures of wood, metal, stone and glass against black countertops can result in showstopping designs.

Here are some striking material combinations to consider:

  • Metal tile inserts within a colored glass tile backsplash – Adds beautiful contrast.
  • Natural stone mosaic border around a white subway tiled backsplash – Grounds the design.
  • Antiqued mirror tiles paired with marble tile – Old Hollywood glam.
  • A reclaimed wood plank backsplash with copper penny accents – Rustic yet polished.
  • White marble slab backsplash with inlaid agate slices – Sophisticated with a pop of color.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and mix design elements you may not expect. Visit showrooms to view material sample pairings and build visual inspiration.

Design Considerations with Black Countertops

  • Lighting is key – Proper illumination is essential against dark surfaces. Strategic lighting keeps the space bright and accentuates design details. Use fixtures like LED undercabinet lighting and pendant lights.
  • Incorporate contrast – Pair black countertops with light wall and cabinet colors. White, light gray and soft blues work nicely.
  • Extend backsplash to ceiling – Covering the entire wall behind the countertops helps create a seamless look.
  • Consider reflective surfaces – Mirrored and polished backsplashes help bounce light around.
  • Incorporate multiple materials – Combining stone, metal, tile and wood creates interest.
  • Add pops of color – Vibrant backsplashes enliven the space and make black counters shine.

FAQ About Backsplashes with Black Countertops

Should I match my backsplash to my black countertops?

It’s generally best not to choose a backsplash color that exactly matches the countertops. Contrast and complementing colors are more interesting. However, black granite countertops could be paired elegantly with similar black granite backsplash tile.

What color cabinets go with a black countertop and backsplash?

White or light gray cabinets pair beautifully with black countertops and a vibrant backsplash. Avoid matching the counters and cabinets in all black, as it can feel too dark and heavy.

Can you put black backsplash with black countertops?

Yes, you can install a black tile or glass backsplash with black countertops. This very dramatic, bold look works best in modern spaces. Make sure to incorporate plenty of light. Add visual interest with mosaic tile patterns and metallic tile inserts.

Should backsplash match cabinet hardware?

It’s not essential that the backsplash match the cabinet hardware finish. Feel free to incorporate a mix of metals and finishes to create an eclectic, collected look. Just be sure that the cabinet hardware and backsplash coordinate rather than clash.

Does backsplash have to go all the way to ceiling?

Extending the backsplash all the way to the ceiling lends a seamless, built-in look that’s especially nice with black countertops. However, a partial backsplash can also look amazing. Use your backsplash material creatively, like a stone slab partial backsplash with a coordinating metal or tile full backsplash.

Can you put dark backsplash with dark countertops?

Yes, pairing dark countertops with a darker toned backsplash can look very dramatic and sophisticated. For example, black granite countertops could be matched with a backsplash of dark gray slate or black marble tile. Proper kitchen lighting is key, along with light surrounding cabinetry.


The ideal backsplash design for your black kitchen countertops will depend on the overall style you want to achieve and your personal taste preferences. Whether you love the look of crisp white subway tile, handmade brightly colored mosaics, natural stone slabs or rustic wood planks, there are endless options for creating a coordinated dream backsplash. Carefully consider the ambiance you want to create along with your kitchen’s existing elements. And don’t forget lighting! With proper illumination, your beautiful new black countertops and artful backsplash will be a focal point you’ll enjoy for years to come.